Federal bankruptcy judge to review water shutoffs in Detroit

Federal Bankruptcy Judge Steven W. Rhodes will likely hear testimony on Monday, September 22, related to the controversial recent water shutoffs in Detroit.

Detroit's financial crisis has forced the city authorities to reduce or cut some basic services, such as power and water, for its... read more

New California law to regulate pumping of underground water

California Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a landmark groundwater bill into law that is expected to prevent aquifers, streams and wells from running dry.

The new law will put restrictions on pumping in some areas of the drought-hit state, and allow local government agencies to... read more

More details on $650M Detroit Red Wings arena project to surface this week

Olympia, the development division of Detroit Red Wings owners Ilitch Holdings, confirmed on Monday that more details on the proposed $650-million arena and entertainment project would be unveiled later this week.

Further details of the hockey arena and its surrounding 45-block... read more

Grand Rapids police chief declares he isn’t proponent of ‘open carry’ law

There is a need to adopt a common-sense approach because a thing that is legal does not mean that it also makes good sense, Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinsky said.

Speaking at an event organized by MLive. com and The Grand Rapids Press in downtown on Wednesday, Rahinsky declared... read more

Detroit to Show Bankruptcy Plans to Court

Detroit city administrators have made future plans to recover from bankruptcy. The city needs about $1.7 billion over the next decade to remove abandoned structures, increase public safety and replace out-of-date technology. According to critics, it will be difficult for Detroit to get city's... read more

Portland planning to erect tiny houses for the homeless

The city of Portland, Oregon, is planning to provide tiny but safer houses for hundreds of homeless people who are currently sleeping under bridges, on footpaths or in empty lots.

Josh Alpert, Director of Strategic Initiatives in Mayor Charlie Hales' office, revealed that a specially... read more

California Report Card helps leaders stay informed about public opinion

Almost all California lawmakers are making use of e-mails and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get in touch with the members of the publics and get feedback on their various plans and actions. But, these channels are often dominated by extreme views, which are habitually... read more


A vast majority of Californians see the current drought as a major problem/crisis but only a small percentage of people want the government to spend public money to improve water storage and delivery systems.

A fresh opinion survey found 89 per cent of respondents characterizing the... read more

Bay Area City Council approves $13/hr minimum wage

The Bay Area City Council has unanimously agreed to phase in an increase in minimum wage to $13 per hour by the year of 2018 and link the minimum wage to inflation thereafter.

The new minimum wage increase schedule is expected to formally take effect later this month and begin at $9.60... read more

Almost all major California tribes agree on online poker bills

Almost all California tribes have given their consent for the proposed legislation that would make online poker legal in the in the country's largest and most populous state.

Thirteen influential tribal leaders have confirmed their approval for the online poker bills, which have been... read more

California’s water system in dire need of more staff & new technology

California's water distribution system is in dire need of more staff and new technology such as smart meters to keep a strict vigil on any misuse of water, as the state is suffering draught for the third year in a row.

The faulty water supply system of the state currently allowing nearly... read more

Assembly approves expanded & improved program for entertainment industry

California State Assembly approved the California Film & Television Job Retention & Promotion Act of 2014 by a unanimous vote of 71-0.

The new Act aims to retain film & television industry jobs by replacing the current measure that provides $100 million per year to the... read more


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