That was a fishing milestone for me and served to hook me on the sport. Kingfish from the rocks pt 1. $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message Lower water temperature means reduced activity, so digestion rates slow down and there is less need to eat as much or as often. Next the balloon goes under as a kingie engulfs my kahawai head first and powers off. Please enable JavaScript to use this form. I have three outfits I use when targeting kingfish – off the rocks, offshore and in the bays and estuaries. Next post: Trolling for Yellowtail Kingfish at Rottnest Island. Using lighter gear risks losing fish, which is bad enough without the added thought of a beautiful fish cruising around with a hook in its mouth trailed by several metres of line. 4. Michael Walkley shows some EGI techniques and tips as we have an epic land based squid session throughout the night. { In my experience heavier jigs catch bigger fish. After getting it in close, with Dan on the camera and Greg on the gaff and measuring, we saw it was about 80cm so decided to keep it. Rigs for Rock and Beach Fishing . Sight-fishing kingfish from the rocks is hard to beat and a good pair of polaroid sunglasses is the key. As one of my longtime fishing comrades from university days, Greg had seen photos of me with kingfish, and hoped I could do the same for him over his short stay here. For jig or lure fishers, speed seems to be the key to success. The latter aspect was particularly important in this instance: I work full-time as a chef most evenings, so only have limited opportunities. ‍ ‍ Previous Next Spearfishing Kingfish NZ Spearfishing Kingfish NZ. This could eventually kill the fish. Decent shoes are also important as you will often need to run down the beach, rocks or ledge to a bust up that may be over in seconds. It should be ‘all hands on deck’ when a kingie is on the line. The next morning Greg was on his own, as I had to pick up my English mate Dan, who was flying in to Auckland Airport from Wanaka. This article is reproduced with express permission of var timezone = jstz.determine(); e.preventDefault(); url: '', Sure enough, after more close-range misses, Greg was hanging on to a buckled-over rod again. Id go 30lb main with a long (8-10m?) The report of a straight westerly wind saw us hiking to another spot the following morning. Or perhaps the odd one has followed in a kahawai as you reeled it in. Kingfish can be caught inshore or offshore. We love fresh kingfish! I should also note that a long gaff is a good investment. Read more. type: "post", Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Read more. You can maybe get away with 30lb if you find a king with manners, but I haven't found too many of them. $('#date_time').datepicker( document.getElementById('tzone').value=; Fish the low tide and walk out on the bar. $("#major4").html(" " + data[1].major2); dirvin21 716 Posted December 21, 2016. dirvin21. My cool calm evaporates as I stumble under the extra drag pressure and the fish continues to power down. This fish is heading down, and I know I must stop it before it finds the rocks, so immediately send the drag to ‘sunset’ (maximum drag of 10kg). $("#minor2").html(" " + data[0].minor2); I’m still calm and in control, waiting just long enough to dial my reel up to strike drag (4kg), before sending the hook home. This renowned soft plastic will catch demersal species such as snapper and mulloway when bouncing them through and under the wash line along the rocks. if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;} if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;} Most forms and styles of fishing are available in Tauranga. I just missed out the on the Kingie jigging fad that swept the boat fishing scene on the east coast throughout the sixties and early seventies. minDate:new Date(2007, 1 - 1, 1), $("#major1").html(" " + data[0].major1 ); Lures to Suit You – Whether you spin from the rocks or or troll or cast from a boat you have the freedom to find trolling lures for kingfish, kingfish jigs, spinning lures and more from our all-encompassing online fishing tackle shop. However, there has been a growing trend towards using poppers and stickbaits, particularly for kingfish and Spanish mackerel. We arrived nice and early, and although there was some swell, the water was glassy and looked promising. I shudder at some of my earliest attempts to catch kingfish, knowing with the benefit of hindsight that the gear I employed was not up to scratch. var mydate=new Date(); $("#caldata").submit(function(e){ WHAT is Australia's best fishing town or city? Only Dan remained unsatisfied: it just hadn’t been his day. When targeting kingfish off the rocks you could also suspend your bait under a bobby cork or a party balloon that has only been blown up to half its size. Increase your hook-ups. Read more. Kingfish will also take a variety of other baits, whole or in pieces and w hole piper, flying fish, squid and pilchards, as well as pilchard, squid and skipjack pieces will work too. year+=1900; Then the action died off and it started to rain, so we began packing our things for the walk back out. This approach was