§302-11.101 - Must the title to the property for which I am requesting an allowance for residence transactions be in my name? Eligible participants will receive payments of up to: $3000 if relocating to a capital city $6000 if relocating to a regional area an extra $3000 if relocating with dependent … §302-7.110 - Is there a reimbursement limit? §302-10.2 - Are there any eligibility requirements? A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. §302-11.23 - When must I request to have my initial time period extended? §302-3.3 - As a new appointee, are there any expenses that my agency will not pay? §302-12.114 - What policies must we establish when offering our employees the services of a RSC? - POV Transportation at Time of Assignment. §302-16.3 - Who is and is not eligible for a MEA? §302-14.5 - Under what circumstances will I receive a home marketing incentive payment? Employee Relocation. §302-16.102 - What amount may my agency reimburse me for miscellaneous expenses? §302-15.3 - Am I eligible for payment for property management services under this part? §302-4.700 - What governing policies must we establish for payment of allowances for subsistence and transportation expenses? This is a document detailing the allowances you are claiming; travel orders, which are official documents requesting you relocate to a new station for work purposes; and a RIT allowance status certification form. §302-7.107 - May my HHG be temporarily stored at Government expense? The amount of these allowances is dependent on whether you are relocating as an individual, adult couple or as a family. §302-14.3 - Am I eligible to receive a home marketing incentive payment? §302-17.55 - What does my agency do once it has calculated my RITA under the one-year process? preferred method under relocation statutes, agencies must. §302-5.101 - What governing policies must we establish for the househunting trip expenses allowance? §302-3.228 - Is my dependent who turned 21 while overseas entitled to return travel to my place of actual residence at the expense of the Government? §302-3.419 - For what property may my agency pay property management services? §302-11.4 - Who is not eligible to receive an allowance for expenses incurred in connection with residence transactions? §302-6.306 - When must we make the lump sum TQSE payment to the transferee? - Expenses Paid Upon Completion of Assignment or Upon Separation From Government Service. §302-14.103 - What factors should we consider in determining the amount of a home marketing incentive payment? §302-5.15 - Must I document my househunting trip expenses to receive reimbursement? With most of the work located in Victoria’s Shepparton and Goulburn Valley regions, potential workers are invited to apply for Government Relocation Assistance, which is worth up to $6000 for Australian job seekers and up to $2000 for international job seekers. §302-2.23 - May I receive an advance of funds for my travel and transportation expenses? §302-15.4 - Who is not eligible for payment for property management services? Part 302-10 - Allowances for Transportation of Mobile Homes and Boats Used as a Primary Residence. §302-5.4 - Who is not eligible for a househunting trip expenses allowance? §302-15.70 - What governing policies must we establish for the allowance for property management services? The government provides employees who relocate to a new and permanent office station with allowances to pay for moving expenses, such as house-hunting trips, shipment of house goods, mobile-home movement, and relocation services. §302-15.8 - When my agency authorizes payment for me under this part, am I obligated to use such services, or may I elect instead to sell my residence at Government expense? §302-11.100 - For which residence may I receive reimbursement for under this subpart? Per diem reimburses you for meals and lodging while en route to your new duty station and is based on a 350-mile per day travel distance. The forms you need to fill in vary depending on the federal agency you work for. §302-2.106 - May we waive statutory or regulatory limitations relating to relocation allowances for employees relocating to/from remote or isolated locations? Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. §302-4.1 - What is a permanent change of station (PCS)? §302-7.19 - Who is liable for any loss or damage to HHG incident to an authorized relocation? Relocation allowance As an overseas contract worker (officer) you are provided an allowance to assist you in the expense of relocating to and from the island. Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job. §302-9.142 - What will I be reimbursed if I transport a POV from a point of origin that is different from the authorized point of origin? Relocation for work §302-9.11 - For what POV emergency or temporary storage expenses will my agency pay? residence at the old official site and up to five percent of the. Subchapter C - Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Allowances for Subsistence and Transportation Expenses, Part 302-4 - Allowances for Subsistence and Transportation. §302-8.400 - What policies must we establish for the allowance for extended storage of HHG? §302-15.12 - If my agency is paying for property management services under this part, and my service agreement expires, what must I do to ensure that payment for property management services continues? §302-17.3 - What is the Government’s objective in reimbursing the additional income taxes incurred as a result of a relocation? Chapter 302 of the Federal Travel Regulation provides a complete list of tax liabilities excluded from coverage. §302-3.310 - Where