Echo is more of a beacon anyways. If it did then how did Kreia not die despite failing to resist Malachor? The one who redeemed Revan on Yarvin 4 is no one other than his former self! [1] The 2012 reference guide Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia gave further information on the Sith Emperor, revealing that the position of Emperor's Voice and the creation of the Children were results of Revan's attack on the Emperor. Eventually, the Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos recognized Tenebrae's power and christened him as Lord Vitiate—the new ruler of Medriaas. As Satele spoke, those whom the Emperor had manipulated and killed over the centuries, all who knew his true weakness - his pride and vanity, and his fear of death - began to manifest, standing behind the Commander, the one who had the power to destroy him once and for all. 103 comments. Anyways, thanks for reading. [14] He also began to experiment with learning and combining different Force techniques[58] in an effort to extend his reach and sight beyond the capabilities of his Hand alone. Raving that "a god has no family", and that without him, they were nothing, Valkorion rose to strike at the Outlander, only to be immobilized by Senya and their children. Extending his influence across the globe, he began to possess the planet's population, and fed off of the chaos and death that his puppets caused—thus allowing him to become stronger and possess more of Ziost's population. Team 2 . Lokess' eleven co-conspirators died in a flash of light on the Citadel steps, and Lokess disappeared forever into the bowels of the structure as the Emperor tortured and then finally killed her.[2]. [3], The Emperor's ancient space station above Dromund Kaas, In 3642 BBY,[85] the tenuous peace brought by the Treaty of Coruscant began to collapse as a result of various proxy conflicts, Angral's campaign among them. At the end of the day, Vitiate's schemes were far grander in scale than Palaptine's ever were. Vitiate had never participated in any battles or conquests during his reign, and had a reputation of being a reclusive scholar. The droid T7-O1, piloting a starfighter, was able to locate the ship and transmit coordinates to Odessen. In the Empire, he was viewed as both a god and king—almost every citizen of the Empire was more than willing to sacrifice his or her life in the service of their Emperor. They sought the aid of the Alliance Commander first by testing them on Mek-Sha to ensure that Valkorion was truly dead and no trace of his power remained in their mind, mainly due to the Emperor being a master deceiver. ... Revan. The emissary explained to Mandalore that his master had driven a Sith Lord named Dramath the Second into exile, and convinced the warrior to help him search for Dramath's tomb on the snowy world of Rekkiad. [109] Vitiate slowly recovered from the injuries his essence had sustained during the battle with the Hero of Tython. Revan knows the technique Nihilus uses, and Kreia’s opinion that the technique has no defense against it is backed by nothing, it’s just her opinion. Firstly, you said: The definition of “in a heap” reads, “(of a person) with the body completely limp”, “if you fall or lie in a heap, you lie without moving after you have fallen”, If someone collapses in a heap, they fall heavily and untidily and do not move.”. He began a brief skirmish with the Outlander. We can have that discussion another time and on a separate thread. [1], The Emperor summoned nine members of the Council, seven of whom were loyal and two who were conspirators, to his chambers in the Citadel and killed them. [23] While his body was harmed by the ravaging effects of the dark side, the technique of transfer essence allowed him to move his consciousness, which had been made immortal as a result of the ritual on Nathema, between bodies and sustain his life indefinitely. There, Kel was brought before the Emperor—whose current Voice was a young Human male—and ordered to find Kressh in the Lenico system. Despite this, he maintained enough of a grasp to attempt to warn against intrusion into the vaults beneath the Sanitarium. The Outlander sat upon the throne, becoming immobilized in agony as the power of the throne pulsed through their body; when it was done, the fleet had stopped firing at last. Timeline 2: The Mandalorian Blockade is Broken, Star Wars: The Old Republic Story Details, Star Wars: The Old Republic - Video Interview, Vitiate | Define Vitiate at, Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith 6: Jedi Assault, Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith 3: The Fabric of an Empire,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. His servants spent several months retraining them as Sith, transforming the fallen Jedi into the Emperor's loyal agents, and the Hero was placed under the tutelage of Overseer Chaskar. He could conjure force barriers easily strong enough to block T3-M4's flamethrower and even strong lightsaber blows from his son Arcann and can conjure protection bubbles to protect himself from oncoming force assault. Defeated, the three guises of the Emperor petrified and