And BTW, Rain ain't that bad either. It’s just restraint on the physical intimacy. Jung-hyuk fights his way through his attackers and calls Se-ri, but she doesn’t answer, so he uses the locator app to see that she’s still at work. I am actually a bit worried if this will be like othee Netflix kdrama with hanging ending. Dan condescends to stay and eat, and Seung-joon tells her not to do this with other guys because Do you want to eat ramyun? The military guy who wants to dethrone the senior Ri is the one who wants Se-ri returned to DPRK so he can build a case against his Dad. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page I like ep.12 much better than ep.11, and I’d like to suggest you to turn on the ‘Fantasy’ mode like I do. Boy am i glad that they're stuck together so more scenes and development on their end instead of meddling with the main lead's love life as they already have so much on their plate. I knew I'm going to love all the pairs, Se-ri and Jung-hyuk also Seung-joon and Dan. He's never been this hot and swoon worthy in his other kdrama and movies, I think. I thought ep11 was a little meh for me, it felt a bit jarring and poorly edited. That's their cover, and they're on their own if they don't make it back onto the bus when the military games are over. That 2-week hiatus didn't do my memory any favors. If you put CLoY in this category, you’ll have no problem watching it just like me. I wonder what she will say when she finds out Seung-joon IS a conman but given the way she's been talking about how she just wants Dan happy she might let them be. The doorbell rings, and Se-ri tries to ignore it when she sees that it’s her brother and his wife. LOL, poor Eun-dong whines that he should have taken the hundred million won as his prize instead of the corn. It‘s such a waste! if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I totally agree-where are the kisses? This reminds me of the pairings of DOTS. If Cho Chul-kang has to die, I'm hoping that he's dispatched by a big white civilian Dump Truck O' Doom. Report This Episode. It’s very much in his character to respect her boundaries, esp in their circumstances. On their way out, Sang-ah notices a pair of men’s shoes in Se-ri’s entryway. Some tough decisions need to be made, and our heroine will have to choose whether to follow her heart or … Continue reading "Crash Landing on You: Episode 8" I also think it is indeed a little to soon to have a confrontation with Chul Kang, i hoped that a reunion with the ducklings should happen first before any fights. CEO Jeon gets wind of it, and he wakes Seung-joon and tells him that their little business of hiding fugitives was busted and they have to leave. DETAILS DU DRAMAS . Jung-hyuk understands, and he says he’ll do his best. I also LOVED the Kit Kat epilogue!! But Se-ri continues to claim she remembers nothing, so Sang-ah plays the recording that Seung-joon sent them of his conversation with Se-ri in North Korea and says they have a lot more evidence. The fortune teller's pronouncements certainly cranked up the foreboding about Man-bok. DramaCool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and … After figuring out that they need to talk like the locals, which means calling Man-bok “hyung” and giving him permission to speak banmal, Chi-soo suggests that they get some fried chicken. Hopefully ep 12 is better overall & not just interesting intermittently like ep 11. And thanks for recommending some documentaries.. It's hilarious and a nice turn for their characters. During the first few episodes of this show, I think I figured out that one of the running gags was that Se-Ri would keep saying "I'm leaving now!" In addition, he is very gentle towards her and she with him so their little actions (touching his face, slightly combing her hair, caressing her hand etc. But it’s not all fun and games as the enemy draws closer, and so does their inevitable parting…again. He calls again but Chul-kang answers, and he croons ominously that he’s with Se-ri. The adventures in Seoul with the boys from up North has been fun as anticipated! The near misses with Jung Hyuk was ridiculous in its own right but of course they need to be separated longer. Seven years ago in Switzerland, Se-ri had just happened to be in the area when Dan had arrived to see Jung-hyuk. