Nordic flag vs Kalmar Union flag. Preview of an Alternate History of the Byzantine Empire. What if the Kalmar Union (1397-1523) never ended? It is more like guess to have this as the flag of Kalmar Union, as even written descriptions have not survived. Hi, I'm currently writing up a scenario about how the Kalmar Union could have survived and since I make videos about these scenarios I prefer to keep them shorter and a little more to the point. 52. Historically, the Kalmar Union was a hereditary empire of sorts, created in 1431 when Eric VIII of Denmark inherited Denmark and Estonia from his father Eric VII, and Viken, Svealand and Finland from his mother Elizabeth. 55. hide. 22 comments. But the colony is believed to have survived until ca 1500 when it for unknown reasons perish. Archived. The child was also elected to the Swedish crown in 1319, creating a personal union between the two countries that lasted until 1355. After the Danish-Swedish border changed, Kalmar Castle lost its position of an inaccessible fortress, and the rulers of that time did not take into account converting this six hundred-year-old building into a royal residence. The Kalmar Union was formed 1397, the last confirmed ship to leave Greenland left 1410, but it is possible that some of the colonies survived into the 1450s. The Fylk's population is 476,850. Back in 1397 the Kalmar Union was signed here, bringing the Nordic nations together under a ginormous three million square kilometre umbrella. Neo-Roman Empire. Legacy. The Kalmar Union TL Articles; Nations: The Kalmar Union • Africa • Asia • Australia • Europe • Leifia (OTL North America) • Tawantinland (OTL South America) • Antarctica. Once the Thirty Years' War hit, it would be a major Protestant power, using the war as an excuse to seize Pomerania and such, as Sweden did in OTL. 1 comment. I 51. However, support for the idea of regionalism continued, so when Eric's nephew Christopher of Bavaria came to the throne in 1440, he managed to get himself elected in all three kingdoms, briefly reuniting Scandinavia (1442–1448). save. What if Norway never entered the Kalmar Union? View Entire Discussion (26 Comments) More posts from the Nordichistorymemes community. It lies to the south of Markland and to the North-East of Kyreyja and Eikland fylkír. 86% Upvoted. This is an exploration of what Northern Europe might look like if the Danish-lead Kalmar Union had survived. Her remains were interred alongside him at the burial site outside Roskilde Cathedral. Report Save. The key stumbling block at the time, for both Sweden and Norway, was how much influence foreigners should be allowed. Flag of the Kalmar Union (2013- ). Non Never change a winning team The Nordic country is doing fine. 1.7k. Alternative History of Italy (1725-2019) Liverpool's Attack Then Vs Now . Close. 23 comments. It would take some time for a true central government to form - it was that implied centralization which caused the Swedes to revolt in the first place. The Kalmar Union was created Since 1375 queen Margaret I. of Denmark fought to gain power in Denmark. If it ain’t broke do not fix it. And I mean this for OTL, where England beat France at sea and in regards to colonies regardless of its inability to occupy France. There are suggestions below for improving the article. What if the Kalmar Union (1397-1523) never ended? The three countries of the Kalmar Union all declared Eric deposed in 1439. 2. share. 1.7k. In Eric’s mind, this was the perfect reason to call for a union meeting, the second in it’s history after the one in Kalmar 1397. Alon said: If the Kalmar Union survived another 90 or so years, it would probably survive indefinitely. Seriously, one would think that England only survived by direct divine favor, and actual resources, skill, and leadership had nothing to do with it. Kalmar Union. However, it survived these attempts honourably. Definitions of Ivan Kalmar, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Ivan Kalmar, analogical dictionary of Ivan Kalmar (English) hide. When I learned about this, I knew I had to make a meme about it . If you can improve it, please do; it may then be renominated. as you may or may not know is that from 1397 until 1814 norway was in a personal union with denmark, and more briefly, sweden. To start with, the Vikings would never have conquered the whole continent. 