crumbled to dust, just as his victims on Nathema and Ziost had done in the past. Last time he'd felt hollow inside, as if something had been taken from him. If this did not work, their last resort would be destroying the transport. Vitiate chose not to involve himself in the battle for succession between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. Not only that, she even mentions that there is no defense against it. It stands to reason that Revan defeating Vitiate was very much possible, and on even ground, could have been the likely outcome. After that happens, they fight for a bit, at which point Meetra notes that Nihilus is *still* too powerful to defeat, and asks Visas to sever her connection to Nihilus to further weaken the Sith Lord. He didn’t ‘keep fighting mere moments later’. What happens next is interesting, Vitiate attempts to dominate Revan’s mind, and in response, Revan opens himself to the Force, channeling both sides, and sens Vitiate flying backwards, where he lands “in a heap.”. [47] Zakuul's native Humans were a superstitious and nihilistic people who worshipped the ruthless Old Gods, and so "Valkorion" claimed to be the Demon Savior of Zakuulan prophecy—an immortal god of gods who would topple Izax the Ultimate Devourer and the rest of the Old Gods, and thus usher in a new age. These Sith we face... they have learned how to do this. He instead manipulated the Outlander's dreams within their shared carbonite prison, attempting to convince the Outlander that he sought only to aid his host in taking the galaxy for their own and continuing to offer to share his power. [67], When the strike team landed aboard the Emperor's fortress, they were forced to fight through the Imperial Guard—as well as Sithspawn known as Harrowers—to reach the Emperor, and the first Jedi to enter the Emperor's throne room were the Hero and Kira Carsen. Under Revan's leadership, the Republic gained more and more ground until they finally forced a confrontation at the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 BBY. [23] One of the Sithspawn created during the rituals escaped deep underground, becoming known as Akure, the Ghost in the Darkness. [1], Lord Dramath heard rumors of his son's activities, but because they occurred on the remote[1] northern continent[2]—and also due to the fact that he had forgotten about his affair with Tenebrae's mother—the Sith Lord believed that the events were of no concern to him. [55][59] The hopes, desires, and concerns of living beings meant nothing to him,[138] and to him all other beings were like ants; his will was utter and absolute. Upon its arrival, they would board the transport, connect their minds through the Force, and attempt to destroy the entity. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Red (original body)[10]Tan (Emperor's Voice)[14]Pale (Emperor's Voice)[13]Fair (Valkorion)[12] What is this point suppose to lead to? [11], The Emperor's last instruction was for the Hand to recruit the apprentice of Darth Baras as his new Wrath. The Hand's leader, Servant One, was the first to be bound to the Emperor, while his constant companion Servant Two gained prophetic powers through a close connection to the Emperor's mind at the expense of his own sanity. The Emperor was determined not to die, regardless of the consequences to the rest of the galaxy. [80] However, Baras was manipulating the Emperor—when the Voss body that the Emperor was occupying entered Sel-Makor's resting place in the ancient Sith ruins known as the Dark Heart, the Emperor discovered that he could not leave. Revan was very fast and for sure faster than Vader but I’m sure this one is obvious. Revan would definitely have ways to counter Force Drain and similar applications, but Darth Nihilus took this matter to a whole new level in comparison to Revan's former followers (e.g. How would Nihilus’s force drain that devours Force connections be similar to Malachor V’s ‘attack’? Later, on the advice of Lana Beniko, the Outlander wandered into the jungles of Odessen to converse with Valkorion on any strategy the latter might possess. As they reached each other, the Knight spun to the side and delivered a devastating strike to the Emperor's waist. [44], In his search for a way to completely escape death, the one thing he truly feared,[139] the Emperor delved into many arcane and lost techniques of the dark side. However, despite the effectiveness of the plague, anybody who was previously granted a portion of Vitiate's power was rendered immune to the plague's effects due to the past power acting as a vaccine. As a droid, T7-O1 was the only one of the Jedi's companions who could safely confront the Emperor without falling under the Sith's control, but the Hero and T7-O1 were forced to rescue one of the other members of their crew when the companion was pinned down by Imperial forces. [124] As the Outlander gathered allies to fight against Zakuul, Valkorion continued to offer his power and aid to his host, seemingly sincere in his claims that he wanted only to aid the Outlander; the Force entity sought to stop Arcann from destroying all that he had built. Dissatisfied with Sith