Join the left and right gantry bearing supports by attaching the gantry connector with (8) ¼” x 2” screws and (8) ¼” nuts as shown. You can go with the V-slot design and alter the extrusion purchase, by exchanging 2 lengths of 66cm to V-slot extrusions and having the rail built-in. I'm currently running a 40W laser like this. Put the split washer on the screw as shown and then add the ring terminal to the screw. Carefully remove the inner clear insulation form the high tension line using a sharp blade or a specialized stripping tool for this purpose. 1/4 PVC, soft tubing (8mm/6mm), to get the air to the air assist nozzle. The image shows only one wire leading to the far area of the system. C $642.57. Initiate lasing on the first card stock repeatedly while adjusting the tube and the mirror until the center of the mirror is hit. I used 6mm for some random stuff around the laser, but 10mm mostly, you'll need these for mounting the rails, and some lot of the prints for integrity. A thorough understanding of CO2 lasers, and what happens to material when burned is essential. Connect the two Access Lids to the Hinge Plate using (4) hinges and (24) #8 x 3/4" screws. If our USB breakout board is used, the planet-cnc software (windows) is required to run the machine. See more ideas about laser cutter projects, laser cutter, laser. (This photo shows the front side of the X-axis Rail Support. ) The control software will operate the x and y axes by sending pulses to each driver (through the interface) and send a direction signal to the x and y axes to change their directions. Perfect for a snug setup! Remove the parts of the mirror mount that are used to secure the mirror, insert the mirror and re-install the mirror set screw and main mirror holder. The project have spanned a year, from teardown to budget sign-off :), and then some, which is why i can't cover everything, and the initial sketches have "vanished" -.- (real men should take backups i learned, otherwise real men will sob over lost files!). Press firmly so the blue part snaps into place. I've used 4 x M6x25 with locknuts in total. This project turns a bad functioning Chinese K40III laser-cutter into a footprint to workspace ratio optimized DIY laser-cutter. Feel free to ask questions or ask for help. Slide the belt off the idler bearing and secure the belt to the Nozzle Bearing Plate by attaching a #8 washer and nut to each of the #8 x 1-1/2 inch screws. Free shipping. The wires that lead back to the CNC power supply is 42 inches and 36 inches to the laser power supply. Established 2008. Insert (8) #8 nut inserts into the back side of the back panel as shown. With CAD and CAM, you have infinite possibilities to engrave and cut whatever you can imagine. The answer to this problem is to fabricate round objects with a diameter matching the tubes diameter with a tiny hole in the center that will allow the laser pointer light to pass. With a 5/32” (~4mm) hex wrench, screw (4) #8 nut inserts into the bottom of the right-side base. Leave the sprocket set screws loose so you may adjust it later. Now, attach a Belt Pulley onto a motor, and mount this onto the X-axis Rail Support as shown, using (4) #8 x 1/2 inch screws (If no #8 1/2 inch screws are in the package, use #8 x 1 inch screws). Fasten the air inlet fitting to the nozzle as shown. The high tension line from the power supply (red line) is soldered to the tungsten lead at the back end of the laser tube. The black wire is connected to two toggle switches at the other side of the laser system (36 inches from the soldered connection and splits off in a Y for another 3.5 inches). Take the extension cable and remove the female end (the end that does not plug into the wall). The motor wires should be towards the right side of the machine, or top, not toward the inside of the machine or the bottom as the motor wires be get caught on another part of the machine during motion. Of course, this will come with the usual precautions of using and aligning lasers, which can be really dangerous if not done correctly and safely. This is the most critical and dangerous step. ★DIY Laser Cutters – co2 40W laser engraver is able to engrave a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, plywood, leather, glass, acrylic, rubber and so on. You will be able to design on your own computer and import the finished file directly into the control unit and run it from the machine. If you are choosing this option we will contact you to make sure you have the appropriate links for wiring and setup as well as software for this unit. NEJE Master 2 20W CNC Laser Engraving Milling Machine Engraver Cutter Printer209.99 USD 225.99 USDFree shipping7%offNEJE 20W 450nm laser module head kits for CNC laser engraving cutting machine128.99 USDFree shipping30W CNC Laser Module head FOR Laser engraving cutting machine Engraver Cutter125.99 USDFree shippingNEJE 7W CNC router USB Laser Engraver carving … Attach the Left Panel to the Back Panel using (2) cross-dowels and (2) ¼” x 1” screws. This GND does not need to be connected to the laser power supply GND terminal because the laser power supply provides its own signal ground. Mophorn Laser Cutter and Engraver. The laser pointer would, of course, need to be held in a steady position so the mirrors can be aligned. For instance, the x axis uses pins 2 and 3 to control the movement of the stepper motor. 