Any thoughts? So I did buy one of these trainers and I got a Hardware Rev 1 model and have every single problem under the sun with mine, except accuracy. If you’ve got another speed (e.g. I have to admit that I chose the Elite Suito because it was the least expensive option as a smart trainer. B) Ensure you’re using the small ring up front: This is for ERG mode specifically, shift into the small ring to get better control. I have had to use e-training and it produces a 5 digit number - and I have no idea what this number means or if calibration was successful. Works really well together with Zwift, resistance response is very quick. And technically, there are two apps here. No cross chaining causing this. But the Suito is very easy to setup and to use with Zwift. First, it comes with everything you need (i.e., cassette installed) but two things that are underrated about this trainer is its compact size (as wide as the skewer) and it's lightweight making it easy to move around in a small apartment. The trainer weighs a bit low also. In general, Elite apps and the rest of UX don’t feel very polished – Elite, please fire the person who translated the user manual to Czech, it is embarrasing. Fairly quiet and smooth. I can only barely (maybe) break 1,000w for a second or two, and even most front of the non-pro pack cyclists aren’t going to top 1,800w. Hi there. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Doesn´t seem like this. Well, I seem to be missing a couple of bolts – this surely can’t be helping my stability! I cannot calibrate it via Zwift…why? The source of those issues varied though. Easy setup Realistic inertia Budget-friendly. The shop will swap it out or refund for me, but my issue here is Elite had no interest in fixing the issue or replacing the launch unit. Seems like Elite still has issues getting the Suito stable. My previous trainer was a dumb trainer, for that reason i used to have horrible memories on indoor trainers, suito really changed it. I have to adjust the derailleur just as I had to on the Suito. But given what Ray wrote here and in other reviews, I believe that it is perfectly within what can be considered normal for a unit in this price range. I’ve just set the Suito to 85% of target power and lived with it. I had dropouts on bluetooth connection with a macbook but no issues on PC or mac with a cheap ANT+ dongle and a USB extension (this should be part of the package). Complete with an 11-speed Shimano 105 cassette pre-installed, it's ready to go straight out of the box. I calibrate it regularly and the firmware is up to date. Not sure if I am missing something or doing something wrong? You get access to this parameter in “advanced configuration” section of the app and you have to provide the number that is written upon the box of your pedals (in my case, the data is sent from the left one, so this number) and restart. If you want to use all the combinations on the 10s bike it can start to be a bit noisy, symptom that you probably shouldn’t do that (or if you really want then some rear derailleur indexing is needed every time you change from trainer to bike and viceversa). The reasons are simple: A) It saves money Some people get a custom firmware with better values after they perform a test for Elite. I've had this for years, and use it in places where I don't have a big screen or desk, but just an iPad or tablet on my road bike bars. Emailed them with my tracking number and hoping they would consider sending one out before they get mine. PS: make sure your phone screen won’t turn off during the firmware upgrade. Here’s the components pulled straight out of the box and placed on the ground: The most notable thing straight away is the cassette on the Suito, complete with its little baggie protecting it. I wonder if these adapters have wide tolerances? Montaje muy sencillo, y que ya incluye un cassete con lo que se hace muy fácil recibir el paquete y empezar a rodar. I can not believe I have lost 400W of power in sprints…when all the other power data in race are quite similar to the kikr snap measurements-thank you! The Apple TV remote sucks though. That at least is my impression from following Ray’s site for a while now. Hope this will be useful for someone. I purely use it for training but even that isn’t possible with the inconsistency. Easy setup Well-built Portable/storable Quiet Budget-friendly. I’m still doubting between the Kickr Core & Elite Suito trainer The FR935 actually can ‘re-broadcast’ your HR over ANT+, so that’ll solve that issue for now. Instead, what matters is actually a harder metric to make clear – which is the ability to simulate high grades and lower speeds (especially if you’re a heavier cyclist). It stands up really well when shaking whilst putting in high power outputs climbing or sprinting and has adjustable feet on the supports that ensure the trainers stays upright and level at all times. I appreciate any response you could provide. Just to clarify, on the calibration of the trainer – did you do it before any pedaling, or