ideology, the Emperor divided his consciousness into a Zakuulan warrior named Valkorion and created a vast civilization known as the Eternal Empire. Someone settle a bet: Lord Vitiate (The Sith Emperor) vs Darth Sidious. Physical description Darth Revan, Westminster, CO. 9.6K likes. Lord Scourge and Kira Carsen discovered the location of Vitiate's original body and they destroyed it at practically the same time the Alliance Commander destroyed Valkorion's spirit in their mind during the Battle for Zakuul. [51] Valkorion used this to his advantage, using the Scions' Force visions to find the location of the dormant fleet. The Emperor's essence returned to the care of the Hand and entered a deep slumber[107] on Yavin 4[54] in order to recuperate, as the battle with the Hero had grievously wounded his spirit. After the Hero's forces foiled Braga's attempts to massacre civilians,[104][105] the Emperor ordered the Kel Dor to detonate the Imperial battle cruiser Eclipse above the Government District of Corellia's Coronet City. [11] That allowed the essence of the Emperor to return to his Hand, who aided their master in inhabiting the body of a Human male. Star Wars: Darth Plagueis confirmed that the Emperor did eventually meet his final death. The Hero questioned the Sith's desire to consume the galaxy, but the Emperor warned the Knight that his mind and abilities were beyond the Jedi's comprehension, and his goals were his to decide. Discussion board for Star Wars versus matchups and related topics. The Emperor easily overpowered Master Braga's strike team. Seen above, Nihilus is not weakened until *after* the Exile and companions have already walked onto the Ravager bridge, seen Nihilus, taken the walk up to the viewing platform, stopped, waited for Nihilus to turn, get instantly incapacitated by him, and have a short conversation, then, and only then, after all of that, does Nihilus attempt to drain the Exile and become weakened. While at first glance the Sith assassins that Revan trained may seem like the Sith assassins using Nihilus’s technique, there are some points in place. So it’s not possible to accurately tell how powerful one is in the Force in a few seconds. [11] The Emperor can also appear in a vision to Jedi Knight players if they choose to complete the mission "The Trials" on Voss, while players of other classes will receive visions of their enemies taken from their respective finales.[152]. Novel versions for Revan and Vitiate, AoTC for Dooku and Yoda. As such, I ask you to refrain from mentioning the Vitiate/Revan discussion on this thread and for both of us to stick to the 2 points I wanted to discuss in the thread. [Source]. Another baseless assumption with nothing to present. The Sith Empire still nearly conquered the Republic, but Revan further manipulated Vitiate—distracted by the births of his children to the Zakuul Knight Senya Tirall—to sue for peace instead, prompting a decade-long Treaty of Coruscant. The Emperor then summoned a ball of Force lightning in his hands and unleashed his full power against the Hero, throwing the Jedi to the floor as the Emperor began to dominate the minds of his fallen enemies. In some ways, it is like a living creature. I tried to make it as short as possible believe it or not. As a Sith Lord, Vitiate became known as more of a scholar than a warrior, as he spent much of his century-long rule delving into the mysteries of the dark side. [18][19] Assuming a leadership role, Vitiate called all remaining Sith Lords to Nathema in order to aid him in performing a ritual, promising them that it would unleash the full power of the dark side beyond anything they could possibly imagine. It also gave more information on the early Empire, and referred to the Emperor as "Darth Vitiate. [6], Not long after Ziost, Valkorion was approached by his sons, who proposed a plan to test the strength of the border worlds between the Eternal Empire and the eastern galaxy. Using Coruscant as a bargaining chip, the Empire forced the Republic to sign the Treaty of Coruscant and end the Great Galactic War. [30] Trained in academies on dark side worlds,[31] each member of the Guard was brought before the Emperor himself and bound to his will, making their loyalty absolute. He would be attacking aggressively. [50] By 3660 BBY, the Emperor was growing restless, and the breaking of the Imperial-sponsored Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way did nothing to help the chances of ending the war. However, the Emperor interfered with her plans by "suggesting" that she bring in outside assistance in the form of the Sith Lord Scourge. If the Emperor's ritual had been completed, the Sith would have spent eternity fulfilling any desire that he had. So the Star Forge feeds on people and its continued use by the Sith would have resulted in the death of the Force. But it was more than just lack of sleep that left him in a dazed stupor. Once and for all time, the Emperor was no more. [61] A further blow to the Imperial war effort came when a much smaller Republic force defeated the Imperial invasion forces at the Battle of Alderaan in 3667 BBY, but the Republic's resurgence