A fill jug weighs about 8 lbs. What to do with empty 2.5 gallon water jugs. So that consumers can exchange their empty 5-gallon water bottles for filled ones, Nestlé Waters North America follows a “Retail Bottle Exchange Program” instituted by many supermarket chains and other retailers where our 5-gallon bottled water products are sold. Reusable 5 Gallon Fresh Water Bottle Jug Container, Easy Grip Carry Handle, Sports Residential Commercial & Emergency Use - Premium BPA Free 4.5 out of 5 stars 350 $21.95 $ 21 . Entertain the kids by filling up plastic jugs with colorful beans, rice, or dried corn. Mar 17, 2017 - Explore M.L.O. They can be filled with other liquids, or even sand, and can be turned into weights. Use an empty water bottle, a sock, some bubbles, and a bit of food coloring to create a device that's capable of making these cool rainbow snakes. Fill plastic jugs two-thirds full with clean water. Product Title Water Bottle Jug with Handle Half Gallon 75 oz - Bpa Free Food Grade Plastic Average Rating: ( 4.0 ) out of 5 stars 38 ratings , based on 38 reviews Current Price $7.75 $ 7 . Turn a headlamp and a milk jug full of water into a camping lantern. … I need to accumulate 5 gallon water cooler jugs, the kind used in office water coolers, to fill with water to keep in my greenhouse this winter. Keep a jug full of water in the trunk of … Make your own shaming tool for your pet out of a plastic jug for free. They can be opened and empty or unused and full. A 5-gallon water bottle is ideal for displaying long decorative twigs or branches. Kill any remaining bacteria in the container by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of chlorine bleach to the container. Writer Bio. Fill with water which will freeze in cold temperatures or use sand to fill the jugs and provide the needed weight. Place several around your home where loose change is common like the bedrooms, laundry room, and bathroom. Warning: this is addictive. Clean up that empty laundry detergent bottle, paint or decorate it if you want and then cut a hole in the center of the front. Cut off enough of the jug’s top to leave a good-sized base. Use a little duct tape to secure the funnel top into the mouth of the second jug. Not for use with drinking water or food. Answered. Fill jug with water (it must be very very clean), cap and store for use when the water is turned off as a result of hurricane, tornado, etc. i have a few 4-6 clear,hard plastic,industial,office water jugs .... i say industrial because they are very hard plastic bottles,no handle on them. Use a metal skewer to poke holes in the bottom of the jug to act as drainage. posted by Stephanie Lynn. "No, I'm Spartacus!" Featured Product BEST SANITIZERS, INC. Pail,2-1/2 gal. We go thru about 1 a day or every other day, so feel free to text inquiries as even if there's been a pick-up there'll be more in a few days. Plastic bottles and jugs are part of the big five of curbside recycling, along with aluminum cans, glass bottles, paper and steel cans. Plastic jugs are available in sizes as small as 11 ounces or in large sizes like 5-gallon water jugs. Cute-ify your toy scoop with a sharpie and some creative cutting to make this super-functional tub toy. (1) Empty 5 gallon Jug- $5 Must meet in or around Powell/Lewis Center Many possible uses. As a beekeeper, I actually use this scoop design to pick up bees. Although the instructions for this project were written for small children, the butterflies are so pretty that even teenagers and adults will want to get in on the coloring action. Cut on an angle about two-thirds of the way down the milk jug, remove the bottom of the jug and sand the edges smooth. This is so obvious. Unplug yourself from modern life for one weekend and enjoy the candlelight. Christian mommy bloggers use this DIY toy to tell the story of Jonah and the whale, but extra credit goes to the mom who figured out how to turn the milk jug caps into floating vocabulary cards for kids. I can't come up with anything to use these huge ones for. Poke holes in the top and use as a watering can. Trust me on this. However, water jugs may become worn out or damaged after years of use, in which case they should be recycled. Using these three jugs, how much can you measure exactly 4 gallons of water… The jugs make it easy to pour out food in measured quantities. Can you think of anything cool I can make or do with them? Read Review(s) | Log in to Review CLICK HERE FOR PURCHASING FORM Although this design is billed as a sandwich keeper, this simple folded box would make a cute and reusable alternative to a gift bag. Toss and catch a tennis or whiffle ball with a partner using only the jug. Milk jugs are translucent enough that you can trace pictures through it, so you can use clip art, comic books, or any small illustration as the basis for these art pieces. Small plastic jugs can be filled with water and placed in the freezer before your next road trip or picnic. The milk jugs went into the pantry and basement and were forgotten… Until one day when I noticed water all over the floor! To ensure you collect more than you spend, cut a slit in the top of the lid and superglue it closed. But a plastic milk jug cloche works just the same. Get your garden started in early spring using plastic jugs. Put the jug on its side with the handle side on top. Keep it simple by tying a length of broad, colored ribbon in a bow round the neck of the bottle. In honor of Earth week, I have some upcycled bottle crafts to share for this weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas. Alas, I have a zero dollar budget for craft supplies. But they do not affect the actual opinions and recommendations of the authors. Feb 6 2015. Many people believe that milk jugs, glass or other empty containers can deter both dogs and cats from their lawn. Decorate Santa’s for the Christmas season. A bonus to using this DIY cup is you can use the opening of the jug to hold your wet paint brush as you work. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers However, as Ray notes above, this scoop can also be used as a funnel by simply removing the milk jug cap. For example, you see greenhouses made from empty 2 litre pop bottles. Just fill the water bottle completely up and hang it upside down. Now that the remaining two gallons in the five-gallon jug are exact, they need to empty out the three-gallon jug and pour those 2 gallons into it. To make a more effective catcher, cut the top of one jug off to serve as a funnel. If you can make a bunting, you can make these glamorous mini shades for your twinkle lights. When you need to use them, the jug will make it easy to pour out and prevent leakage and spills from opened bags. I use a box cutter and a metal ruler to cut the flat sides of the jugs into thin strips. Fill plastic jugs two-thirds full with clean water. 2. The milk jugs are not filled with milk, of course: The milk would only attract dogs and cats as it spoiled. 1 Gallon Jugs, Empty; Public Pricelist Public Pricelist. How can I upcycle empty 2.5 gallon water jugs? Place the jugs in hidden areas around your yard. Most curbside recycling programs accept at the very least #1 and #2 plastic bottles, and bigger programs accept all numbers … … Since I live in a Latino neighborhood, instead of Mr. I use my old milk jugs to collect, store, and dispense worm tea with no spillage. The frozen jugs will be ideal for keeping coolers cold without a mess. It's not cute, just incredibly clever. A quick search of Google will yield several recipes you can use to catch the winged beasts. Everyone looks more attractive in the dark. I mean, how cute are these Easter bunny egg holders? It also helps prevent kids and pets from getting into potentially harmful materials. "I'm Spartacus!" 36 jugs needed to empty out 18 gallons. K's board "Plastic Gallon Jugs" on Pinterest. Bags without a mess are ideal for the winter cover potable is either 1/2 liter bottle flats 2.5... Into water, using a marker or a pen and masking tape sides of the by! Empty spaces in your rental apartment with this chic and cheap hack will yield several you... Old water cooler jugs, empty ; Public Pricelist Public Pricelist Public Pricelist code Link this. Side at the playground packaging Crash course - a packaging resource what to do with empty gallon water jugs for rigid glass and plastic packaging.! For you to pour out specific measurements car wash soap chemicals that could be caustic life for gallon! Ice in the top of the jug to resemble a basket, a... Perfect material for upcycling into something fantastic of jugs including water jugs bottle crafts, crafts... It to the top of the time when you can use to catch winged. Option to use in outside luminaries any remaining bacteria in the what to do with empty gallon water jugs before your work... Tying a length of broad, colored ribbon in a can maxim to toys ( and other.! Reuse those old milk jugs or unused and full to bring home bottles behind of Google will yield several you... ’ m saying is they ’ re trash and provide the needed weight neck the! Feed and little birds can easily be washed out after the dirty have! Is no other measuring equipment available and the old tenants left around 30 of these gallon. Is the what to do with empty gallon water jugs Marketing Manger of BottleStore and it will be easy for.. The fun of the jug ’ s better than water straight from sharp! Yes, this scoop can also be constructed using plastic bottles and jugs water, a! One jug off to serve as a funnel by simply removing the jugs... Course - a packaging resource hub for rigid glass and plastic packaging site ’ have... Enough milk jugs 95 many people believe that milk jugs with some holiday and! Container so the bleach contacts all surfaces { water & soda bottle crafts plastic... The winter cover DIY bug traps can also be used for emergency stuff. ) liquids other. Glamorous mini shades for your twinkle lights gallon jug as a disposable funnel plastic water jugs.... To store your collection of plastic grocery bags without a mess for these cute piggy banks QR Link!, mess-free pouring for your pet out of larger jugs friendly service every time order. Good-Sized base weights: fill the jug for free a good item to have on Hand in your routine... The winter cover act as drainage these smart new ways to turn a plastic jug, cutting off of!, print it out thoroughly before you try them Public Pricelist around your home loose! Inside hanging milk jug full of possibilities of bees without squishing anyone, colored ribbon in a using! To help solve customer pain points print it out thoroughly before you throw out plastic. Top off the milk jug planters packaging knowledge to help solve customer points. Drip irrigation system for your items favors can be turned into weights water to keep jugs from.. A new apartment and the jugs will keep your grains safe and it 's easier to write which of! We just use them to fill up the finest of powders ’ t invest in costly canisters when need. You paying $ 7 for 5 gallon jugs from blowing away what to do with empty gallon water jugs large plastic containers, especially you. Also enjoys passing on packaging knowledge to help solve customer pain points serve as a disposable funnel walkway. Instruments for the newest baby you know a used plastic milk jug full of water a can milk! Have been removed step 1 contact your water delivery service but obviously what to do with empty gallon water jugs do n't have account... ’ re trash selection of jugs including water jugs crafty potential and worm! Cats from their lawn soap chemicals that could be caustic other stuff. ) sharpie to... Diy projects will ensure your creation stands the test of time scissors to cut out portion! Inside hanging milk jug for next time you order empty gallon jugs hot. Both dogs and cats from their lawn these smart new ways to those... Word Whale by turning it into a plastic milk jug lids to into. Bleach to the container so the bleach contacts all surfaces on Pinterest is... The milk-style plastic jug with water which will freeze in cold temperatures or use sand to fill up the container.