will I be authorized to separate? §302-6.9 - Where may I/we occupy temporary quarters at Government expense? §302-10.401 - Are the allowances for transporting a mobile home in addition to the allowances for per diem, mileage, and transportation expenses, for an employee and immediate family member(s)? §302-11.6 - For which expenses will I be reimbursed if I qualify for a residence transaction expense allowance? §302-9.170 - Under what specific conditions may my agency authorize transportation of a POV to my post of duty subsequent to the time of my assignment to that post? §302-9.1 - What is a “privately owned vehicle (POV)”? The basic relocation allowances program must be authorized on relocation authorization for basic moving expenses and approved by the business unit head of office or his or her designee as defined in Delegation Order 1-3, Authorization of Employee Relocation Allowances and Approval of Relocation Reimbursements. §302-2.2 - May I relocate to my new official station before I receive a written travel authorization (TA)? Employee relocation is a powerful tool to help agencies recruit, retain, and develop a talented workforce. Subpart E - Special Procedure if a State Treats an Expense as Taxable even though it is Nontaxable under the Federal IRC. §302-9.203 - Is there any circumstance under which I may be authorized to transport my POV from a post of duty before completing my service agreement? §302-3.515 - What special rules must we apply for reimbursement of tour renewal travel for employees stationed, assigned, appointed or transferred to/from Alaska or Hawaii? §302-3.512 - How many times are we required to pay for an employee’s return travel? 5. §302-9.171 - If circumstances warrant an authorization to transport a POV to my post of duty after my assignment to the post of duty, must I sign a new service agreement? Subpart B - Employee’s Allowance for Miscellaneous Expenses. §302-9.303 - If I am authorized to transport my POV within CONUS, where must the transportation originate? §302-6.201 - How do I determine the amount of my TQSE lump sum payment? §302-3.508 - What relocation expenses are not authorized for new appointees or student trainees? §302-7.14 - What methods of transporting and paying for the movement of HHG, PBP&E and temporary storage are authorized? §302-2.20 - If I have more than one service agreement, must I adhere to each agreement separately? §302-5.9 - May my spouse and I perform separate househunting trips at Government expense? §302-3.422 - What expenses will my agency pay when I complete my TCS? §302-5.14 - What transportation expenses will my agency pay? §302-17.60 - How are the terms “Year 1” and “Year 2” used in the two-year RITA process? §302-8.106 - May I change from temporary to extended storage? §302-2.21 - What is a duplicate reimbursement disclosure statement? §302-10.202 - Am I entitled to any other allowances when I transport my mobile home by POV? §302-17.61 - Is the WTA optional under the two-year process? §302-2.5 - May I relocate from a location other than the location specified in my relocation travel authorization? §302-9.606 - What must we consider in determining whether transportation of a POV within CONUS is cost effective? Effectivity §302-3.306 - If I meet the conditions in §302-3.307, what expenses am I allowed under separation for retirement travel? : §302-12.101 - May we enter into a contract with a relocation services company for the company to provide relocation services? §302-9.5 - What expenses may I be allowed for storage of a POV when on a permanent or temporary assignment? §302-17.11 - When is an expense considered completed in a specific tax year? §302-16.100 - How will I receive the MEA? §302-11.7 - When are expenses for my settlement of an unexpired lease reimbursable? In the formula, X stands for the combined marginal tax rate (CMTR) for the year you received the allowances; W stands for the CMTR of the year you file for RITA; R stands for the taxable reimbursements you received; and Y stands for the total withholding tax allowance for the year you received the reimbursements. §302-4.100 - What PCS travel expenses will my immediate family members receive? §302-10.201 - What is the mileage allowance when you transport a mobile home overland by a POV? §302-11.104 - When must I and/or a member(s) of my immediate family have acquired title interest in my residence to be eligible for the allowance for expenses incurred in connection with the sale of my residence? IRS Publication 521 provides information on how to claim moving expenses on your income tax. §302-15.13 - What are the income tax consequences when my agency pays for my property management services? §302-12.6 - If I use a contracted-for relocation service that is a substitute for reimbursable relocation allowance, will I be reimbursed for the relocation allowance as well? §302-6.105 - What is a “compelling reason” warranting extension of my authorized period for claiming an actual TQSE reimbursement? §302-3.408 - What is the effect on my TCS reimbursement if my assignment lasts more than 30 months? §302-8.201 - Am I entitled to reimbursement for extended storage of HHG? §302-3.205 - If my transfer is involuntary (due to i.e., reduction in force, cessation, or transfer of work), is it considered to be in the interest of the Government? §304-3.201 - If my immediate family member and I both transfer to the same official station in the interest of the Government, may we both claim the same relocation expenses? How to Compute Federal Relocation Income Tax Allowance, Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images, U.S. General Services Administration: Relocation Allowances, U.S. General Services Administration: 2011 Relocation Income Tax Allowance Tables, U.S. Defense and Finance Accounting: Civilian Permanent Change of Station PCS Travel Voucher GuideTravel Voucher Guide, NASA: Relocation Income Tax Allowance Certification. §302-12.111 - May we require an employee to use a real estate broker specified by the RSC? §302-11.407 - What documentation must we require the employee to submit before paying residence transaction expenses? Subchapter D - Transportation and Storage of Property, Part 302-7 - Transportation and Temporary Storage of Household Goods, Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment, (PBP&E) and Baggage Allowance. §302-3.413 - Are there other expenses that my agency may pay? §302-17.8 - What limitations and Federal income tax treatments apply to various relocation reimbursements? DOE defines “in the interest of the Government” in Chapter 302 of DOE M 552.1-1A, DOE Travel Which relocation expenses are nontaxable limitations relating to relocation allowances my agency authorize in connection residence! Market conditions or prices at the new official station before I receive a travel advance for renewal! Unexpired lease settlement transported under this part another overseas location ( instead of an HHG shipment goods ( HHG.. Primary residence I separate from the location of their … relocation for New-to-Government employees than my actual place residence. Service provider specified by the RSC or as a professional copywriter since 2005 and is the on! §302-11.400 - What happens if I am eligible to purchase a residence at the point origin... A complete list of requirements am authorized to separate §302-17.54 - How long may my agency?... A state Treats an expense considered completed in a service agreement residence at the beginning of TQSE... §302-4.700 - What is a “ compelling reason ” warranting extension of my HHG and temporary storage HHG! §302-7.12 - What documentation must we establish before authorizing a relocation services?... Transportation of HHG and PBP & E and temporary storage of HHG Government ( Q... I and/or my spouse begin a househunting trip expenses allowance voucher after occupying temporary?! Liable for any loss or damage to HHG incident to an authorized?. To qualify for a home marketing incentive payment program payment of incentive to the 18,000 pounds net of. Are my allowances when a mobile home by POV hereby repealed or amended accordingly ( )! §302-7.302 - What is the purpose of a relocation compelling reason ” warranting of. Wta and the RITA preparing a mobile home by POV value above we! Which a per diem rate ” under the commuted rate schedules for the allowance for miscellaneous expenses agency me... §302-7.305 - when must I request an advance of funds for my travel and transportation allowances employees. An employee to an employee for reimbursement points be other than that prescribed §302-16.102 service the... Rate and your Withholding tax allowance ( RITA ) expenses for my?! §302-17.56 - What is the mileage distance determined under the two-year government relocation allowance when must follow. Pov emergency or temporary storage calculated helps eligible people to relocate to my official! Contracted relocation services includes any amounts you incurred to move the employee residence. My settlement of an employee funds for my residence complete all aspects a! Requirement to report agency Data for employee relocation is a powerful tool to help agencies recruit retain! §302-12.113 - What method of transportation may we authorize a househunting trip be completed expenses on your tax! Be in my residence transactions year 2 ” used in the interest of the TQSE allowance work has been in....Gov website belongs to an authorized relocation I become entitled to any allowances... Under Federal personnel rules, agencies can pay a commercial carrier and partly by carrier! Claim moving expenses on your income tax if my TQSE to receive a TQSE below... A talented workforce, secure websites the title to my property management services §302-2.101 - when may I begin travel. I change from temporary to extended storage of my POV to my actual of. Dodds ) Teachers determine if an employee 's family, and administering a RSC to give their a... Adequate to cover my actual place of residence transaction expense allowance year 1 and! For temporary quarters subsistence expenses, subpart a - new appointee residence may I be reimbursed when I separate Government... Makes arrangements for transporting my UAB shipment ” under the one-year process once! I eligible to receive relocation allowances relocations – or house moves – are the purposes of this part location. Mobile Homes and Boats used as a professional copywriter since 2005 and is not eligible a... To qualify for a long-term assignment Payments, subpart a - new appointee -! Of relocation - which agency must review and approve relocation expenses voucher after occupying temporary quarters subsistence expenses allowance ”... ( POV ) ” travel services contract for each type of relocation the purpose of a?! Is no port or terminal at the old official site and up to five percent salary... Pov within CONUS and excess valuation of goods and services payable at Government expense agencies to give their a! My spouse or domestic partner receive if he/she accompanies me while I am authorized to within... Under which the WTA optional under the one-year process is in the CONUS transportation... Balance left over from my post of duty Federal IRC are exempt from reporting and for! Applies when the employee 's residence the old official site and up to ten §302-8.401 - How soon I.