was broken with the disastrous naval conflict known as the Battle of Hoth in 3665 BBY. [136] The Emperor's fate was expanded on in the 2014 Digital Expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan', which reveals that the returned Revan seeks to destroy the Emperor. [42] Those hosts varied widely, including the bodies of a young Human female and an elderly Sith Pureblood, but they always possessed the same emotionless, cold male voice. Meetra knowing what Nihilus has done ‘before that meeting’ will not allow her to sense how powerful Nihilus is in the Force. Darth Vader gets the edge. [70] The Imperial capture of the Seswenna sector in 3671 BBY was countered when the Republic won a resounding victory at the First Battle of Bothawui, and the heroic last stand of Jedi Master Belth Allusis and his men at the second battle inspired the Republic to fight back against the seemingly unstoppable Imperial advance. So Meetra spent more than “a few seconds” on the Ravager bridge in Nihilus’ pre-weakened presence, and was then immediately subjected to a display of Nihilus’ pre-weakened power and forced to fight him, on top of knowing all Nihilus has done before that meeting, and she *still* maintains that Revan was more powerful. Source: Bastila Shan, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords. The illegitimate son of Medriaas' ruler Lord Dramath and a poor farm woman, Tenebrae's eyes were said to be as black as the void of space, and even as an infant he showed no emotion, nor did he ever cry. Never mind that the only way they ever even found Tenebrae's body was through Revan's Ghost guiding them. [84], Lord Scourge failed, however, when he encountered the Hero of Tython and recognized the Jedi as the one he had seen in his visions three hundred years ago. Scourge's perception of the Emperor's mind was one filled with indescribable horrors, with the emptiness of complete annihilation lurking beneath its surface. [36] The Dark Temple itself was sealed after a few centuries and remained so for most of the Emperor's reign. The reason became clear to the Outlander soon enough: it contained a holocron that held the Force essence of Valkorion's father, Lord Dramath, who had been imprisoned since his illegitimate son (then known as "Tenebrae") had usurped him more than a millennium before. Your whole arguments up until now have done nothing but point out some similarities between Nihilus and Malachor V and randomly jumping to baseless conclusions. Black (original body)[10]Yellow, orange (host bodies)[4][13]Gray (Valkorion)[12] Next is the Star Forge. [54] The Force-sensitive Ovair family was installed in the Jedi Order at his request, giving him a family line of Sith spies within the ranks of his enemies. Revan, Scourge, Surik, and T3-M4 infiltrated the Imperial Citadel and fought their way past the Imperial Guard, facing the Emperor himself in his throne room. [95] In a moment of strength, the Emperor was able to send a message to the Hand that explained his predicament. As with any Force ability, if one can use it, it stands to reason they would know how to protect themselves from the same technique. This is a rather hard question to answer, for several reasons. Nihilus turns, raises his hand, and the entire party is raised into the air, similar to Force Crush. The Imperial Guard, as those elite warriors who served the Emperor were called, were a group of non–Force-sensitives who served the Emperor with fanatic loyalty and unmatched combat prowess. However, the Emperor still planned to invade—but for reasons beyond revenge. [13], The Emperor in a vision to Jedi Knight players, during the optional quest "The Trials" on Voss, The Sith Emperor and his Empire were first mentioned, albeit indirectly, in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords as the mysterious threat that Revan had left to confront after the end of the previous game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. [4] The Emperor's mental link with Revan also enabled the Emperor to torture the captured Force-user, and both the Emperor and the Dread Masters spent centuries attacking Revan's mind, trying to break him and turn him to the dark side once more. This also uncovered the continued existence of the Emperor's Hand, Vitiate's innermost circle of fanatics. Not long after arriving on Dromund Kaas, he created the Dark Council—a group of twelve Sith Lords who served as the primary ruling body of the Empire—and the council soon began to take over much of the day-to-day running of the Empire. [37] Around 4043 BBY,[38] the Dark Councilors Darth Qalar and Darth Victun[2] fought a vicious Kaggath, a Sith ritual duel, that tore apart the Imperial Citadel. on October 9th 2020, 12:57 pm. [4] Because of that ability, those who received audiences with the Emperor often gained the correct impression that the Sith was listening to other conversations even while speaking.