Some services excel in some areas but are a letdown in others. Hi, pcloud’s website says they offer two-factor authentication, but I keep reading in multiple locations that they do have it. Be careful with Sync, I have lots of problems with local files not staying in sync and sharing folders are even worse at that. pCloud is easy to use and secure if you pay extra for private encryption. Tresorit is a Swiss, end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge content collaboration platform designed to safeguard the digital valuables of individuals and organizations with the highest classification in the cloud. This means it doesn’t give other services access to the solution. Zero-knowledge encryption scrambles your data using an encryption key that only you know. Zero-Knowledge-Sicherheit bedeutet fast immer, dass der Dienst, der ihn anbietet, wahrscheinlich sicherer sein wird als Dropbox. But building a service and referring to it as "zero-knowledge cloud storage" is totally acceptable. Cloud Storage: In computer science, cloud storage refers to the ongoing development of services to enable users to keep their data on company servers. Wie bei pCloud ist auch hier Vorsicht geboten: Gemeinsame Dateien verlieren ihren Schutz. While non-private encryption providers have to hand over files and their passwords, zero-knowledge services can’t give away customers’ password because they, well, have zero -knowledge. Our top pick for best cloud storage service is iDrive, our Editor's choice. Best Zero Knowledge Cloud Storage Today on, we are listing best zero-knowledge cloud storage providers of 2018. The criteria used to assess a cloud storage service with zero-knowledge; First and foremost, this cloud storage service has to provide adequate zero-knowledge protection. Hervorzuheben ist, dass es einen Linux-Client gibt, was nicht so oft der Fall ist. Most cloud storage providers differ from Sync because they can access, scan and read your files. However, bear in mind that with any other cloud service, your transfer speeds will depend on how close you are to its UK servers. And it’s also important to note that manual encryption prior to transferring data into the cloud is a far superior method if protecting data is of utmost importance. It’s an excellent service already and holds its own against the other cloud services on this list, but Icedrive’s roadmap reveals much more to come in the future. May 9, 2020 - Boxcryptor offers end-to-end encryption to secure your cloud storage. And the tab Back up, you can configure data backup: SpiderOak – paid cloud storage with zero knowledge privacy. Es verwendet etwas namens ShareRooms, die so etwas wie passwortgeschützte gemeinsame Ordner sind, aber viel ausgefallener.’s desktop client is attractive, clear and won’t leave you scratching your head. If you need secure cloud storage, you can’t go wrong with Because it’s based in Canada, you get the benefit of Canadian privacy laws. Während es sich in der Kryptographie eigentlich um einen entfremdeten Begriff handelt, ist es heute üblich, diese Art der Verschlüsselung Zero-Knowledge zu nennen. To avoid that, you should use one of the best password managers to store your password. Not f* you at the wrong moment, when you go to find a file and it’s not there. Sync's end-to-end encrypted storage platform and apps ensure that only you can access your data in the cloud. Some of the features included in SpiderOak are, scheduling your backup, automatic syncing by sync folder “hive”, zero-knowledge capabilities etc. Or even to personal cloud storage usage, thanks to the dropping of cost over the years. Related works have addressed security issues such as data confidentiality and integrity, which ensure that the remotely stored data … Cross Platform, Zero Knowledge Cloud Storage. Similar to MEGA, the zero-knowledge encryption is extended to the sharing of files. We’ll make sure that it’s strong and doesn’t have loopholes that the business might use to invade your privacy. does a great job of ensuring its users’ privacy and security, plus it has cheap subscription plans and is easy to use, all of which helps it top this list. Our secure zero knowledge global cloud protects your most important data from prying eyes and government spies without sacrificing convenience and usability. Boxcryptor encrypts your files before uploading them to your preferred cloud storage. That said, other countries aren’t far behind. It comes with a hefty price tag, though. Unlimited, Encrypted, Zero Knowledge Cloud Storage I’ve been searching for a zero-knowledge cloud storage service for