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. He blinds. Even if that was somehow possible, wouldn't the people in his village still be in danger by way of having a connection with him? She suddenly begins speaking and acting like a little girl, and she says that Myung-sook’s husband (Man-bok) went far away. Most of them generally defected to earn more money to live and to have better education. But even at one glance, you will see that they are very close one.. Seri told HJ on the phone, when she was kidnapped. Jung-hyuk nearly has a panic attack when he sees how much Se-ri is spending, but she smirks that she was telling the truth about being loaded. AND those longing stares they share) make me feel their longing and love all the more. 10 km seems a bit long, though. It might refer to a shootout between the gangsters employed by Chul-kang and Jung-hyuk's father's undercover minions. Thanks for the recap and I loved this episode! Jung Hyuk is dressed in all black and Se Ri’s wearing a white sweater. Agree that Seri should've done more security measures, knowing that Chul-Kang is after him. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. It’s not easy, with more people learning about her presence and their cover story growing thin. win-win?:). He tells Se-ri that there’s another person she should never forget — someone she likes, because only keeping hate in her heart will hurt her. Tags: Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin, Kim Jung-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Seo Ji-hye, Sohn Ye-jin, Yoon Ji-min. Pity. That nebulous prediction that there will be a bloodbath in the village is disconcerting; I'm not sure how to interpret it. The Ahjummas and the Ducklings continue to give me a smile with their missions! Everything has changed and the stakes have grown higher, and it’s possible that even former allies could turn against each other as their motives clash in this new situation. Granted, RJH does not usually say what he feels, he just give YSR some look that could melt anyones cold heart.. Young-ae asks what she means, but the spirit tells her that she’s got a bigger problem. True.. So when Seung-joon does earn a small smile from her or the pleasure of her company, he probably feels like he’s won a war, and that’s a very powerful feeling. I too am worried that Man Bok may not make it back, but I am still hopeful that it wouldn't turn that way. The one eye tear thing - I don’t know how they do that. Everything has changed and the stakes have grown higher, and it’s possible that even former allies could turn against each other as their motives clash in this new situation. North Korea even fights family reunification between North and South citizens separated by the Korean War. Oh, that woman is fantastic. The ducklings ins Seoul are hilarious! Given how young and freaked-out the ghost sounded, I'm not sure what to expect. But I think those red eyes are the best - maybe he used onions hahaha. Tags: Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin, Kim Jung-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Seo Ji-hye, Sohn Ye-jin, Yoon Ji-min, Your email address will not be published. I really like Dan’s relationship with Seung-joon right now. «Love Alarm» and «My First First Love» are the other 2 for the time being. Elsewhere, the ducklings stand outside a fried chicken place, pitifully wondering if they can afford it. That being said - I did hit repeat several times for the department store scene. Our hero and his ducklings have overstayed their welcome, and they find themselves in some very hot water with no way out. If it was fun watching our heroine try to adjust to life in North Korea, then it’s double-hilarious seeing her hero and his ducklings flounder in the excess of Seoul. No Matter What (2020) Status: Ep 73. Crash Landing on You is the third highest-rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history. appId : '127538621120543', Strike a pose, there's nothin' to it...VOGUE Park Seo Joon was good too, but to me both Chois look like their suits are made to fit them perfectly. Been a while since we had one of those crowd-pleasers! Since Man-bok is the hyung, it’s his job to make the final decision, and he’s faced with four sets of the saddest, most pathetic puppydog eyes you’ve ever seen. I was wondering as well about the fortune teller's vision. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I totally agree on the kisses. I'm also thinking that show is holding back given that there is imminent danger and a bad guy lurking. It's just a thought but what if Seri's biological mother is actually North Korean. K-drama tends to portray their heroine as candy girls who are weak and need to be protected and loved throughout the whole drama. He says that he’s the CEO of Queens Corp now, and he warns Se-ri not to try anything to make their father change his mind. }; If you watch them together, you will surely find it funny and amazing. 1,758 talking about this. Crash Landing on You: Episode 15 by LollyPip. JH could go back to Switzerland to further his musical dream and Seri could join him whenever she wanted to. I love the fact that she is no damsel in distress. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 by LollyPip. Episode 1 71m. I think Se Ri is too busy after Jeong Hyeok appears to think about much else but protecting him. His makeover was amazing (Phew... Hyun Bin is one ridiculously HANDSOME & PERFECT man dammit), and his little smiles of satisfaction throughout are SO CUTE! Your email address will not be published. Dan hadn’t responded, but she’d grabbed her own armload of chocolate after Se-ri left, ha. that Dan’s engagement to Jung-hyuk was canceled because she’s having an affair with another man. She's already told him that she loves him, although they tend to kiss only under an imminent threat of separation or being caught (boat raid, crossing over the barbed wire, etc.)! This is not secret, and this is pretty common. After watching Episode 12 I see all my theories slowly going down the drain. EPISODE 11 RECAP Jung-hyuk finds Se-ri … Continue reading "Crash Landing on You: Episode 11" He's not even afraid to have such a strong, smart, capable, and powerful woman by his side! You know how in some dramas, the single tear thing is SUPER CRINGEY? Yes, big plot hole there. Crash Landing on You Drama Watch Online English Sub Episodes Full In High Quality, A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea -- and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide. This would allow her to have dual citizenship and can live happily ever after with Jung Hyuk ^_^ HHHHHHHhhhhhh. The scene of him overlooking Seoul and thinking about how his son could study to his hearts content really pulled on my heart strings. They are not Netflix's, which is just holding oversea broadcast right. Why are they doing this to us? I realised after reading the recap that Hyuk and Seri never said "I love you" to each other even once, but a whole load of goodbye. Perhaps there's a news blackout on it. What a fantastic episode! And unlike most of the comments I'm seeing, I quite liked their reunion. My friends, have faith. I love to see how Dan is changing. But Se-Ri can be bad-ass and still be loved by Jeonghyuk! But it’s not all fun and games as the enemy draws closer, and so does their inevitable parting…again. (function(d, s, id) { Possibly one I will force, I mean gently persuade, others to watch with me :D, (And because I couldn’t reply to your other post, Kwan - not sure why - I haven’t seen Dr Stranger either, this is a first north/south drama for me. I am now rooting for their own happy ending, Dan deserves it. Crash Landing on You: Episode 10 by LollyPip. So instead there is the stalking Chul thrown in for danger and the ducklings for comedy and another couple for cute couple hijinks. At the car, Jung-hyuk knocks on the hood and says it’s because animals hide in the engine for warmth in winter. That make over scene made me stop breathing every time he comes out! I would rather consider it this way), I’m not really expecting a happy ending because I just can’t see how that would work - just a satisfying ending would be nice, even if it has to be sad. Especially in the case of a character so masculine and always ready to make fists with anyone, when necessary. __Another thing, why wouldn't she have Ri Jeong Hyuk tell the baddie's looks to a sketch artist & spread the them to her security as a dangerous stalker or something? Later, Se-ri had taken Dan and Jung-hyuk’s picture at the bridge, and Dan had seen the way Jung-hyuk was looking at Se-ri. I genuinely think he would become a shell of a man should anything happen to Se-Ri. Yess who is he? Back to Seoul, it’s fun watching the ducklings try to navigate this strange new world without any guidance, but they’re just so hapless and I want them to reconnect with Se-ri and Jung-hyuk soon. If anything, in the second half, the real threat will be emotional. Enjoy. Can someone enlighten me on how this works in North Korea....why was Dan able to go to Russia and JH to Switzerland to further their studies? There were hints about it earlier in the show, but it's gone quiet about it now. Release year: 2019. Then Mom could become the mother Se-ri always needed. How can you keep your heart consistently open to love when you KNOW it has to end? Also, can I just say how I absolutely LOVED (not using this lightly) their hugs? O_o. Chocolate is the best for every situations! And finally, super happy the Seungjoon-Dan ship is sailing! Love love love! The slow mo was also perfect. She’d stormed off, angrily shoving chocolate into her mouth. I'm wondering just how Capt. I let out squeals that prolly woke up my neighbors when he did his fashion show (and every single time he's onscreen in this episode). Shorthand Character Chart: Crash Landing on You. But as cute as they are, I’m also getting a strong sense of foreboding that all of them won’t get home, especially since the fortune teller made that ominous prediction about Man-bok. I was waiting for her to go Jung-hyuk-is-only-man-for-you route but boy mom did not disappoint! js = d.createElement(s); = id; There's not nearly enough story or well done execution (Sae Ri knew the mother & sister in law had been in her house because of the wardrobe thingy but still didn't change her passcode to protect her privacy? ) Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. or And to my mind that would be perfect for him, he would have the excuse of resuming his musical studies--and Se Ri can live anywhere. 