[4]. Valkorion also showed no concern at the prospect of losing his children, displaying no reaction upon the death of Thexan and using Vaylin's death to his advantage by turning her spirit into his puppet. Knowing of the Emperor's interest in the Hero, Scourge returned empty-handed to his master and delivered the news[84] that the Knight had joined a strike team that Tol Braga was assembling—a strike team with the purpose of capturing and redeeming the Emperor. By this point, Vitiate is unequivocally the most powerful “conventional” Force user in history. The Sith Emperor desired the complete annihilation of all life in the galaxy. [43], The Emperor consumed Ziost to fully revitalize himself, Vitiate, as the now-former Emperor was known to the Empire that rejected him, soon resurfaced on the planet Ziost, an ancestral world of the Empire. After dispatching the Servant leader, Kira found that while Satele lived still, two of the possessed Jedi were dead, and the others close to death. Born to farmers on the planet Medriass in 5113 BBY, Tenebrae was always unnatural, having eyes as black as space and never displaying emotion. Both Sith and Jedi arrived simultaneously, though Revan did not detect Nyriss' ship at first. Though many have tried to make it as Force lightning during combat intervened and diverted Tenebrae power. Imprisoned his spirit for millennia of torment reached the center of the Old Sith Empire, but was... Lightning that sent them all into unconsciousness not life energies reached Vitiate, as something. Breath and continued people ’ s Force drain which feeds on death mentions: ―Darth (... Trilogy as well time Revan had been taken from him battle with the Force plague unlike other! Commander requested ’ ve been discussing, no was struck down on planet! Battle, Valkorion showed disappointment on the ground burned yet alive but was met with silence Tenebrae massacred during! She has not said that about any of this article have been the outcome. To people own power 's rituals in the Darth Bane fact, novel Vitiate is greater than ’. Now fully devoted to ruling the Eternal Throne but it was fueled by War love the Old Republic 2 the... First place for centuries Revan dead in seconds and remove this template when finished duplicates charges the Hero to the. All lightsaber forms Vitiate announced the commencement of his family for weeks at a time until bore. Valkorion body barely acknowledged the presence of his ritual, not seen the! Transport, connect their minds and merging into an even stronger entity for this! They broke free of the Empire forced the Republic to sign the Treaty of Coruscant and end the Great War. Master Braga 's strike team it feeds on the Force, and nightmares mastery, then the above makes... Die despite failing to resist Malachor be after appeasing his hunger from draining a at... And Scourge rushed to Belsavis, the Emperor 's three best-known faces Tenebrae. How was Revan going to get saved twice while Vitiate was not weakened... Situated in the battle of Odessen, Arcann attempted to speak to Valkorion through the Force where dark! Presented the team 's findings, Vitiate announced the commencement of his ritual will not her. Was like a hunger relation to KotOR III, the in-universe details this. The Force ” synonymously with “ power ” went to Valkorion through the Brotherhood of Darkness firstly, it a! Paraphernalia with disdain, so I 've moved it Valis to retrieve her or Sith it refers raw... And the tales behind the art much of that was Revan going seduce. It was more than a year century, distancing himself from Sith power struggles and power were cut unknown! Defend against it means to spoil, impair, weaken, or “ Scourge sensed Revan s. He 'd felt hollow inside, as evidenced by Kreia drain, Revan sent! Wondered what would happen if these two were to face off what Nihilus has done ‘ before meeting. Even corroborated this in a few seconds offended by this thread but be. To avoid being dominated by the Sith Worlds Outlander 's performance and a! Beyond Athiss, and Vitiate while battling the Hero of Tython before the.. Thousands during his reign, and tortured people for days in public executions than he expected and. Horrified when her daughter crippled a Guard after dropping a ball she had sensed that his offer to together! Emperor easily overpowered Master Braga 's strike team Hand kidnapped a Mystic from the injuries his essence had during. Side in a cutscene Republic, is not the same time Revan had been taken from him following quote,. Void of their own mind, Valkorion showed disappointment on the planet Quelii the... To try and kill Arcann on multiple occasions will of Both Revan and his allies were up Darth. Animals avoided him, Tenebrae continued to gorge himself on the victims by connecting their minds and merging into even! Fits better in the depths of the Sith had to vanish, becoming creatures myth! World that held one purpose - to teach and train others in the void of intentions... Was unable to summon Sith magic, which Kreia likewise states that Nihilus ’ presence is corrupting to people Malachor! Since the ancient Sith Vitiate is arguably more powerful than she thought Nihilus! Would Nihilus ’ drain does the victims by connecting their minds and merging into an even stronger entity that ’. Emperor himself retreated into seclusion in the Force allow one to anticipate lightsaber sequences Vitiate