some time. However, if there’s any service worth the commitment, it’s definitely That said, if you forget your password, the service won’t be able to reset it for you. In the event of catastrophic hardware failure, we can failover to a mirrored dataset at an entirely different location. Zero-Knowledge-Verschlüsselung ist das Hauptmerkmal der Tresorit-Sicherheit. On the View tab you can see the synchronized information of your computer.’s desktop client is easy to use. If you think pCloud is great and you want to use it for a long time, you can buy a pCloud lifetime license, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Das bedeutet keine lückenhafte staatliche Überwachung, keine Verwendung Ihrer privaten Fotos für zielgerichtetes Marketing und weniger Chancen auf einen Verstoß gegen Ihre Privatsphäre. Sie können über die hohen Servicekosten in unserem Tresorit-Test nachlesen. If transferring uses too much of your system resources, you can throttle the sync process. With zero knowledge standard we identify you and verify your credentials when you log in, without ever knowing … It needs to be strong and does not have any loopholes by which the vendor may utilize to attack your privacy. Thank you. It has strong security that features zero-knowledge encryption (although our pCloud vs comparison shows MEGA has better privacy). There’s also an option to limit monthly uploads and downloads if you have a limited data plan. All private keys or passphrases can not cross the server boundary and must stay on the client side (unless encrypted themselves). If you’re looking for a great deal, check out our picks for the best deals in cloud storage. Unlike the other services on this list (and indeed most cloud services nowadays), it has a full-featured desktop app, with the same functionality as the Icedrive website. Cloud storage has already become a foundation part of the modern business environment. Some EU countries sometimes act without regard to your privacy (looking at you, Netherlands). Watch our video (2 minutes) The service is zero-knowledge-compliant. Do any of the services you recommend provide this? doesn’t use block-level sync. The company ‘Sync’ provided the following statement to me in response to my query. As with pCloud, there’s a discount for yearly subscriptions for both plans, but we still wouldn’t call them cheap. MEGA does, too, as does Tresorit. The appeal for mainstream cloud services like g-drive is because of its large free storage. The Pro I plan offers 2TB of storage for $11.80 per month (9.99 euros). That’s because you need to create individual folders (or “tresors” as Tresorit calls them) to sync files. We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Machen Sie aus Dropbox, Google Drive, oder OneDrive eine Zero-Knowledge-Cloud, um sicherzustellen, dass nur Sie die Daten lesen können. pic: spideroak storage 5.IDrive. Edward Snowden has warned against the cloud storage service Dropbox which he says is "hostile to privacy", and called for more services to offer the 'zero knowledge… Cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive do not protect your privacy. Sync's end-to-end encrypted storage platform and apps ensure that only you can access your data in the cloud. pCloud also offers lifetime cloud storage plans. SpiderOak – paid cloud storage with zero knowledge privacy. Nun, da die wichtigsten Unklarheiten aus dem Weg sind, kommen wir zu dem wichtigen Thema. Diese Art der Verschlüsselung bedeutet, dass nur Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Cloud-Verschlüsselungsschlüssel haben, so dass nur Sie Ihre Dateien jemals im Klartext entschlüsseln können. However, zero-knowledge encryption can work even in the cloud. Icedrive has one of the most gorgeous user interfaces for a cloud storage service, with blue and green accents across a clean white design, echoing its icy name. Plus, clients should work on the most popular operating systems and run on desktop, web and mobile. Eine Zero-Knowledge-Sicherheitsarchitektur gewährleistet, dass sich die Cloud-Daten nur mit einem Schlüssel beziehungsweise Passwort auslesen lassen, welches außer euch niemand hat. Während jede Zero-Knowledge-Verschlüsselung gut ist, sind einige Implementierungen besser als andere. For an in-depth look at pCloud, read our pCloud review. But, to better grasp the term, let’s go over how encryption works in general. Icedrive implements zero-knowledge encryption similarly to pCloud — there’s a separate “encrypted” folder where the files you upload are kept private. It works on Windows, macOS and Linux. The encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt your data are only accessible by you. Laws, projects and regulations around the world are turning privacy into a luxury. They have absolutely no knowledge of what you’re storing on their cloud. The previous PoW schemes worked well when the file is in plaintext. How to Access the Deep Web and the Dark Net, How to Securely Store Passwords in the Cloud, MP4 Repair: How to Fix Corrupted Video Files in 2019, What Makes the Best Zero-Knowledge Cloud Storage,, Best 1TB Cloud Storage in 2021: No More, No Less. The transfer from the computer to the cloud has to be protected and it should be ensured that the bank itself cannot access the data and use it for its own purposes. Wenn es um Cloud-Sicherheit für Dateien-Hosting geht, ist die private, Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung eine Art Goldstandard. Moreover, the encryption keys that are used to encrypt your files aren’t in the hands of Sync, but only you. You keep mentioning that pCloud servers are in the USA and they comply with USA privacy laws but I contacted pCloud multiple times about this and they keep mention that they own the servers and therefore they comply with Swiss laws. While SpiderOak is a secure storage environment, it is NOT a replacement for other services such as Dropbox. It has a minimal design, so it’s easy to navigate. ), and it’s one of the most secure clouds, backed by both private encryption and the best privacy laws. As for the rest, I don’t understand why there isn’t Internxt, another cloud that is growing (Internxt Send, Photos, Teams for business…) also zero-knowledge and besides being very cheap (it offers 10GB FREE 4ever for Christmas) and ecological. Active 5 years, 1 month ago. Do they have what it takes? takes the top spot, but the services we chose all have strong security, so you can’t make a wrong choice. $3.48 for 12 months is what you will pay for the first 12 months. Sync: “Data is replicated across multiple datacenter locations. Storage per user, It’s fast, has more features and offers a fluid experience. However, zero-knowledge encryption can work even in the cloud. Wir haben Screenshots in unserem MEGA-Test. Chief among the countries that implement such laws is the U.S. Uncle Sam has the PRISM project, the USA Patriot Act and the CLOUD Act. Well, the reason is that it’s crazy expensive. It is even more secure than your external hard drive (they tend to break down or get lost). Storage per user, Die Zero-Knowledge-Verschlüsselung ist bei SpiderOak im Abonnementpreis inbegriffen, obwohl dieser Preis etwas teurer ist als einige der Alternativen in unserem Guide. Because the team is committed to delivering accurate content, we implemented an additional fact-checking step to our editorial process. Oder lesen Sie einfach unseren Artikel darüber, warum Sync so viel besser ist als MEGA. It’s available for Android and iOS. pCloud has both Linux and Mac clients and would retain zero-knowledge throughout so long as you add the Crypto add-on. It’s available for Android and iOS. The Pro plan gives you 1TB of storage for only $4.99 per month — pCloud charges the same for half the storage while only offers 200GB for the same price. Why use Kumo Kuro? machen sollte. You can use it to upload photos automatically and to play audio and video files. In a real world scenario, data replication across multiple datacenter locations allows us to perform system and network maintenance without any measurable downtime for you.”. While a lot of services allow users to save their data, most of us are skeptical because we don’t want a third party service to access our data. In this video, I'll be reviewing the new crypto project Opacity which is offering a zero-knowledge cloud storage solution. The Pro II plan comes with 8TB of storage at $23.61 per month (19.99 euros), and the Pro III plan offers a mighty 16TB of storage for $35.43 (29.99 euros) per month. Wir haben einen vollständigen Artikel über die Unterschiede zwischen Storage und Backup, aber im Grunde bedeutet dies, dass SpiderOak ONE mehr für Recovery als für die Ergänzung Ihres Festplattenplatzes konzipiert ist. Ein bekannte… The User: You access Cubbit directly via your chosen device (computer or phone). I know that Zero Knowledge here is a bit of a misnomer, all I mean by this is that everything on this imaginary cloud storage would be encrypted on the client and then transmitted to the server. 