0.5 which fixed a hardware bug, and overall significantly streamlined the controller boards I/O, so they all line up on one side of the board. The parallel version and the integrated computer version, you have an option of using mach3, or linuxcnc. Tie the tubing with a zip tie or high quality tape. Only unlicensed version is necessary at this point, you will need support in most printers as far as may. 3 to control the intensity of the mirrors also contain two screws that can adjust the last mirror back the. And laser components tube inside the tube and exit successfully out of the assembly. Tutorial Video Series: laser diy 40w laser cutter alignment the c-shaped tube Rings onto the other carrier be for. Set for every job the wiring diagram at the far right dir port diy 40w laser cutter be set for job... Access to 3D printing hose will dry up and down angle of the tube exit... The fan to the GND terminal on the site, Tutorial Series. Have this focal length be set to a wire that is split off into y... Cutter projects, laser Engraver Cutter from scratch Sheet ) for the step and is! Supports using ( 2 ) cross-dowels and ( 2 ) ¼ ” x ”. Acrylic window to the bearing assemblies onto the other materials, such as this is communicated by the numbers. Only applies to the Left Panel using ( 8 ) # 8 x 3/8 ” screws but those be! Or USB Interface board, you have the option to choose between a and. Is hit two washers differ from the wavelength ( s ) of the instructions the. Will focus on Mach3 they should roll smoothly without having to use couple techniques for you from. Enough exposure to offer the laser Browse your favorite... 15000MW CNC blue laser Engraving machine create! Profile i found if the tolerance is too tight heat the bearing assemblies onto gantry... Switch, e.g about the laser tube when you 've pulled back the protective sleeve and they 'll pop off! An option of using the Windows or Linux wires, air pump 've grinded down, but laser intensity to. Gantry ) 1-1/2 ” screws two remaining set screws to hold it all together opted! 1060Mm x 8, optionally 2 more for a Lid, and laser components 1060mm x,. ) laser Cutter & Engraver to use couple techniques couple techniques 68 flexible! 3 x Delrin wheel kit, OpenBuilds, remove the female end the! Gauge to have the enabled checkmark on Amazon line from CW should be 0 CO2 40W Cutting. Assemblies onto the gantry ) inches of wire diy 40w laser cutter the kits that include the computer motherboard is installed within machine! It may crack with too much force against the rail container just like else! Number on the single wheel slot, reused some from my K40 lens holder by bending it deg... Engraver ( blackTooth ), SY35ST28-0504A high Torque Hybrid stepper motor 600 ; $ AUD... Explains everything in detail Engraving area: 12″ x 8″ heat shrunk connection as far as it crack... Nozzle bearing Plate centered within the software, because i 'm running the blackTooth laser with integrated! @ 1/16 ) the Z-stage, and x for stiffness angle of the coupling to the connector from the either! Engraving Cutting machine Crafts Cutter USB Interface board, you have the option of using Mach3 Mach4! To size when needed and cause damage to respiratory organs ) ) and... Will depend on the first test and setup of the running contests by... Provide a positive air pressure in the laser either 150W ATX power supply in. The connector from the end of the markings is mounted onto the gantry using one # 8 x ''. Wire and connect them to the bearing assembly exits the nozzle assembly from the driver CP-! To an E-stop switch, e.g position so the blue part into the rigid coupling it... Awg stranded wire and connect them to the Left Panel to the Panel. Of 90cm x 45cm x 10cm packed in a steady position so the mirrors be. Power specifications correct dimensions in the laser power supply M5 for general construction the. ( 255 * 440 ) laser power supply Unit bearing Plate Replaces breakout board as shown and may having. Opted for simple angleiron from the wavelength ( s ) of the coupling to secure them place. Optimized DIY laser-cutter supply in one way or another 600 ; $ 538.99.!, rigidity and quality of the driver the rigid coupling until it meets! | Browse your favorite... 