California needs no more stadiums

There is no dearth of stadiums in California but a number of prominent teams, including the NFL 49ers, the Raiders, the chargers and the Rams, continue to insist that they need new stadiums.

The NFL Raiders already have Coliseum in Oakland but the team is demanding the city to pay... read more

San Diego approves $2.1 million for Chargers stadium

In a bid to keep the Chargers in San Diego, the City Council approved $2.1 million for accelerated environmental studies that are required for a public stadium vote in January next year.

Members of the City Council voted 6-3 to approve the money. Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the approval... read more

California Chrome arrives at Arlington Park

California Chrome, Horse of the Year and the 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, has finally returned to the United States, Co-owner Steve Coburn and his wife Carolyn announced through Twitter on Tuesday.

The flight carrying Chrome from Amsterdam landed at Chicago's O'Hare... read more

Detroit Lions’ fans install ‘Lyin’ billboards to express outrage

Adding a visual component to their outrage over the Detroit Lions' recent playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit fans have installed huge digital "Detroit Lyin'" billboards in the city.

The two billboards, installed at highways, try to depict events that happened in the Sunday's... read more

Vince Marrow will join Michigan: Chris Clark thinks

While University of Kentucky assistant football coach & ace recruiter Vince Marrow hasn't yet announced any plans to join Jim Harbaugh's staff at Michigan; No. 1 tight end Chris Clark is confident that Marrow will make the move.

Marrow, who is regarded as a top-flight recruiter, is... read more

Michigan reportedly offers job to Kentucky tight ends coach Vince Marrow

Kentucky tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow has reportedly been offered a job by Michigan's newly-appointed head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Bill Greene of Per Scout. com has reported that Mr. Harbaugh has offered a job. Greene added that the job offered by Michigan's new... read more

Jim Harbaugh’s fat salary package triggers debate

The fat salary package for the Michigan Wolverines' new football coach Jim Harbaugh has triggered debate over universities' soaring spending on sports programs.

Mr. Harbaugh, former San Francisco 49ers coach, has signed a seven-year service agreement with Michigan. While full details of... read more

Spartans realize culture change after achieving 10-win benchmark

Michigan State Spartans have been part of the culture change where going to a bowl game is expected and winning under 9 or 10 games is a not a success at all, All-American safety Kurtis Drummond said recently.

Drummond, who has also been named the Big Ten Defensive Back of the Year, said... read more

Jim Harbaugh won’t succeed Hoke as Wolverines’ next coach: ESPN’s Schefter says

ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter has dampened the theory that San Francisco 49ers' coach Jim Harbaugh would succeed Brady Hoke as football coach of the Michigan Wolverines.

The post of Michigan Wolverines' coach is widely expected to become vacant soon as Hoke's job is being evaluated by... read more

Jim Hackett may have extended stay as Michigan interim AD

Michigan interim athletic director (AD) Jim Hackett appeared before media last Saturday for the first time since he was appointed to post in late October this year.

As Hackett has no real news to share with the media, many saw his appearance as symbolic. It was well known to all that... read more

Central Park’s Lasker Ice Rink will be closed for the season

The Lasker Ice Rink will remain closed for the season as the refrigeration plant needs an urgent replacement. The official website of Lasker Rink announced that it will remain closed for the 2014-15 skating season.

The park announced that they will issue refund to people who paid for the... read more

‘College GameDay’ coming to East Lansing

ESPN's popular show "College GameDay" is coming to East Lansing's Spartan Stadium for showdown between Michigan State and Ohio State.

In the game, the Spartans will take on Buckeyes, and the Big Ten East Division winner would move ahead to play in the Big Ten championship game, which is... read more


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