Casual Dating Apps blamed for recent STD Epidemic

Health experts have blamed social media for surge in cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the US. They have to say that social media serves the purpose of easily arranging casual sex through social media. Promiscuity, drugs, alcohol and failure to use condoms are additional causes... read more

At the annual national meeting of the Boy Scouts in Atlanta, Robert M. Gates, President of Boy Scouts of America and former Secretary of defence, warned group executives that they must deal with the world as it existed and not the way they wished it to be while urging for an end to the blanket... read more

FDA guidelines favor blood donations from Gays and Bisexuals

A new policy by the Federal Government that came out this Tuesday, will now allow gay and bisexual men, who were previously debarred from donating blood, to make blood donations, provided they have desisted from sex for at least one year.

This formal announcement follows the draft... read more

Enhanced photos of dating sites have different results for men and women: Study

An interesting study has examined that enhancing photos of dating sites have different results for men and women.

The study by researchers at the University of Connecticut has found that enhanced photos of women viewed by men have increased attractiveness and lowered trustworthiness, but... read more

Starbucks ends “Race Together” campaign

The employees at Starbucks baristas will not write “Race Together” on customer’s cups after the company received widespread criticism for its campaign. Within a week of announcing the initiative, the coffee chain spokesman Jim Olsen said that it will continue with the campaign in a broader sense... read more

Average Wedding cost increases to all-time high in United States

The Knot 2014 Real Weddings Study has found that the average wedding cost has touched an all-time high in the U.S. The survey collected data from 16,000 brides and grooms across the country and found that even with the reduction in guest list, the cost of wedding has increased.

The... read more

Parents to be blamed as kids turn into Narcissistic Jerks: Dutch Study

Faulty Parenting could be the main reason for Narcissistic behavior seen among many individuals, found a study conducted by research team in the Netherlands. Over caring, giving in to most of the demands and overindulgence have been termed as a few factors which can turn kids into narcissists.... read more

Michigan Woman’s membership revoked by Planet Fitness after transgender complaint

Fitness chain Planet Fitness revoked the membership of a Michigan woman after she complained about a transgender person in women’s locker room. After 48 year old Yvette Cormier noticed someone ‘dressed like a man’ in the women’s locker room, she immediately went to the front desk to complain.... read more

Lansing receives federal grant to prevent school violence

The Lansing School District has received a $760,000 grant as first annual installment of a five-year federal grant that aims to promote cultural awareness and prevent violence.

Sergio Keck, chief of instructional support programs for the school district, said they would create a new... read more

Leftist leaders ask Catholic Archbishop not to participate in ‘March for Marriage’

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone should reconsider his decision of participating in the upcoming "March for Marriage" in Washington D. C. as it would create division and hatred, gay advocacy leaders Ed Lee and Gavin Newsom have warned.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and... read more

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