Games include Puzzle, which is an introduction to Blockly, Bird, which teaches conditionals, and Turtle, which introduces the player to loops. Using simple action cards, kids get to program their parents or friends to do silly movements while they learn skills like linear thinking, sequencing, prototyping, debugging, and coding. Your child with begin to learn coding by dragging and dropping directional commands. It also exposes the user to math and language concepts, supporting early-childhood literacy and numeracy. Easy Setup. Group Games for Kids; Sensory Play Ideas; Outdoor Play; Fun Play Spaces; Pretend Play; Lego Challenges; PRINTABLES; Activities By Age. Best Because: Designed and created by a 9-year-old, CoderBunnyz is a unique board game that teaches a range of coding topics to young children and adults alike. Best Because: Combining hands-on tiles and an interactive app, Cork the Volcano is an exciting game that is truly outside the screen. How to Get a 5: Preparing for the AP Computer Science Exam, Top 10 Coding Resources for Kids – January 2021, Why Your Kids Should Learn Coding (Even If They Aren’t Interested in STEM), [Click Here