Free online game League of Legends earns $1 billion in revenue

League of Legends has quickly grabbed its place among the largest games with high user base. It is a very difficult game with a highly volatile meta-game and constant patches and additions from the developer. Despite this, the same patterns come in every single game, particularly when anyone... read more

Weed Police arrest a Northern California man on arson charges

The police have arrested a Ronald Beau Marshall from Northern California on suspicion of starting wildfire in the region. The police has taken Marshall in custody on felony counts of arson to the inhabited structures and criminal complaint was filed on Friday.

The three-week investigation... read more

Snapchat photos hacked only in case of third-party application users

According to reports, hackers have stolen thousands of private photos and videos of the users of Snapchat photo messaging app; and are planning to leak those photos and videos online. Media reports have said that some photos were shared on 4Chan but the links were soon deleted. Snapchat offers... read more

Carnegie Mellon team mimics sidewinder rattlesnake movement with robots

Researchers have revealed the strategy adopted by the ‘sidewinder’ rattlesnakes while they climb up the slippery sand dunes.

The researchers, in order to unveil the mystery behind the peculiar trait of sidewinder, planned to make a robot that could tap into snake locomotion. Modsnake, a... read more

Impact of Oxytocin on Sexual Behavior: Rockefeller University Research

Researchers at Rockefeller University have finally discovered how ‘love hormone’ stimulates a female’s sexual interest. The researchers claim that ‘oxytocin’, body’s natural love potion, can have a significant influence on interactions between males and females.

Nathaniel Heintz, James... read more

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