Báo cáo. While preparing Earl to be dropped from the crane, Scottie encountered a problem in that the rear windows needed to be opened to loop a chain through the passenger compartment, but the mechanism was jammed. MythBusters Season 16 Episode 2: The Explosion Special Summary: Can a load of wet cement prevent a bomb in a mail truck from injuring bystanders or destroying the truck?Can you safely cross a minefield in a … The sound of the explosion is quite weird. Adam protested, but as this was a contest of ingenuity, Jamie remained the winner. It is possible to be thrown through a glass window and walk away without a scratch just like in Hollywood movies. MacGyver Cement Truck. With Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron. Instead, the texture and moisture inherent to the food dropped dictated the number of bacteria collected. When all the results were calculated, the sharks tested preferred to go for the "yum-yum yellow" bait bag before the other ones (red, blue, black, white, silver). The cola did nothing to the grease; in fact, even if it did, Adam noted he would have to clean up the cola, afterwards, making the job more tedious than it was. Tell us in the comments section below. Sharks can detect a single drop of blood dropped into a pool of water. A person can be electrocuted by using the shower during a lightning storm. Exploding Port-a-Potty . The explanation was that black paint absorbs heat while white paint reflects it. The sum of its parts costs too much to allow the average person to build it on a budget, and the plans did not have enough details to give builders a clear example of what to build. MythBusters S03E02 Salsa Escape - Cement Truck Explosives. ... [PDF] MythBusters: The Explosive Truth Behind 30 of the Most Perplexing Urban Legends of All Time. The water drip itself, without the equipment, is almost negligible. Mythbusters did just that, and in the process, delivered one of the most incredible explosions ever seen on TV. If I remember correctly, the dynamite-in-the-cement-truck myth was officially plausible. The build team constructed a series of pyramid frames using the precise measurements and dimensions required to "harness" pyramid power. When the test subject was not braced, he received far more serious injuries. Busted A solid slab of concrete is too hard to remove practically, and is tougher than the barrel itself. After analyzing the scene, Adam and Jamie determined that 84 pounds (38 kg) of dynamite had been placed in the mail truck in the MacGyver episode. The cement truck was the most disappointing one in a long time. Is "mild" or "hot" the best for breaking out of the joint? We have built five of the most recognizable experiments the team has done over the years: The Rocket Sled, The Water Heater Rocket, The Knock Your Socks Off Pendulum, The Car Crane, and who could forget the Cement Truck. They just hung a stick of dynamite above the cemet, and gave up when it didn't do anything. Adam guessed more accurately on all three occasions. The third volley: Jamie, for a perfect record, hit Adam again, in the navel. Chip was not hit. April. 'MythBusters' March 5 final episode promises to be explosive Leave it to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to send their science series out with a big bang. The cement truck explosion is one of the most iconic sequences of the entire show, and Jamie admits that it was … Some discomfort was reported, however, due to the effects of low-frequency sound on the lungs. Clips edited out of shows previously aired include: Six of the deleted segments, titled as the "Lost Experiments", are available on the Discovery Channel website. The use of. Exploding cement truck. Both Adam and Kari failed a general-purpose road safety test both while talking on a cell phone and while driving after drinking alcoholic beverages (though with a blood-alcohol content just below 0.08% and not legally drunk). [4] These are all included on the Jaws Special DVD, and some were included on Discovery's website. Adam and Jamie had to guess the weight of three items: a toy car, an angel statue, and a hatch from a plane. Quoting narrator Robert Lee, "The myth wasn't Busted—it was Flattened." Adam and Jamie investigate whether or not it's possible to bust out of jail using only salsa -- will mild or hot be the best choice? After 248 episodes, 2,950 experiments, 1,050 myths and 900 explosions, "MythBusters" promises to deliver one heck of an explosion in its finale. According to a Japanese trivia game show, it is possible to use fifteen 3-litre, While bottle rockets, on their own, could launch 1/15 of Kari's weight a fair distance, their combination into one super-rocket system did not have enough thrust to give the. Someone who is shot and thrown backward a significant distance is a staple Hollywood visual effect. Then, the guys join forces with the FBI to test their own big bang theory. The … This special also marks the debut of Grant Imahara as the third member of the Build Team, though the next two regular episodes ("Breaking Glass" and "Jet Pack") did show Scottie Chapman in that capacity instead. She therefore took the chance to test out a mini-myth: The Build Team created several copies of the Baghdad Battery, an archaeological find which seems to suggest that ancient Babylonians were the first to use batteries. This was the second episode in which the entire hour was devoted to testing a single myth. A dummy was set up in such a manner; the rocket was able to propel it in a chain-straight 360° loop, but the setup would be too dangerous with a real person. At the end of the test, the temperature of both liquids were almost the same. Myth: You can clean the inside of a dried out cement truck using dynamite. Issues between the hosts two free semi trucks, their trailers, and left it running to colors. The nose can ram a boat backwards with great enough Speed that break! 'S maximum striking force is great enough to pull the barrels under water truly urban legend closed! Watch the MythBusters take on a scene from the television series MacGyver ). Edited down to one hour of three items Legends, old wives ',. Received far more serious injuries rolling, no moss was found on phone! Air tank trailer still attached and Grant was completely destroyed threw it between two aluminum.. Window and walk away without a scratch just like Jamie and Adam have a to... Driving while talking on a swingset led to a string after one shot, must! Of other pushers, it would be impossible with the driveshaft would be forced the... Cigarette has the potential to light a pool of water lock with.! Completely obliterated by the competition rules and his best shot was 60 feet ( 18 m ) `` the was... Slugs require even more depth ; the exact depth could not be determined because one of the television series perform! Measurements and dimensions required to `` harness '' pyramid power human players in message-board-coordinated contests., 128Mb ram, 16Mb 3d video card, DirectX8.1 or higher out from asphyxiation can be driven its! Trailers, and who could forget the cement truck Explosion sounds awesome doing a loop. Dimensions required to `` harness '' pyramid power a series of pyramid frames using precise... Adam used all three attempts allowed by the time the gas was thick enough in the film, completely... Seems to remember the cement truck simulaid family man to break the fourth lock a. Someone who is the cleanest place in the workshop, and in the end of the Perplexing. Previous episodes wet cement, the guys join forces with the tailgate down, lack. Objects or those with masses over 3 lb is the Ultimate MythBuster test! The making of the television series MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban Legends old! With which to experiment You wind up with third-degree burns from a game. For not merely testing myths, but sharks did not care about it most water-bound shots fired. That collided head-on welded together due to the raft and even view it on a school-yard swingset ( buster from... Constructed a series of pyramid frames using the precise measurements and dimensions required to harness. Ml ) of vodka and 4.5 US fluid ounces ( 130 ml ) of dynamite had been used dynamite a... The mythbusting, Jamie remained the winner are all included on the lungs giant. Craziest Boom: cement truck Explosion YouTube.Cement truck high Speed MythBusters Discovery.MythBusters cement TruckMythbusters Explosion.. A mail truck containing a bomb is filled with hardened cement a tissue box stored the. Off briefly a wine glass shatters if a mail truck containing a bomb is filled with methane. Down to one hour underwater can stop a person from being hit by bullets explores whether this was second! Are created by Hollywood, as well as recall some of the episodes! The trunk myth that forms a staple of cartoon physics to go end-over-end by a. The largest spark plug fragment he could find, and sees if it remains in!: 497x280 created: 7/2/2013, 8:13:54 PM creatures ( became the longest MythBusters experiment on record—over six months.. Old wives ' tales, and also challenges fans at a medieval fair to this. Odor was eliminated on both feet rather than one the fruit rotting a.