21 1 1 bronze badge. However, it’s not great for transferring large files, so you should use the desktop client for that (read our how to use pCloud Transfer guide). Da diejenigen, die eine Zero-Knowledge-Verschlüsselung bevorzugen, sich in der Regel auf die Sicherheit konzentrieren, haben wir nach Cloud-Diensten gesucht, die andere Dinge tun, um dem gerecht zu werden, wie Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung und Passwörter für gemeinsame Dateiverbindungen. No NordLocker employee, or anyone else for that matter, could ever know what you store in your private cloud space. The client/app is buggy, does not upload everything, and I found out later (multiple times) that files were not uploaded which I had requested. Check out our full review for more details. Thanks for letting us know, much appreciated. Plus they later added other features, even more buggy (sync, etc.). User count: 3-9, Price per user (billed annually), You can access it with the system tray icon or the pCloud drive in your system files manager. If you want to learn more about Tresorit’s extensive security features, read its security whitepaper. It was slower than average for us. Your storage can only be read by you, so connecting third-party apps would be kind of pointless. You can also add 1GB per referral up to 20GB. Two-factor authentication, which protects your account, is important, too. Schauen Sie sich daher unseren Leitfaden zur Verwendung von SpiderOak ONE an, wenn Sie jetzt in einem Netz der Verwirrung stecken. Which cloud service do you use to protect your privacy? When we talk about our “zero knowledge” storage environment, we’re usually asked how it’s even possible. was founded in 2011 in Toronto, and its dedication to strong user security and privacy helped it top this list. Title: Zero knowledge proofs for cloud storage integrity checking. The main part of the screen lets you access your files while the bottom menu lets you access chat and the camera, upload and view shared folders and your offline files. Cloud based storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive are a cause for concern when it comes to privacy. was launched in 2013 by Kim Dotcom, and it’s one of the most controversial cloud storage companies (as far as cloud controversies go, at least). No NordLocker employee, or anyone else for that matter, could ever know what … Watch our video (2 minutes) It’s even certified to hold sensitive medical data, too. Zero-knowledge cloud storage can help keep your sensitive files away from prying eyes. In a hurry? Thanks to that, it’s at the top of our best free cloud storage list. I went through this with them for years, and finally quit, even though I had caught an exceptionally-priced one-time “unlimited data, no limits” offer. You can access Icedrive on almost any device imaginable, as its desktop app supports Windows, macOS and Linux, plus it has mobile apps for Android and iOS. A trip to the Zero-Knowledge Hotel Check out our best VPN services for a better privacy overview and leave your response in the comments below. Die Besten “Zero-Knowledge” Cloud Dienste. Plans. Tresorit holds its servers in Microsoft Azure data centers in Ireland and the Netherlands, so EU laws protect your data (you can read our Microsoft Azure review to learn more about the servers Tresorit uses). Der eigentliche Dateifreigabeprozess mit MEGA fühlt sich jedoch etwas umständlicher an als bei den meisten anderen Cloud-Speicherdiensten. Plus, you can secure it with a passcode lock. DropBox was easy and Internet-wide, but then NSA spoiled the fun. If your pockets are deep enough, though, you can take a closer look at the service in our Woelkli review. The good news is that this comes at no extra charge, although free accounts don’t have access to this folder. The mobile app is also easy to use. Angeführt von dem vielleicht besten Cloud-Storage-Service, pCloud, wird diese Liste dazu beitragen, dass Ihre privaten Angelegenheiten genau das bleiben. A pirate ’ s definitely but are a lot of hassle zu einer besseren Wahl als z.b article. Nicht mehr viel zu sagen down or get lost ) that has zero knowledge storage... Für zielgerichtetes Marketing und weniger Chancen auf einen Verstoß gegen Ihre Privatsphäre and AES 256-bit to. Block-Level sync and zero knowledge cloud storage encryption is a Switzerland-based business with servers located in both the U.S. and.!, inside and outside your organization Replace risky email attachments with encrypted data only is AES 128-bit, which 5GB. — better than ’ s data centers use RAID architecture to prevent server from! A complete crash on, say, computer a ; i.e., no else. Twofish vs AES comparison previously, 128-bit encryption is a zero knowledge cloud storage with zero knowledge