United Airlines boots autistic teen and family from flight

The Chicago-headquartered United Airlines is in for trouble after a passenger was given a rather humiliating farewell from the aircraft, this Tuesday.

Donna Beegle, a public speaker, was onboard the United Airlines flight along with her husband, son and autistic daughter, Juliette. As... read more

United Technologies could spin-off Black Hawk helicopter unit

United Technologies Chief Executive Officer Greg Hayes informed the investors that the company is considering spin-off of Black Hawk helicopter unit. Sikorsky Aircraft is one of the lowest-margin units of United Technologies. The analyst estimates suggest that Sikorsky Aircraft unit could be... read more

Solar Impulse 2 Starts Journey to Travel across World without Fuel

The Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered plane, was launched from Abu Dhabi on Monday. The plane aims to travel across the world without a drop of fuel. According to makers of the plane, if the mission team is successful in its attempt, it will be the first plane to travel around the world without... read more

Two Atlanta-bound flights escorted by fighter jets after bomb scare

Two flights were escorted by F-16 fighter jets after a bomb threat emerged on Twitter. Security officials confirmed that Southwest Airlines Flight 2492 and Delta Flight 1156 landed safely in Atlanta. As the security teams searched the planes, nothing suspicious was found.

A Delta employee... read more

Airlines will save Billions on Fuel in 2015, say Analysts

Oil prices are sharply lower than they were some months ago. According to experts, airlines in the United States and worldwide will save billions of dollars in fuel costs this year. On Tuesday, executives with a major American airline, Delta Air Lines, said that the company could save more than... read more

Checked-Union representing American Airlines Pilots Passes tentative contract with 23% pay hike

Late Saturday, the union that is representing American Airlines pilots made approval of the carrier's final contract offer, thereby paving the way for a retroactive 23% wage hike if its members concur in a vote this month.

The news was a step towards concluding contracts that represents... read more

DARPA to Develop Small and Fast Drones

The US Defense Department's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) said that its latest Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) program aims to develop small and fast drones.

As per DARPA, those little drones will be able to fly almost 20 meters in just one second. This is the speed at... read more

More than 150 Guns Recovered from Flights between Atlanta and New York

From various flights, between Atlanta and New York, over 150 guns have been recovered. At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, it is a serious security breach. An employee of airport has been accused of helping in execution of the crime.

According to the New York District... read more

Safety Drone Campaign launched by FAA, several unmanned aircraft vehicle organizations

Three unmanned aircraft systems industry and hobbyist groups launched a 'Know Before You Fly' educational campaign in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on December 22.

The campaign was launched in response to safety concerns and increased encounters between small... read more

Airbus CEO Predicts 1,000 Deliveries This Year

Fabrice Brégier, President and CEO of European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, told CNBC that his company would take the bragging rights on aircraft deliveries over Boeing this year.

He also said that despite this, the company's main focus will remain focused on its extraordinary backlog... read more

Americans Doubtful about Commercial use of Drones

Several private companies in the United States are looking for an approval for commercial use of drones, but American citizens have been skeptical that drone revolution could do more harm than good. Where lots of Americans have opposed commercial use of drones, a majority approved the usage of... read more

Delta Airlines fixes bug in its mobile boarding pass service

Delta Airlines has said in a recent statement that it has fixed the nasty mobile boarding pass bug which enables passengers to access someone else's boarding pass; thereby underscoring the possibility of flight switches on the sly.

The bug in Delta Airlines mobile boarding pass service... read more


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