spelled out to me clearly one afternoon at Rodholders ledge, when I accidentally hooked two kingfish over 6kg on a light spinning set whilst targeting kahawai. ... How to catch squid from the rocks. One man, alone on a SW of Western Australia rock, one 20 kilo kingfish, very impressive. NZ Fishing News, written by Andy Macleod - 2012 Keen rockhoppers like me tend to forget that a majority of people don’t truly understand the power of the ocean and when to stay clear of the rocks. Ken Miyamoto with a genuine beast off the rocks! Greg’s drag wasn’t set very hard, and I urged him to try and keep it out of the weedy reef. I met up with Greg in Whitianga late afternoon to begin my two days off. Live baits for Kingfish are best and include live squid, yakkas, pike, sweep, garfish and no kingfish can resist a live slimie mackerel! I was genuinely stunned when I saw my first kingfish. When kingies first came into my consciousness via glossy magazine covers and TV shows, I used to think “Yeah, yeah, but how can I really hope to catch one of those off the rocks?” However, the reality is that kingies are still relatively abundant, and if you put in the effort, you can give yourself every chance of catching one – they really are there! Overall I would say that if you don’t have to stop a kingfish in its tracks, then don’t try. Your leader strength, hook size, etc. Yamaha has just released what it is calling its most feature-rich v6 outboard ever. dataType: "json", A German tourist’s goal of catching a massive kingfish finally came to fruition at the end of his travels. Proving my point is the opening up of new kingfish fisheries with the advent of ‘slidebaiting’ (a method of deploying live baits from beaches). This will allow the balloon to be blown away from the rocks while stopping the bait from swimming back down. To avoid a kingfish taking off with your tackle, it’s important to have strong gear: line strength at least 8 kilograms, a spool large enough to support the line, and with adequate drag strength, and good thick hooks. The legal length for Kingfish in NSW waters is 60cm. There are a few high points on this reef where the bigger fish are almost impossible to stop. Due to the extra drag, my rod is now bending over seriously for the first time. Kingfish go much deeper through this period … Everyone will have their own view, but the thing you need most with landbased/kayak kings is luck. 3. type: "post", $('#tbodyid').html(''); // Clear #tbodyid div When targeting kingies, one thing you discover quickly is that once a fish is hooked there is greater potential for things to go wrong compared to other species – and things can go wrong FAST! The best months in the Gulf are January, February and March and the amount of kingfish we catch in these months is anywhere between 10 and 30 in one day. Daiwa SLX50/Sl50SH) and one spooled with 24kg (e.g. The reason is that little fish hang around structures under water. dataType: "json", $("#major3").html(" " + data[1].major1); SPINNING the rocks takes a new direction with keen bream anglers now using specialised estuary lure tactics to produce large fish off the stones. }); All information © 2021 The Fishing Website, Raymarine YachtSense modular digital switching, West Coast Freshwater Fishing Opportunities. Kingfish, also known as king mackerel, are popular to catch and are primarily found in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Wettie have added a series of insulated cooler bags to keep the catch in pristine condition... It’s 10am on a perfect April morning on the rocks near East Cape and my 2kg kahawai livebait is getting twitchy under a yellow party balloon. will be determined by the species you are targeting. }); All information © 2021 The Fishing Website, Raymarine YachtSense modular digital switching, West Coast Freshwater Fishing Opportunities. Smoking fish is a great way to prepare your catch for the table, and the Kilwell Sawdust Selection Pack helps you do exactly that. Re-publishing elsewhere is prohibited, Originally published in New Zealand Fishing News. Next 30 lb mono, still lost a lot but caught a few more. The business end is important too, so I normally use a minimum of 100lb leader on my live-bait traces and a 60 or 80lb leader on my spin rod. var timezone = jstz.determine(); Dozens of shellfish and paua sprawled out on tarpaulin. $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); Don’t be too impatient: kingfish tend to burn themselves out during a fight, so wait until they are up on their side, rather than trying for a lucky shot on a green fish. Success – the author with 20 kg of landbased kingfish. But seeing is believing, and if you haven’t targeted kingfish before, you too might be surprised at how accessible they are to the land-based angler if you do the right things. Whereas you might get away with a dodgy knot or sticky drag on other fish, you won’t with kingies. In part 3, we'll overview some factors that are often overlooked, but which can greatly influence the outcome of a day on the rocks. Link to post Share on other sites. $(function() There are only six rigs I use: running ball sinker onto the bait, whole bait on a set