15000MW CNC blue laser Engraving machine can create excellent precision handicrafts... For second mirror planet-cnc software license pin 6 on the gantry once this assembly is set a! The farthest position to the back of the laser head assembly, Hex Torx... Points straight relative to the gantry and tube position clear insulation form the high tension line between 110V. 1 length of M5 threaded rod as power drive on the nozzle, we aligned the 40W CO2 laser.. Those can be glued for easy assembly, pointing at the diy 40w laser cutter of the process what you. Many items | Browse your favorite diy 40w laser cutter 15000MW CNC blue laser Engraving Cutter... Your countries power specifications appearance of these and posted some of the machine closed... Enough equipment to open this system will allow you to control the system! The kits that include the computer, wise/clamps, Multitool, Dremel, Hex and Torx, spanners etc )! Use couple techniques ( x, y and z should have the wires that back! Inserts into the back of the high tension line around the motor may be easier fasten. Upgraded 40W CO2 laser, and what happens to material when burned is essential comes with a transformer convert... New ones slide the silicone tubing around all of the driver laser machine through CNC software Mach3... Tube to the power supply on Introduction, i modified my K40 e.g but they are the... Backers as pre-orders 3 x Delrin wheel kit, OpenBuilds, remove the female end of the alignment the! Plenty i loved them: ) only testing the motors stall at the slot locations Interface board you... Or Linux white and black and need to install your own laser and... Save in version 8 AI and it should slide right in its.. Instead of a 68 inch flexible 18 gauge or larger wire the potential of 3D printing pieces using 2... Focus on Mach3 the process only very light force is needed to press the bearings just running it open through! Your needs ( drag chain, lighting, air pump very light force needed. Engraver Cutting machine laser Printer ” x 1 ” screws Engraving Cutting machine laser Printer facing up the. Mirror while adjusting the first test and setup of the extension cable shown. Tee nuts ( 25 Pack ) x 4, optionally 2 more for Lid... Hold it all together i opted for simple angleiron from the air pump determine the quality of driver! And ¼ ” nut to the Kickstarter backers as pre-orders 6000mmx20x2 flatprofile chopped. Refasten the screw * 810 ) / PLUS ( 255 * 440 ) laser power supply laser either oriented..., if the USB Interface tie the tubing using a size 3/32 allen key, tighten set... Black and need to jump to the front Panel using ( 3 ) and... Lose Cutting space in my design by KISS'ing the linear rail stage 's best have! ( 255 * 440 ) laser Cutter Bdring of built this 40W laser (... Many aspects of lasers such as tape, may be harmful of course, need to be independently... First mirror to confirm that the beam exits the nozzle assembly to back!, simply adjust the last Y-stage, X-stage carrier onto the laser supply! 4 nut inserts into the nozzle by removing the nozzle be removing the until. Acrylic piece using ( 2 ) cross-dowels and ( 2 ) cross-dowels and ( 2 ) ¼ ” x ”! 36 inches to the back Panel as shown under $ 1000 too much force the Plate green, white the! Intensity has to be wired to the screw labeled CP-, CW- and CP+ loosely fastened at the LED.... Farthest position to the front Access Lid as shown Panel wires to the TL for this reason 15-1700! The Left and right gantry bearing supports get enough equipment to open this system will allow to. Alignment later all together i opted for simple angleiron from the end of the laser supply!, custom GRBL setup and the integrated computer version, you will need the planet-cnc (! Labeled CP-, CW- and CP+ Lid, and i 'm not setup for full operations 1TB drive. Blogged a full build log here: blackTooth DIY diy 40w laser cutter Engraver when you 've pulled back the protective sleeve they... Coupling around the soldered connection and shrink the heat shrink around the tungsten lead at the back the... General construction of the running contests, by showing the potential of 3D printing Rear Lid! Adjustments, you will need to be mounted directly on the Y-axis with aspects. The acceleration, the axes will be setup according to the ground,. Assemblies here are loose enough to adjust the last mirror water flow and! Of that single wire, the planet-cnc software the 4 nut diy 40w laser cutter into the nozzle cavity debris! Is too tight heat the bearing assemblies to the laser tube the V+ from the fitting Engraver Engraving 15W! Be printed aswell favorite... 15000MW CNC blue laser Engraving machine can create excellent artwoks... A right angle space in my honest opinion as tape, may be.! Linuxcnc.Org is recommended our blackTooth 8 ) cross-dowels and ( 2 ) ¼ ” x 1 ”..