Naturally, this is exactly what you want to feel when going to get a visa stamped. They come from a highly diverse set of different backgrounds, from Russian oligarchs to English socialites, though they all boast property portfolios to die for. The Formula One heiress owns a house close to the royal property, known as the Kensington Palace Gardens, which is home to several high-profile figures apart from Kate and William. Two years previously he bought number 10 Kensington Palace Gardens for just £14 million. Almost immediately, he launched into building a vast underground complex for his car collection, plus a swimming pool and tennis court. Social media and marketing specialist Chloe has developed an extensive knowle... Read all, Social media and marketing specialist... Read all. The transformation of Kensington Palace was worth waiting for and it’s now a much more inviting building. While house prices across the UK are shifting dramatically up and down during this turbulent year, some streets always command a price tag that stays up in the stratosphere. Staying highest of the high for 12 years on end is Kensington Palace Gardens, London’s most expensive street. Here are 17 super-interesting things to know about Kensington Palace. The £80 million asking price didn’t put a dent in the pocket of China’s then-richest man back in 2005. From royal weddings and birth announcements to the Trooping of the Colour and mourning, "Buck House" is the focal point for many significant occasions of royal and British life. FOX Business explores the real estate jewels in the royal family's crown of properties. With a current house price average of £35 million and change, Kensington Palace Gardens is strictly a mega-rich buyer’s prospect. These buildings range across the architectural styles of London’s history, though tasteful reserve is the unifying theme. Beautiful cream stuccos, gleaming black railings and millimetre-perfect privet hedges welcome visitors with a sense of undisturbed grace and decorum. Sandringham House in Sandringham is the Queen's residence for a part of the year, including where the Royal Family spends Christmas together. Worth knowing. Celebs Are Flipping Out Over Ari's Engagement. The monarch's central London residence has topped a valuation of the world's most expensive houses - with experts saying it is worth more than £1billion. It’s partly for this reason that Kensington Palace Gardens has remained top of the average price list for so long. The Royal Standard flies over Britain's Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, Sept. 20, 2017. Grosvenor Crescent SW1X – £19,675,058. It is the biggest house in the world with an approximate 484,000 square feet measurement. Nestled in London's upmarket Kensington, the palace was the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria. Ilchester Place W14 – £16,160,387. The new Kensington Palace is very disappointing, stripping it of any 'secret look into the lives' and replaced it with cheap looking, 100% fabricated for tourists styled … Market data provided by Factset. (Reuters/Andrew Milligan/Pool ). Even though deals on these properties are made behind closed doors via very expensive go-betweens, the allure of Kensington Palace Gardens means that there’s no shortage of people willing to pay whatever it takes to be on London’s most expensive street. This picturesque redbrick palace has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. Wondering How Much Ari's Ring Is Worth? Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX; Nearest tube station: High Street Kensington or Queensway; Opening times: 1 March - 31 October: 10am - 6pm daily (last entry 5pm) 1 November - 28 February: 10am - 4pm daily (last entry 3pm) Closed 24, 25, 26 December The values of the Crown's Estate is compiled from reports including Lovemoney, Forbes, CBS  and Standard UK. Complete with swimming pool, 12 bedrooms and all the other obligatory fanciness, the house also features marble from the same quarry as that used for the Taj Mahal – this piece of trivia led to the house being known by Lakshmi’s intimates as the ‘Taj Mittal’. Buckingham Palace is worth in excess of £2.2 billion - based on its size alone - according to estimates by Foxtons estate agents. Owners and tenants have a lot of useful information to share with their prospective neighbours, not just on the property itself and its locality, but also on the development and building management. All rights reserved. The couple will soon end their time at Ivy Cottage. Kensington Palace is the royal residence sitting in Kensington Gardens. Colloquially known as just "Balmoral," this large estate in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, is the queen's favorite Scottish getaway. A global businessman and politician with an estimated net worth of over £10 billion, Roman bought his Kensington Palace Gardens mansion in 2009 for a reputed £90 million. Estimated value:  Reported at over $5 billion. Those are just two of the family's holdings. Kensington Palace is split into two sections, the offices and private accommodation areas (where British Royal Family live ) and the public areas.The offices and private accommodation areas are the responsibility of the Royal Household. The average house price in Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QQ is £35,511,968. Alongside their royal and diplomatic neighbours, the business tycoons and celebrities add a little colour and lots more money to the street. We have a self-guided Kensington walk that visits Kensington Palace, as well as Portobello Market, South Kensington Museums and much more.

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