of ganged hooks, live baiting a whole squid, sliding snooded hooks, bait suspended under a bobby cork, or a bait suspended under a balloon. } I hoped to hear a good story later... That didn’t happen. A kingfish when hooked close to the shore will head at speed for the nearest rocks, and a kingfish caught on a jig in offshore waters will dive for the bottom. Moments later my line parts on the rugged bottom and it’s all over less than a minute after it started. If fishing amongst rugged foul it may be necessary, but it pays to match your approach to the environment you’re fishing in. Casting stick-baits for kingfish from the rocks is one of my favourite ways to fish. I have three outfits I use when targeting kingfish – off the rocks, offshore and in the bays and estuaries. if (year < 1000){ Dan was on! It certainly is very different from fishing for smaller species like kahawai and snapper, simply because kingfish are the biggest and most powerful of New Zealand’s inshore scale-fish species. I’ve caught amberjacks to 40 kilos on this reef and over the years this massive ridge of rock has been extremely productive. Then, upon doing so, it came off, much to Dan’s disappointment. Next 700 Alvey- no drag 40lb Weiss Perlon started catching them regularly but still lost many of the larger ones. Change your routine to induce the bite. $("#major2").html(" "+ data[0].major2); This is a direct result of the size, weight and speed of kingfish, which mean you don’t have the same measure of control over the fight as you do with other fish. dataString = $("#caldata").serialize(); var mydate=new Date(); }); April 2018 - Kyle Dunkle $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); ).datepicker("getDate"); $(function() $("#minor4").html(" " + data[1].minor2); $('#tbodyid').html(''); // Clear #tbodyid div e.preventDefault(); There’s nothing quite like a kingie hook-up from the rocks! It’s tougher than nylon trace and near invisible in the water. Kingfish can get up to 72 inches (180 cm) long and have delicious fillets that you can easily cook at home. We had a few piper left, but no berley net or cage, so I handed Dan my casting setup while cutting up some piper to chuck around. After long stalemates, with the fish lazily arcing around in the distance, I was able to slowly work them both back towards the ledge. If you are targeting kings off the rocks, you should definitely consider going up in leader size or you will be only realistically looking at landing small fish. Change of light, the last hour of the tide can be good times although bite times aren’t usually as long for the bigger kingfish. Better still, just as a gannet was swooping towards Greg’s stickbait, a kingfish decided to steal it first. Kingfish are dirty fighters. document.getElementById('date_time').value= date ; var year=mydate.getYear(); // The type of request. Catching piper can sometimes be harder than landing the kingfish, so here are a few tips to help catch these small fish: Use a light 2-3 kg leader with a size 12-14 trout hook. Here is his story. First though, we picked up a cheap nine-foot rock-fishing rod from The Warehouse to accompany the reel he’d brought from home, spooled with 24kg braid. }); My top tips to capturing kingfish. }); Hundreds of crayfish lined up neatly alongside fish. For chasing sport fish from the rocks or shore you could get away with two rods. $("#minor2").html(" " + data[0].minor2); There are numerous ways of hooking up a live bait and plenty of information. With many aspects to consider in rock fishing, there are some exiting and very effective forms to target relatively common prolific species. Outcomes like that are sometimes unavoidable, but it pays to make sure you are switched on and light on your feet after hooking up. Help/advice, Targeting Hoodlum Kingfish Off The Rocks Nsw Help/advice, Targeting Hoodlum Kingfish Off The Rocks Nsw. } Sorry this content is for subscribers only. Dan grabbed his camera while I went for the gaff. How To Catch: Schooling Kingfish (up to about 15kgs) can be berleyed up to the boat and then either bait cast to them or lures. $.ajax({ There are numerous ways of hooking up a live bait and plenty of information. }); For example if you cant get down to the water's edge you may need a long and very heavy beach/rock rod and use bait/live bait and may have to swing fish (up to 70-80cm) straight up out of the water with the rod. Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, you can find your best lure for kingfish by browsing this special section. On each occasion the kingfish sped off over the sand, taking about 100m of line. Now we all had a kingfish each - I’d never seen top-water action from the rocks like before! The writings of Gary Kemsley and the late Steve Sneddon in the mid-eighties got me excited about chasing kingfish off the rocks. The specs shown in the diagram are what we use when targeting Mulloway in the surf. We were fishing by 9.00am, and as the low tide was due about 11.30am, conditions were perfect. 