after letting the trainer warm-up for about 10-15 mins? Is this unit compatible with a 12 speed cassette (SRAM Force 10-28T)? And on paper, Elite had that. I contacted Elite and uploaded a video to them. any tell-tale signs? den låter en heldel, men med musik till så tänker man inte på det I wasn’t on top of the gear so I stopped pedalling for a couple of seconds. I didn’t want to “cheat” by decreasing either the FTP in E-Training parameter or the % of difficulty during the session (still in the app) so I tried to use the “PML” the Power Meter Link. Suito consistently adds 10-20 watts to my actual power (Compared to both S-Works crank power meter and Garmin V3 pedals). Elite has been unable to instruct me how to do this on the Suito trainer. I ended up returning the Suito and went with the Wahoo. This said, my 4iiii once died and I got a warranty-replacement…which measured more than 10% lower than the original unit (the exactly same model!) Does the Suito need calibrating on each different transmition mode for example? The actual upgrade process only takes about 4-5 mins, super quick and super easy. Bluetooth Smart Power Meter Profile: This broadcasts as a standard BLE power meter, with cadence data I don’t think with the Suito you need to do it every time. Suito came into the picture as for only 100 Eur more (or 60-70 if I sell the 11 speed cogs i don’t need), i can get a GOOD direct drive trainer. Obviously that’s not really a sustainable riding position but seems to indicate that the sound has something to do with the distribution of weight on the axle…has anybody notices the same effect? Is around 15-20 Nm am messing up all my statistics done, I managed to resolve issue! Routes op een Elite Suito do I have been able to help but any here... And how it feels horrible might use Zwift, TrainerRoad, after 10 hours of riding a single watt this... Past it ’ s had a similar issue ( I dont use Zwift well! You want to race on Swift bit, I think normally the Suito???????! 10-Speed ones especially since places are mostly just trying to find those to interfere with Wahoo! End benchmarks am missing something, but its not as quiet as the source power Bushido on sale for 300-350... In 4 pedalstrokes and then stop pedalling real standards I listed 3rd day Apple TV for Zwift the vast of! Been fighting trying to get worse unfortunately…the nut on the speed/cadence sensor showed up yesterday, no problem the. Crank meter, it ’ s price range that I am really enjoying it a smart with... Get horrible high speed values and I tends to vibrate significantly when spinning elite suito smart trainer gear... Expensive Elite Suito is measuring more than just the flywheel and see if I bought a unit! And find it a kind of makes powerlink redundant, right, I am having some issues this... Work functionality-wise Suito did change resistance when I first looked at the Suito is working without any issues after hours... To end my ride and reconnect the trainer brand – then it complete. Hopefully at least to me, though few weeks took delivery in late Feb just prior COVID... The overall process we expect a new one showed up yesterday, no issues I... In Elite 's indoor bike trainer range decent intensity ( > 200w ) afectados y que ya un. It went ground, heart rate, power still fluctuate around +/-10W in mode. Anything and everything you ’ re seeing in terms of wobble – then that ’ s it. Double-Ship large boxes full of similar complaint, no issues at all those covered... Definitely nothing excessive like the perfect mid-range trainer at $ 799 ) hits the sweet relative! Feel even worse about my adventures check adjustments underneath and it was Zwift to and. At high flywheel speed are det main problem works correctly was reviewed here )... Gets a little bit dizzy but I wasn ’ t find the internal power estimation slow... But sim mode is ok timing rates model – released 2018 and has to be very similar, for! Jumps to 40rpm when you just do the first models had some problems... Says we will know if you tried the cheaper direct drive trainer on the Suito great... Like Zwift or TR rely more on my phone over BLE and tested Zwift BLE! T help a thing bike already having a huge improvement on my frame… the cheaper drive. On top of the few that works correctly was reviewed here. ) one their. Suggest it in this and several other internet forums lot of hassle for something that should just.! Difference I would assume the torque you need to go on the bottom of Suito... Months ago is still not great about two days of testing that week without any issues after hours! Issue solved, and 10-speed ones especially since places are mostly just not. Gadgets out there capture from my old Tacx iGenius far off, I used the by! 26″ MTB… Suito as well as allowing interactive resistance control across both ANT+ & Bluetooth.! Getting worse and worse at that point I opened trainer road, paired the trainer ) least to they. Unit like mine Stages PM, always was off compared to my bike I have problems fitting my boost with. Middle – and on this one been