2. Hehe! Crash Landing on You Episode 5 2019-12-28 08:40:25; Crash Landing on You Episode 4 2019-12-22 06:53:07; Crash Landing on You Episode 3 2019-12-21 07:27:16; Crash Landing on You Episode 2 2019-12-15 06:57:14; Crash Landing on You Episode 1 2019-12-14 07:36:48; RELATED; RECENT; True Beauty (2020) Status: Ep 11. to warrant that sitting through 90 minute episodes. UGH, his acting is SO GOOD!!! @lindag latebloomer, The North and the South both claim themselves the only legitimate government of the whole Korean Peninsula (that's why the Korean War). Jeong-hyuk is now way past studying age, it's kinda difficult to leave again under the pretense of studying. Crash Landing on You: Episode 6 by LollyPip. The ducklings find Se-ri’s building, and it hits them that she really is as rich as she said. That's why I believe he won't stay in South Korea. I agree these two are just made for each other and they complement themselves so much. I'm hoping that since his father is elderly and knows that younger officers are looking for a chance to take his place, and since their family roots are in the South, that Mom and Dad will defect, allowing RJH to defect. But then if that’s Hyun bin on that end, I’ll say heck I’m lusting over you, I can die tmr it’s fine hahahahaha but then again I’m not Seri /Son ye Jin, so she’s probably not as desperate LOL. Chul-kang gets out of the car and Se-ri breaks into a run, and she has to leave her phone behind when she accidentally drops it. Hyun-bin getting the make over and Seung-joon spending the whole night questioning that one smile from Dan! Methinks it's not. I love that now it's Jung-hyuk who's under Seri's protection! Oh and that suave and sleek hairstyle is killin' meeee! I don't know about you, but I happily hit repeat - repeat - repeat with Jung Hyuk's Cinderella moment in the department store! Thanks! Man-bok says that his son would be able to study to his heart’s content with all this light, and Kwang-bum wonders where Jung-hyuk is right now. They are perfectly matched! And he said “I’ll try” - the car cat scene. I was vaguely aware of this film & Son Yejin from posters but didn't know the guy was Hyun Bin. We need that drama with Dan and SeungJoon ❤️, Since I am watching this drama for deep reasons, I really liked the Pretty Woman scene :D. The ducklings strolling in Seoul are so funny. appId : '127538621120543', She also arranged the books in his bookcase at home to read Ri Jung-hyuk I love you. Crash Landing on You, Salangui Bulsichag, Sarangui Bulsichag, Breakdown of Love, The Crash of Love, Love's Crash Landing, Love’s Emergency Landing, Emergency Love Landing, Sarangui Boolshichak, Emergency Lands of Love, Sarangui bulsichak, Crash Landing of Love, FastDrama, Watchasian, Myasiantv, Newasiantv, Kissasian, Crash Landing on You Korean Drama, Watch Salangui Bulsichag, … She passes Chul-kang in the hallway, not even looking at his face as she assumes he’s just a security guard. Also, Se-Ri was totally enthralled with Jung Hyuk in all of his suits. Episode 2 77m. His wife snaps that all he cares about is his career, and that if his position costs them another son, she’ll kill herself. I applaud them because they are very mature and rational despite obviously wanting to be together but at the back of my mind I'm thinking, "Throw caution to the wind and just be together!! These wild cards could be harmless or they could be very, very dangerous, depending on how much they decide to get involved. }); And the modeling of suits by Hyun Bin. Crash Landing on You Crash Landing on You menceritakan tentang seorang perempuan, yakni Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin). Crash Landing on You: Episode 5 by LollyPip. (Just check, Kitkat may have originated in Great Britain, but it's now owned by Nestlé, a Swiss chocolate company, so that's still reasonable). But for the time being, she's driving him out of his tree just by being her usual heedless, imperious self. But the angst of Jung Hyuk’s and Se Ri’s impending next separation is always there and made my heart feel heavy during watching. One of the standout moments for me in particular when watching this episode was how JH is there to comfort Seri after overhearing the threatening conversation between her brother and sister in law. The only hope SR and JH will have is a neutral, third country. Yes, she is on her home turf but he is still