12 Nov 2020. Kingfish. $("#major1").html(" " + data[0].major1 ); Kingfish are targeted offshore near the reefs, wrecks, rock piles and oil rigs. Grabbing the gaff, I ran over as fast as I could; sure enough, Dan’s kingie was cruising left and right among the rocks in front of us, but had yet to take off on a run. It’s best to cast over shallow reefs, headlands and marker buoys where kings are known to hang out. When talking about the art of jigging, don’t be afraid to experiment with different speeds, strokes and movements. Habitat. The waters off Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty, cater for all types in the fishing community. Comments Comments. This article is reproduced with permission of    I also like the technique’s simplicity: it’s quick and easy to do, so even if you only have a couple hours in the morning or evening, you can still enjoy success. Subscribe to continue reading. Post navigation. They are also important for the next stage. So to bring kingfish into your area, you really need to deploy live baits or create some interest by casting and retrieving poppers or lures. For the first half hour or so, it was tough, made worse by the slightly overcast conditions and glare, making seeing into the water difficult. (He even managed another hook-up but lost it within the first minute of the battle.). Again, the conditions were mint, but try as we might, the fishing was very disappointing. To avoid this frustration, you need to invest in high-quality fishing gear and the best kingfish lures. Perhaps it is because the smaller fish are less inclined to attack them. I recently lost a big kingfish while wharf fishing. In many locations (either on the rocks or from wharves) you will be fishing well above the waterline, making a long gaff extremely beneficial, especially as the extra length also offers safety benefits in rough conditions. var date=(daym+"-"+montharray[month]+"-"+year); What does MPI do with confiscated seafood. Paternoster Rig . catching big Kings from the rocks is not for the feint hearted. Beaches that hadn’t produced kingfish over many years of traditional surfcasting have been transformed with this new method – and all this time we barely knew they were there! You gotta reach out to them!” While Grey is fishing the Ship Bottom surf other kingfish and snapper surf reports have came in. The lads had been getting action on faster stick-bait retrieves at closer range, but I managed to hook a reasonable specimen further out on a slower sweep retrieve. Yellowfin bream, trevally, drummer, luderick, tarwhine, salmon, snapper and squid are predominately what I class as bread and butter fish. Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize a great lure for 2021 Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show! Kingfish (Seriola lalandi lalandi) are New Zealand’s most accessible gamefish, offering size, power and guile to challenge Kiwi anglers fishing from the shore and from boats. var month=mydate.getMonth(); $(function(){ Yamaha has just released what it is calling its most feature-rich v6 outboard ever. Then, when it finally came into view, we couldn’t be certain it was legal, so made sure I had the measuring tape handy. Grant Dix... more >, The remoteness of the Mainland's West Coast has ensured its rivers and lakes have remained both productive and pristine, offering plenty of ... more >, Mainland angler Dylan Booth shares some of his best memories from fishing his local water – the Taieri River.... more >, Sam Mossman reviews the FC 465 CC, and has no complaints. Greg managed to get it in close a couple of times, but his lighter drag let it head back out again, before finally coming in close enough for measuring in the water: around 70cm. Most anglers targeting kingfish off the rocks prefer to use live kahawai. dateFormat:"dd-M-yy", History proves that the most successful lure when spinning from the rocks - still to this day – is the humble metal lure. $("form#caldata").submit(); Crazy days on Sydney’s close offshore reefs of which the ‘Peak’ was the jewel in the crown. Landbased fishing for kingfish is one of the great fishing challenges. Smoking fish is a great way to prepare your catch for the table, and the Kilwell Sawdust Selection Pack helps you do exactly that. A German tourist’s goal of catching a massive kingfish finally came to fruition at the end of his travels. opportunity to show others a photo of his catch. Make sure you can get the knot through the rod guides though. 5. My preferred way is to bridle-rig them, as they tend to last longer this way and allow circle hooks to be used (normally Owner Mutus when I can find them). Kingfish are attracted to fast moving or erratically moving lures. I nailed a nice kahawai on my stick-bait second or third cast, but then I had to head off early for work, leaving the boys with my gaff and setup. $.ajax({ $('#loadingmessage').show(); // show the loading message. Bringing the fish to the gaff is a critical time, and teamwork and communication are crucial at this point, too. YouTube December 19, 2019 Share Tweet Save. } This one was a bit bigger than his first, so upon being successfully brought in, Greg decided it would be his keeper - and he was extremely satisfied. year+=1900; Things go wrong faster. My preferred way is to bridle-rig them, as they tend to last longer this way and allow circle hooks to be used (normally Owner Mutus when I can find them). 3. Not long after it wrapped my trace around the wharf piles and busted me off. While I’m an advocate of keeping it simple, access to a freezer full of piper encouraged me to bring along some to cut up and hang in a tethered berley net. Anything under about 10kg is described as a ‘rat’ (meaning small); what other inshore species can you say that about? Fishing with topwater surface lures is the most exciting way to catch kingfish but it can also be challenging. We had a bit of fish to take back though. $("#date1").html("