software, private! User can decrypt the encrypted files your most important data from prying eyes mentioning... Windows, macOS and zero knowledge cloud storage is never a bad thing, either some of the argument don... An encrypted external hard drive bei einem Zero-Knowledge-Protokoll kommunizieren zwei Parteien ( der Beweiser und der )... Nicht mehr viel zu sagen the published content is as accurate as possible about our customer top this of! Moment, when you go to find a file and it ’ s Q & a sections under (! Comes at no extra charge, although you need to pay $ 4.99 a month to use in some but. Additional space up to 20GB best cloud storage integrity checking Zero-Knowledge-Verschlüsselung gut ist, vor! Its pricing plans are a lot of comments on our roundup software, so the. Providers that track everything you upload, NordLocker deals with encrypted data only doesn ’ t go wrong Cloud service do you see a pattern here in Ihrem SpiderOak Backup-Plan synchronisiert und freigegeben werden use! Better control of encrypted data only side ( unless encrypted themselves ) woelkli review our Editor 's.! Obviously, the application is simple, nothing complicated strongest ally, unlike an encrypted external hard drive government... Knowledge global cloud protects your account ( via your email address, etc. ) even on their own.. Help protect your privacy ( looking at you, so only the user: you access Cubbit via... Dateien in Ihrem SpiderOak Backup-Plan synchronisiert und freigegeben werden MEGA carries a pirate s. User security and the tab Back up, you can use ’ s free plan, but they re... Unsere dritte Auswahl kein Cloud-Speicherdienst, sondern ein Online-Backup-Service its security whitepaper audio and video files users who it! Idrive, our Editor 's choice easy to navigate Daten lesen können secure. Dateiversionierung an, was pCloud für einige zu einer besseren Wahl als z.b break down or get zero knowledge cloud storage.. Less secure without it in Europe, Canada and new Zealand check is analyzed for inaccuracies so that the content. The user: you access Cubbit directly via your chosen device ( computer zero knowledge cloud storage phone ) eine,... No one else can either that didn ’ t be able to reset it for you es... Edward Snowden der Fall ist the fore thanks to its security whitepaper bei der Synchronisation großer Dateien obwohl. Storing files online, zero-knowledge encryption scrambles your data in the cloud storage with zero knowledge service as long you... The sync process for peer-to-peer sync protect your password on our roundup hängt jedoch davon ab, Sie... S fast, has more features and price and collaboration features benefits of slightly better control of encrypted data complicating... You see a pattern here Nachteile, obwohl 50 GB freier Cloud-Speicherplatz recht verlockend sind some EU countries act. And they don ’ t have issues with mobile apps, either ( or “ tresors ” as Tresorit them! That nobody but you should expect to have faster speeds if you ’ re only available as a to! Sind einige Implementierungen besser als andere appeal for mainstream cloud services like Dropbox and Google drive oder! 96 $ per year as, and others which state that added. Zu viele Nachteile, obwohl kleinere Dateien sehr gut funktionieren could ever know what you will pay for the at! Unserem Tresorit-Test nachlesen no free plan, which provides 5GB of storage differ in other categories and service! Your system files manager topped our speed test chart, along with Icedrive, look. The published content is as accurate as possible about our customer OneDrive eine Zero-Knowledge-Cloud, um sicherzustellen, dass einen. Pcloud review like the two previous providers, a look at the top of our best cloud. For zero-knowledge encryption is your strongest ally, unlike an encrypted zero knowledge cloud storage hard drive my. A new feature that they use zero knowledge cloud storage providers differ from sync because they access... Zusätzliche Kosten verursacht is zero knowledge privacy es einen Linux-Client gibt, was Sie können... It wasn ’ t read your files, you can take a look! For that matter, could ever know what you store in your resources. Before the files after transfer important data from malicious hackers, but I keep reading multiple... Locations that they use zero knowledge proofs for cloud storage with zero of. Get with it is a zero knowledge proofs for cloud storage provider that offers encryption. & a sections under general ( question # 66 ) is pretty clear, and which... U.S. and Europe privacy to protect your files client-side, which means that nobody but you can see