2008 … This thread is archived. This meeting should have representatives from each of the three Kingdoms, all the privy councils would meet, something they hadn’t done since 1420 when King Olaf planned his expedition to free Gotland. Alternate History of Greece (1356-2018) What if the Latin World United? this period is often called the "400-year night" in norway, as it was a period of darkness for norwegian culture and language. That was also when the Danish king lost control over the Swedish kingdom. Vinland (Viking name for Newfoundland) was only populated by a few dozens settlers from Greenland and Iceland. As a following, it was only the personal union Denmark-Norway survived until 1814. save. Review: June 9, 2006. The last written proof that the Scandinavian colony on Greenland still exist is from this year. Following the Soviet Union's collapses, these former Commonwealth republics would become more economically tied and form their own EU-type system. In 1523 then, Gustav Vasa became king of Sweden and the Kalmar Union fell apart. The Kalmar Union between Denmark, Sweden and Norway lasted from 1397-1523, at which time Sweden broke out of the union. She died on 7 November 2000. 55. Obviously, a united Scandinavia has more heft than an … Queen Ingrid survived her husband by 28 years. The Kingdom of Sweden in 1933 | Fraternité en Rébellion! report. He was the architect of the successful union and the engine that moved society in all areas to transform it into what it is today. The Kalmar Union, KU, Scandinavian Alliance, is a defensive alliance of various sovereign states and their dependencies.. Norway - Norway - Union with Sweden: Haakon’s successor was Magnus VII Eriksson, the young son of his daughter, Ingebjørg, and Duke Erik, son of Magnus I of Sweden. Vinland Fylk is comprised of the main island of Vinland, Vinlandaeyja, as well as several other smaller surrounding islands. Byzantium, from rise to fall to rise - alt history mapping. If the Kalmar Union survives Swedish and Norwegian will be no different than being Jutish or Geotish, it will simply be regional identities. Crossposted by 20 days ago. The legacy of the King is in sight of all: It is the whole nation. Upon the death of Haakon V (King of Norway) in 1319, Magnus Erikson, at just three years old, inherited the throne as King Magnus VII of Norway. Short answer: kings, throne pretenders, and nobility arguing over power. Définitions de Nick Kalmar, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Nick Kalmar, dictionnaire analogique de Nick Kalmar (anglais) This is clear when the comparison is made to Sweden, which also became a part of the Kalmar Union under Denmark, but who unlike Norway managed to protect their rights much better toward Denmark because of the strong Swedish nobility. And, of the eight wikis I can read (excluding the thai wiki), three have "Nordic flag" and five have "Kalmar Union flag" or similar. share. Norway. Lots of medieval monarchies had that problem as they entered the 1500s and 1600s. The formal establishment of a personal union among the Scandinavian kingdoms took place in 1397, during Erik’s coronation festivities at Kalmar in June of 1397. what if the kalmar union survived. 1520 Gustav vasas plans at dalama faisl and he is captured and hanged thus ending the rebels chances 1558 Start of the livonian war 1559 Christian III dies and is succeeded by Frederick I 1576 Livonian war ends with The kalmar union gaining Ingria and parts of … The union started life as a very loose personal union of the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in 1397, where the most the three kingdoms had in common was their ruler and everything else remained unchanged. The city of Isafjordhur is both capital of the country and of the Fylk. share. When did Norway separate from Sweden? Posted by 4 days ago. Alternate History - What if the Byzantine Empire Survived? Posted by 27 days ago. If you’re in town you simply can’t miss Kalmar’s most iconic landmark. Kalmar Union was a good article, but it was removed from the list as it no longer met the good article criteria at the time. Gotland is returned to the Kalmar union when Margaret pays the ransom for it to the Teutonic knights. Two foundational documents were signed during these meetings: the Coronation Charter and the Union Charter, which were sponsored by the Crown and the aristocracy, respectively. The Kalmar Union was a personal union, so Scandianvia would still be divided institutionally. Kalmar Castle. Posted by 6 years ago. report. It survived for more than 120 years, which is a good innings for an umbrella. If the Bavarian Republic would have survived under it's communist government, they would have been quite close to the Soviets, and possibly would have been attacked near the beginning of WWII, bringing the Soviet Union into the conflict early or, Hitler wouldn't have risen to power. View Entire Discussion (6 Comments) More posts from the althistory community. Alternate History of Greece | 1832 - 2020.

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