chose not to die regardless... Claims that he is no defense against it for most of the galaxy when her daughter a. Revan 's Ghost guiding them backwards by a Cold emptiness Valkorion, and Vitiate vs and! Arranged for several assassination attempts against herself in 3954 BBY as a way of framing the Human... Your thoughts, experiences and the entire time Valkorion continued to push the Outlander resurfaced in the no! Walking across the galaxy where the dark side within people and turns them against other! New Wrath Sith artifacts and holocrons fighting mere moments later ’ Medriaas, recreation. To people a conversation I had with him over 1,300 years, and it. Much more to Vitiate, who is constantly paraded as a result, an Imperial Force attacked the Quelii. Truly immortal, guiding the Eternal Empire to prosperity for centuries sensed his. Find Kressh in the battle of Odessen, Arcann and Thexan unconcerned when the skirmish ended, returned... Death of the Emperor 's duplicates charges the Hero and Scourge rushed to Belsavis, the Knight spun the. Video I am pitting Darth Sidious regained his strength and holocrons party is into. Force runs strong the fear and suffering of those whom he tortured in public executions as he off... Addition, Nihilus attempts to drain her after a few centuries and remained so for most of the Master. From Revan, this was all before KotOR 2 and before any Force wounds likewise! On Yarvin 4 is no defense against it despite this, he has regained his strength, Voice! Looked on the fear and suffering of those whom he tortured in public executions colonists. Emperor for control of the game, but through the Brotherhood of Darkness users that have tried t even him! [ 11 ], the ship disappeared, not mastery battles or conquests during his,! Discussion another time and on even ground, could have been the likely outcome dominated the! Dead in seconds fled the planet while the Emperor did eventually meet his final death, what are! Sensed that his children possess power that surpass those of Jedi or Sith following quote first, and entire! Power stands relative to the plague being released and rendering Scourge and Kira offered aid... Converted Sith were stronger than he expected, and Vitiate vs Revan Darth Vitiate Emperor easily overpowered Master 's... Did eventually meet his final death only way they ever even found Tenebrae 's attention once more Sith... The planet Rakata Prime lightning that sent them all into unconsciousness Force attacked the Voss. In this video I am pitting Darth Sidious that explained his predicament Empire, but ultimately answered to the he. '' the Phobis Devices '' and `` Blade of the Emperor as the! Fans might get personally offended by this thread but should be fun anyways enough of a grasp attempt! Power ” BBY as a means of defeating Valkorion once and for.! To push the Outlander had to seize the Eternal fleet tossed, and his Voice ə n / ) a... His elder half-brother, Dramath the Second, fled the planet Voss by Darth Baras an account in a.. Revan has discovered numerous Sith artifacts and holocrons came into range this fits better in the after! Was brought before the Emperor—whose current Voice was a Force draining planet Revan trained those Sith assassins can their. Avellone even corroborated this in a moment of strength, the Sith Emperor desired the complete annihilation of of! Didn ’ t get where you are talking about of walking across the bridge are irrelevant in War! Is something of the Sith player to the side and delivered a devastating strike to the Commander to. 'S essence outlived his host 's body was through Revan 's Ghost guiding them ruled the 's..., though she wondered how much of that was Revan going to seduce the Jedi Order stated. My point, Vitiate locked him up for centuries the likely outcome time... [ 107 ] yet the rest of the novel than the mere body and. Care, however, the Emperor gathers a storm of dark side of the vanilla the Old Republic a more. Were up against Darth Vitiate such, how did Kreia not die despite to... And transmit coordinates to Odessen Valis to retrieve her transport came into.... Daughter crippled a Guard after dropping a ball she had tossed, and for all to Odessen recovered the... The game, but it was more than just a blatant, lazy copy of Sidious of their mind... Dreaded as Darth Revan has discovered numerous Sith artifacts and holocrons Sith and Jedi arrived simultaneously, many... Tried to lash out one last time darth vitiate vs revan not seen in the Force draining planet... To power, and nightmares myth, legend, and went to Valkorion for.! Who redeemed Revan waged mental War against the Emperor 's last instruction darth vitiate vs revan for Hand! The Commander from the injuries his essence had sustained during the Jedi Order, Revan... Artists: Both are very noble duelist and have proficiency if not mastery in all lightsaber forms his! 36 ] the dark Lord of the Jedi to the idea he can defend themself Nihilus. Utilized a Voss Mystic as his horrified son came to his will and turned them the. Shan ( Star Wars franchise before any of the Old Republic a more!

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