I have the utmost respect for ALL the ORISHA’s! Domain: motherhood and babies, fertility, healing, cleansing, love and romance, Saints: Catherine of Alexandria and Our Lady of Charity, Manifestations: beautiful woman wearing yellow or gold and five golden bracelets, with a mirror at her belt, as a mermaid, manifests in cinnamon and honey, as fresh running water, waterfalls, Offerings: mirrors, rosemary, lantana, marigold, pumpkin, makeup, brushes, perfumes, oils, flowers, fans, sandalwood, honey (ALWAYS taste the honey before offering it to her – legend has it she was once almost poisoned by honey! Offerings: tobacco, rum, candy, toys, spicy food (hot sauce and peppers). i think the groups are fun to follow it gives you a little bit of insight and i feel like some people in the group will help with some questions. Okay! I drive Uber sometimes & usually play West African AfroBeats music while driving. He even commented on my blonde/yellow hair and that yellow is one of her colors. Some believe Oshun and Yemaya are sisters and venerate them together. So that lead me think long and hard about what I wanted to express in the 3rd installment of this series, and how I … Its Yemoja not Yemaya please she’s called Yemoja in Africa. Very in depth. In addition to working with and venerating these Orishas individually, you can call upon them as the Seven African Powers in times of great need OR to cover ALL of your bases! When you burn the candle and pray over it, you’re invoking ALL the Orishas’ powers and covering all of your bases for prosperity and protection. In fact, this belief system often accommodates other ideas. I called out to them as I could name them. Now for the fun stuff. I’ve been Christian and Hebrew. I see more that i s imperative to my calling. However, the Seven African Powers are invoked in many different religions and magical systems including Lucumi, Vodou, Santeria, Candomble, folk Catholicism and many more! He loves music, women, and fun. Perhaps he knew variety is necessary for human evolution! African Spirituality Teaches You Universal Laws. Oya is the last of the Seven African Powers, though sometimes she’s substituted with Ochossi or Orunmila. The African Roots of Kemetism. Can a deceased sibling still be spoken with if you put up a alter for them in the form of an ancestor?? that you should approach them with respect and reverence. O shun has been with me since I was about 10 years old. African meditation techniques originate from a wide variety of sources, including the indigenous belief systems of the tribes and countries of Africa, and belief systems formulated in other nations such as India and Asia and introduced to Africa. Many people have questions, and I have a few answers. Did they appear to you during meditation? After that, it appears that Oya became my patron because I could only focus on her. Hello can you please give me a free app to download to learn more about the Orishas please. I’m new the the practice as well, still learning. I have three of the seven powers already in my home: Ellegua, Ogun, and Obatala. Haven’t really left Hebrewism as I’m tribe of Dan. in my opinion think its a great idea to learn a lot about orishas and the practice before taking further steps . As I find more and read more, I will be adding on to the list! You may choose to work with individual Orishas OR learn how to invoke the Seven African Powers together at the end of this article! The Great Mother and protects motherhood as well as female sexuality. It’s important to acknowledge, though, that it has its roots in a range of African traditions.

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