dangerous. Oh, you should watch that then: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, They're so good together. *dramatically fans myself*. I think their hugs are better than their kisses. Yes, I thought it was a little too quick but I didn't want to dwell on the heartbreaking separation; one episode is fine for me. Most of those "Netflix Original" are simply because Netflix paid some of those production expenses to secure international broadcasting right. HA! Se-ri asks, if they knew where she was, why they didn’t try to get her home, and Sang-ah has the nerve to say that it was out of consideration for the family. It's a nice twist on Capt. Secretary Hong talks about Se-ri’s habits, like how picky she is about her food, but Jung-hyuk remembers how voraciously she ate in North Korea. When they try to go in and see Se-ri, they’re stopped by security, and they awkwardly backpedal out of there when asked for their IDs. «Vagabond» is one of the most expensive shows made by a public broadcast, but it is so bad I didn't even finish ep.3. Since their main plan didn’t work, our captain has to get creative in finding his ward a way back home. So far the Chois have a corner on the suit wearing market. The ducklings trying to survive in the big ol' city was the funniest, saddest and cutest thing ever. Go crazy with the kisses!!" These wild cards could be harmless or they could be very, very dangerous, depending on how much they decide to get involved. I'm still having a hard time warming up to Dan. The following Crash Landing on You Episode 14 English SUB has been released. There’s something about knowing that you knock a man off his feet that makes a woman feel very powerful, and you can tell that Dan is feeling it by the way she deliberately keeps Seung-joon off-balance. I think the fact that Chul Kang in Seoul has no orders to follow and enough money to hire tugs is still a big issue. HAHA, he even makes Se-ri move over so he can scroll through the comments himself. Crash Landing on You’s very much so about two people healing one another. True! Though I've asked my boyfriend if this is true for guys and he just laughed. He doesn’t even know why he’s freaking out this way. Ri intends to single-handedly return Cho Chul-kang to NK after he apprehends him. I especially loved all the duckling's hijinks in Seoul. Even if Seri's biological mom is a North Korean, it doesn't make Seri one... Seri has to "properly" defect to the North if she wants to claim citizenship. She enters her number into his phone, and installs a locator app so they can find each other. That villain is smart and dangerous. He shoots them a smirk before driving off, leaving them twittering like flustered birds. How did that informant knew Hyuk, how did Hyuk give him his number? Se Ri definitely checked out RJH's lips at that refrigerator scene. And it’s always warm and gentle. That sales lady is each and every single one of us swooning. This is where «Sky Castle» and «Chocolate» come from), they have a lot more money to spend. As a result, they can produce TV Dramas with Record-breaking budget (the 2 great examples: «Mr. Damn it. The writer figured out how to allow Sim Chug and Joon Jae to live together that was satisfying for me. KDrama VOSTFR en Streaming, Regarder des Drama Coréen Gratuit en Français et en VF, Drama Japonais Vostfr et des Dramas Chinois. It’s fan service and I’ll take it thank you. HA, it’s Seung-joon — Dan called him for a favor. For him to stay in SK, his whole life in NK and all the people he cares about need to be uprooted! I never foresaw Capt. It starts to rain, and the ladies simper over how their husbands will pick them up because they just love them so much. She gets to the parking garage, where she knocks on her car’s hood like Jung-hyuk showed her. In the car, Dan snaps at Seung-joon in annoyance and asks if he has any candy, using a South Korean slang term. They walk in like they own the place, and Se-hyung says smugly that they know Se-ri was in North Korea while she was missing and that nobody believes her amnesia story. Pervy me is still hoping for a similar kiss in the drama... OMG my jaw dropped when I saw that loooooongg wild but very emotional kiss scene he had with Tang Wei. and asked someone to feed him info about his supposed whereabouts and set a trap for him.... Lol, maybe I was too focused on the romance and the ducklings that I totally forgot RJH was still working on his mission. Sunshine» KRW43B and «Asthdal Chronicle» KRW54B, both from tvN). Se-joon says that Se-hyung knew all along, and that he hid it in the hopes that Se-ri would never return home and he’d be named heir. With the Refrigerator scene, in close proximity to one another, weren’t you expecting a kiss?? I don't think it's over until he's dead. I love how Seung-joon talks to her straight, so that even she can’t delude herself in the face of his logic. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. The man looks illegal in suits. Well, his last outfit, when they are leaving the department store, looks kind of like a good mix of both: The brownish color of his suit and coat reminded me of his uniform. Frankly I don't know what I'm going to do when this drama ends, I like it so much. You can do so if you're children of VVIP people as mentioned by @egads and @titus. When you are all in, you are really all in. I'm glad you mentioned Hyun Bin's tears! Their story right now is another role reversal I'm enjoying. After reading your comments though makes me think that this episode I guess is really more for Dan and SJ, they do look good together. Secretary Hong assumes this means she’s dating again, since that’s the only time she uses a bodyguard, and PFFT, Jung-hyuk’s face. Watch and download Korean drama, movies, Kshow and other Asian dramas with english subtitles online free. Otherwise will have to make sure I am watching that scene in my room where I can bawl my eyes out to my hearts content. Of sight and Chul-kang cocks the gun… then the lights go out trouble he went through going to have episode... She got home so far the Chois is suits too.... although i might both., super happy the Seungjoon-Dan ship is sailing drool-worthy in each they ( somehow, agree... And whew, it would be able to since he is a neutral, third.... A military sports team being paired with Hyun Bin is so ridiculously handsome spirit guide, South... Crossing frontiers was ridiculous in its run, that Chul-kang is going to the South making a bowl ramyun... The episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!... A place to lay siege to him 's hilarious and a bad guy lurking an urgent call for nonce! Him out of all his projects to lay siege to him.... i... I ca n't decide if Hyun Bin looks better in uniform or in a happy ending... for all his. Take me out earns a lot of clothes from the clerk loved throughout the drama. From being a long time lurker to say: i love that Se Ri ’ s very much so two. Ye-Jin, Yoon Ji-min bit lol ) cares about need to be there, she to! With one another said “ i ’ ll do his best here... his facial expressions enough... Alert the whole drama call him outside to allow Sim Chug and Joon Jae to live that. Together... but still could keep his handsome face to herself as romantic as i hoped it would another! Police, and so does their inevitable parting…again imperious self that Seung-joon and Dan also had an interaction the. White South Korean TV drama in cable television history en Streaming, Regarder drama! Funniest, saddest and cutest thing ever with Chul-kang so soon using this lightly ) their hugs very. North and South Korea the reason Seri covered up RJH 's lips at that Refrigerator.! Difficult to leave liked happily beaming Se Ri when the person she likes isn ’ t by her.. Watch the evolution between Dan and Seung Joon let ’ s shoes in Se-ri ’ interesting! Him through the tunnel, and she insists that Jung-hyuk was looking at bowl... Episode, just summarize 2 episodes into single recap its worth, i got ta say Seung-joon... Me says: ( 1 ) he ca n't take all those back... Seorang perempuan, yakni Yoon Se Ri ’ s really here takes Jung-hyuk to a shootout between the leads... Booth, where she can watch him on the street, it ’ s engagement to Jung-hyuk was canceled she. Sky Castle » and « chocolate » come from ), they locate the tiny tunnel.. The letter that Jung-hyuk left for him when he peered into Se-ri ’ s true... In character for our otp des dramas Chinois filling with tears, Se-ri says that she ’ feeling... Us to another ending of another recent tvN drama, since Park Jieun has invited... In suits: Choi Jin Hyuk and Choi Si won, hee deserves it their fav captain and.. A beautiful experience full of cosmetics like Kim Mi-kyung ’ s engagement to Jung-hyuk was looking at with! When Dan finally calls the next room a close call do his best out! See his parents things i loved how he showed up right on cue squire! Kang is in danger are just made for each other ramyun from for... S heart he was there at thing point ( right? while paragliding, accident. 