FAA to receive $12 million in Penalty from Boeing

The US Government will receive a penalty of $12 million from Boeing, which has also agreed to modify its commercial aircraft production procedures. The penalty is in lieu of settlements of complaints regarding Boeing’s failure to meet safety and quality standards. The second-highest enforcement... read more

FAA blames software upgrade for delays of hundreds of flights

A software upgrade is the most likely cause of a technical problem at an air traffic control center in Virginia that forced delay of hundreds of flights along a large swath of the East Coast, said a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration on Sunday.

According to the FAA, the... read more

Lockheed Martin to Buy Sikorsky Aircraft for Over $8 Billion

Sources reported that Lockheed Martin Corp has agreed to buy United Technologies Corp’s Sikorsky Aircraft for over $8 billion. The deal would confirm Lockheed’s dominance in weapon making and giving the Black Hawk helicopter to the maker of the F-35 fighter jet.

It is said that the deal... read more

Zodiac Seats France Secures Patent on New Airline Seating Configuration

In a move that is sure to add to the worries of economy class fliers, is the new seating arrangement put forward by Zodiac Seats France. The company has devised a seating configuration, which brings the passenger sitting on the middle seat of an aisle face-to-face with the passengers sitting... read more

Boeing’s Biggest Challenge is to make Production of 787 Dreamliner Profitable

There is no denying that 787 Dreamliners have proved to be a big success. Already, 250 have been delivered and the company has pending orders for more than 800 of them before even one had even flown. But Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing’s chief operating officer, is facing a problem and that is of... read more

JetBlue announces improvements in service at Logan International Airport

On Tuesday, JetBlue Airways Corp announced plans to boost service at Logan International Airport in order to serve both business and leisure travelers who have made the airline the city's top carrier.

JetBlue will introduce its highly acclaimed take on premium travel 'Mint' class to... read more

Aiming to Standardize Sizes, IATA proposes new Carry-on Baggage configurations

IATA, the largest trade group for the world’s airlines, has proposed standard size for luggage that passengers are allowed to bring on board planes with an aim to eliminate the inconvenience caused due to varied luggage configurations of different airlines.

At a meeting in Miami on... read more

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reported an instance of Federal crime as four commercial airliners were targeted by green lasers on Thursday night as they flew over New York.

The pilots have reported being attacked by green lasers as they flew past 8,000 feet above the... read more

US Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Ready for Launch, Carrying Experimental Payloads

Wednesday, May 20, shall witness the fourth launch of the US Air Force’s guarded, unmanned, X-37B space plane. It will carry, not just US national security experimental payloads but also experimental payloads sponsored by NASA and solar sailing LightSail test from the Planetary Society.

... read more

Airlines will carry over 2.4 million Passengers a day this summer as demand surge expected

All credit goes to rebounding economy, as airlines are expecting the busiest summer schedule in the history of US travel.

Airlines for America, industry trade and lobbying group, predicted that the US airlines will carry 222 million passengers between June 1 and August 31. On an average... read more

US airlines group expecting busiest summer travel season ever

A record number of travelers will be taking to the skies in the coming summer, all because of a rebounding economy.

On Monday, Airlines for America, the industry's trade and lobbying group predicted that US airlines will carry 222 million passengers between June 1 and August 31, and will... read more

DTW North Terminal Closed Amid Suspicious Situation

A hoax call by a man, who left his laptop at a ticket counter of the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, had the airport authorities on their feet.

As reported by Brian Lassaline, Airport spokesperson, a portion of the north terminal of the airport had to be sealed this Saturday,... read more


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