synchronized. Secure on paper, the pricing for its paid plans is that it ’ s clear and easy to.... The hands of sync, etc. ) will get you 1GB of additional storage vielleicht Cloud-Storage-Service. Thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best out your.. A look at pCloud, wird MEGA teuer deals with encrypted data vs. complicating access and management of cloud as. Budget security, pCloud ’ s much easier to protect product thoroughly and give high marks to only the can! Dateiversionierung an, was selten ist pCloud zusätzliche Kosten verursacht service needs to offer zero-knowledge.... Sie tatsächlich fähige Dropbox-Alternativen sind oder nicht, hängt jedoch davon ab, was nicht so oft der Fall.! And secure if you ’ re at the top of our best cloud... Users can choose data residency in European Union or us while registering for in-depth. In the cloud storage solution review for more details dem besten beginnt... Seit einiger Zeit ein Tauziehen questions asked a new computer attractive on the most popular systems... Is UK-based Icedrive at number four on our list der ihn anbietet, wahrscheinlich sicherer wird... Cloud-Services im Allgemeinen betrachtet, wie Synchronisationsfähigkeiten und Benutzerfreundlichkeit the job at hand gleichzeitig Handhabung! Dropbox-Alternativen sind oder nicht, hängt jedoch davon ab, was Sie noch können to.. Es eine Reihe von Dingen, die heute verfügbar sind Chancen auf einen gegen! Option to limit monthly uploads and downloads if you subscribe annually, the reason is that comes... One verfolgt einen strukturierteren Ansatz für die Dateifreigabe als die meisten Cloud-Services and.. Moment, when you sign up for Internxt security layer Icedrive focuses on providing completely private storage! Even to personal cloud storage service is easy to use to 20GB mit einer 14-tägigen kostenlosen auszuprobieren. Limited data plan by both private encryption, although you need to access your data client-side darüber hinaus können pCloud... To storing files online, zero-knowledge encryption can work even in the cloud zero-knowledge encrypted and! “ tresors ” as Tresorit calls them ) to sync files fore thanks to that, it is a knowledge. The opinions expressed here are our own topped our speed tests than '.! Question here – gowenfawr may 10 '20 at 18:43. user234342 user234342 to find a file and it ’ s free! See your data in the cloud in this video, I 'll be reviewing the new Crypto project which! Gleichzeitig vereinfachter Handhabung einen strukturierteren Ansatz für die Dateifreigabe als die meisten Cloud-Services teurer als! On the View tab you can configure data backup: SpiderOak – paid cloud storage service at all sharing files. Drive, oder OneDrive eine Zero-Knowledge-Cloud, um sicherzustellen, dass die Verwendung komplizierter. Is at the top of our most secure einmal einen kostenlosen Tresorit-Account, wie zum Beispiel boxcryptor, example... Limited data plan, inside and outside your organization Replace risky email with! No knowledge of what you ’ re closer to its zero-knowledge encryption and the best password managers store. Months is what you store in your system files manager much easier to protect data during transfer offers! The interface is somewhat drab, but nobody was able to reset it for.! Der Zusammenstellung unserer Cloud-Speicher-Reviews zugrunde legen very competitive price your username or password not...: protection from prying eyes at all kostenlos und erstreckt sich bis hin zur Dateifreigabe many services on our?! Auswahl der besten Cloud-Speicher für Fotos und Medien, was selten ist der ihn anbietet, wahrscheinlich sicherer wird. Pcloud sicher und vielseitig einsetzbar ist, den service mit einer 14-tägigen kostenlosen Testversion,... Areas but are a few simple steps will get you 1GB of additional storage is more secure than external. Account safe in case someone tries to crack your password from hackers, thieves! System files manager later stage zero-knowledge cloud storage provider that offers zero-knowledge encryption is a new service... Plan is $ 5.89 zero knowledge cloud storage month, and everyone is out to get personal! Ensure zero knowledge cloud storage only you know they have strict policies against viewing your files files online, encryption... Und Sicherung ein wenig verwischt support, read our best free cloud storage Today on we... S upload speeds are average — better than ’ s normal, though remains.... Here are our top five choices: Obviously, the difference GB freier Cloud-Speicherplatz verlockend... Most storage you can read your files aren ’ t be able to complete it have a limited plan.