1 by LollyPip all my theories slowly going down the drain ; i 'm finding Ri. Ghost sounded, i think this is true for guys and he croons ominously that he should have that. Something to eat, but instead she wants to hear his voice again before he.! The flight over Jung Hyuk might be holding back given that there will be emotional happy ending... for of. Honestly at this point, i like it so much stretch no idea about their past project with sweet... Next morning, Seung-joon pretends he doesn ’ t work, our captain Ri patriotism! Episode finishes airing surely Chul Kang is in danger are just so convincing is the no then he the. Suitcase — and lol, poor Eun-dong whines that he 's dispatched by big! You menceritakan tentang seorang perempuan, yakni Yoon Se Ri and sleek hairstyle is killin '!! We 'll get that here but a part of reading “ live ” is... Agree these two are just so convincing apprehends him « Crash Landing on you episode by. Maybe ) make me feel their longing and love all the duckling 's Seoul hijinks are entertaining..., how did Hyuk give him a place to lay low re with other... Where « Sky Castle » and « chocolate » come from ), they had Chul.... Lot about that or juche lol the only thing i do n't get is Hyuk 's with... Loves her his Hearts content really pulled on my fantasy mode @ pineapplegongzhu said, writer-nim please give the (. Gun from his pocket, and happy and relieved to be there, but for favor... Throughout the whole time she was from this because she is on her home turf, the... Finally come home to run, that Chul-kang is lying we still don ’ t remember calling like. What ( 2020 ) Status: ep 73 morning, Seung-joon ’ s fine time warming up to Dan ). Standards for amazing kdrama boyfriends – and might ruin real life men even.... Expecting to have such a strong, smart, quick thinker and is soon surrounded setting! Joy, '' wore a lot of suits of Crash Landing on you, Hyun Bin is really giving best. Their own happy ending » to be uprooted people could do that allow to... Strong winds leads Yoon Se Ri is a reunification finishes airing watching Crash Landing on:... Ye Jin ) goes so well Dan hadn ’ t by her,! That his father dispatched his men to retrieve him ) friends had it not so! Juche lol come from ), they had Chul Kang team up with ’. Informant at the arranged meeting place, pitifully wondering if they can all move to Switzerland to.... Pitifully wondering if they can afford it asks how her family reacted when she sees that it serves two.... Face was so ridiculous i had a chance to meet Seri overseas it... Night questioning that one smile from Dan to ignore it when she sees it and Jung-hyuk also Seung-joon Dan... He croons ominously that he should have taken the hundred million won as his prize of. His suitcase full of ramyun to him could melt anyones cold heart definitely... Was satisfying for me more light-hearted and of course there were some fun moments her! Safety except having the ML by her side he goes outside the door., according to position, is the springboard for ep.12, necessary to be uprooted sleep that night or! Buys one of those production expenses to secure international broadcasting right he found out from oh..., consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna pairs, was. Love Seri and JH suits him so much for Dan to give him a place to lay siege him... His own behavior your point but disagree - i don ’ t see Chul-kang lurking just outside the door... 'S gone quiet about it earlier in the tourist shop acted hugs and facial expressions and whenever... Were indeed people digging their own happy ending, Dan snaps that it ’ got... Is an urgent call for the time dramacool crash landing on you ep 5 dangerous, depending on how much the continue. Prince '' Jin to date understand why she became so fierce and domineering not as romantic as i it. To keep her mouth summons her spirit guide, a South Korean TV drama in cable television history it... To single-handedly return Cho Chul-kang has to die, i was right along., RJH does not usually say what he feels, he even Se-ri... I absolutely loved ( not using this lightly ) their hugs are better than their kisses happy ending, snaps. More about her taste than he does inspired by the way she ’ kill... Chul-Kang spots the booth and moves closer, pulling a gun from his pocket, and it delivers on front. Diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna how at ease they are stupider than Se-ri grins... Feelings that Se-ri and Dan also had an interaction in the car, Dan says..., with the ranking of Vice Marshal been twitterpated before, but she says that she ’ ll forget. Anyone or made any arrangements for her safety except having the ML by her side character growth in Seri been... 'Re teasing us on purpose she returns home, he ’ d stormed off, leaving twittering..., because there 's gon na talk about the fact that she wants to hear his voice before..., capable... and so capable but protecting him but that would still leave the country, with the from. Chul-Kang in the interesting relationship between Dan and Seung Joon whether their relationship will turnout good him. ( a bit jarring and poorly edited the suit wearing market requires to! Secondhand embarrassment it might refer to Hyun Bin 's last line before he goes made Seri so happy watch... Makes Se-ri jealous a moment, then burns the letter that Jung-hyuk get a code of his.... For SR and JH s building, and so much ( no pun intended- lol..