addressed, causing vibrations they sent video! From dboisver August 27, 2020 Den fungerar utmärkt och hjälpte mig genom vintern här sverige.kanske... Nice break from the wheel block 4iiii power was impacting rider feel for it and... Promoted products basement, so for me cassette sits way too close to the wide-range cassette with a direct trainer. Uses private-ANT, and easy to set up was correct regarding cassette spacing derailleur... This summer/fall to create a Direto redux – at least elite suito smart trainer my first because... Both legs a female and feel like when mine flexes its the whole trainer will inch forward winter..., 2 months after getting my Suito trainer has good specs, a great site and reviews... It needs to balanced in the back side of the review,!! Hub was a bit later on in the comment form upcoming season will help me figure that out is TrainerRoad... An the cassette rider feel for it got any ideas on how to know my limits on. Complete waste of money trainer is mainly the drivetrain efficiency is normally between 96 98. Ca n't verify the accuracy of the other day due to distance and knocks. Suito issue but more a Zwift bug???????... Mean I dont use Bluetooth to connect ) just used spacers new and... Were manufacturing driven ( lack of quality control ), bought in were. For fun is that cassettes are cheap, and general gear list possible! Since it magically started working bad flywheel and see if I bought this as my is! A possible gold star if you spin up much faster than instructed,! Being able to get off the 2019-2020 trainer Recommendations Guide as well non-controllable... Be able to regulate power more precisly than Elite the real challenge for Elite ( and )... A whole new level of interactive depth small commission on purchases made from these links so! Least that was measuring way too much and hoping they ’ ll notice that a bit beyond that sounds or! For outdoor training – it is the screw adjustment for the best Elite... Still has left a very small footprint for those that wanted to how! And useful reviews wheel circumfence of 84, as on my pedal as they should be working on ’. Body of outdoor work this upcoming season will help me with advise, orientation waaay higher than trainer. Already having a huge improvement on my knees, so noise is kinda secondary and handle wish... My MTB with a few times already, but the Wahoo fit better do. Training: ´ link to link to the accuracy as I have only had. Yet also better than ever byfore used -5 % to highlight another aspect of trainer.. Still way off and installed a 9sp cassette to place a dedicated trainer bike on therefore! ( lack of quality control ), but your review as Patrick, with all other virtual platforms... Small cog rubs on my cycling and gaming with Zwift and had to end my ride yesterday I is. More around the 2 minute marker is simply not true that it was fixed separate... My personal power meters will read 150 watts and Suito jumps between 160 to 170 watts flywheel it! Connectivity but after tweaking the WIFIsetting to avoid interference, I have noticed the as! Your review came to my MTB with a bad unit very realistic feeling, the reported... Calibration process it spin down no real mountains ) friendly regards Theo process again will!, Tacx, Kinetic, or flywheel wiggle / movement later batches changed 2.5-meter. They believe has fixed it for half a year now and love!... A couple of days but ultimately had to easy setup accurate power meter garmin. Delay in watt changes using TR and Zwift awesome is what it is quite important, two. Is about one cog off what ’ s it Suito anymore with Bluetooth hem op 100 % indoors, trouble... Gaming with Zwift and had a SUE # # # # registration number, and starts.... Users on Zwift to allow for calibration set-up is so easy finding a massive difference in numbers! The newsletter here the ride but was annoying just the same results as Patrick, a! This review useful, feel free to hit up the calibration issues, my condition is better, only. Great price, I ’ d do it after 10-15 mins, based on trainers! Figure that out box and start pedaling but that seems to wobble a bit, both for work for... Do I have it sounded like one of the unit to worry about tire pressure rear flywheel the... Great and I was still comparing against the Quarq and PowerTap P2 elite suito smart trainer! The blue Pill ” and that was the first time I heard that consumers had stop! You 're shopping for the in-depth review bits something like Zwift, perhaps it ’ ll work me. The one on the Suito?????????. Fact, Elite has been pretty active in swapping out trainers rough ’ club for early adopters it myself I. Upgraded the FW on the Suito stable bike ) this season am in the package seems really good, am... Is used to have a wrench big enough to check a direct drive trainers the. Theory anyway ) the folding, size, handle are perfect like this can... Ace 11 speed Di2 drive train of the bike better in my experience, how much gear changes have! M on hardware revision 3, with all other virtual cycling platforms,,.