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"); The time of the day is important too. Fish City have produced another fine boat which is perfect for inshore fishing.... more >, Herb Spannagl investigates the effects of UV on trout lures, and concludes that adding a UV coating to lures can be an effective way to catc... more >. Here is his story. $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); I haven’t landed a kingfish before, but I feel ready! $(function(){ I’m not trying to put you off, far from it: kingies add a new dimension to land-based fishing, turning it into an exhilarating adrenaline sport. It sounds like a rustic fish market, but it's not. Then, although we joined a boat heading to the Mercury Islands the next morning, a few hours of stick-baiting yielded only one kahawai. Teamwork and communication are important too. I especially enjoy the explosive takes, although landing one is always a challenge when land-based. The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Most anglers targeting kingfish off the rocks prefer to use live kahawai. But then, while the kingie was steadily peeling off line, it just come off; one of Greg’s brandnew stick-bait’s hooks had broken. var montharray=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"); … Your email address will not be published. I normally fish 50lb leader off the rocks , and still get busted up regularly on the bigger kings. When my mate Greg from the States told he was finally booking a flight to New Zealand, I knew I was in for a challenge. { New Zealand Fishing News Be prepared. $("#date2").html("

" + data[1].date + "

"); As for the kingies themselves, the phrase ‘bigger, faster, stronger’ comes to mind. catching big Kings from the rocks is not for the feint hearted. 1. An afternoon rock-fishing session upon returning to dry land for lunch became even more appealing. Not long afterwards, Greg spotted some nice kahawai off to my left, and while moving over to have a look, Dan yelled out as a kingie chased his stick-bait in, finally nailing the lure in an epic crash of water at his feet. How to catch squid New Zealand. Hundreds of crayfish lined up neatly alongside fish. var montharray=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"); Already a subscriber? And, sure enough, this strategy brought some kingfish around within just a few minutes. What a journey – but the pain was definitely worth it! Squid, large Snook and Garfish can also be caught from the boat. kingfish off the rocks; Uncategorized December 5, 2020 0 Comment. }); Kingfish are apex predators that get their kicks out of bullying and feeding on live baitfish such as kahawai, piper and yellowtail mackerel, picking up on the vibrations that panicking and injured fish send out. $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); When Summer hits so do the schools of kings. At Big Pier 60 in Clearwater, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout and jack crevalle are a steady catch. Five Fisho writers tell us why their location is number one. Course Overview. I dialled up the drag and was able to stop the fish before it got there, but this brought a very green fish close to the wharf too early in the fight. The bad news is if you want to have one of those days of non stop kings, or if you're chasing one of the really big ones, persistance and thoughtful fishing is required. Smoker kingfish have inspired big tournaments like the SKA series and smaller meat fish tournaments in the South East United States. Alternatively, cast them out wide, let them sink and burn them through the water column up to the surface for pelagics such as tuna, kingfish, trevally and queenfish in the tropics. Trying to pack in the extra ice and somehow try and contain the fish is difficult. Fortunately, with a light northwesterly coming in and the tide going out all morning, I knew a couple of good locations - depending on how much of a mission we were up for. Started off with plain 650 no drag 20lb mono- too light, caught a few, lost heaps. I live baited for Kingfish off the rocks for near enough to 20 years. Initially I had things under control, but then the fish turned aggressively and charged towards some submerged rocks on my left. Most rock fishermen find a rock pool and dump their fish in, hoping they won’t go off. }); I was now determined to hook up too, so began casting while Greg chucked out our last bits of piper. Landbased Kingfish Downunder in NZ – How to Catch a Yellowtail Kingfish off the Rocks – Including Excellent Advice for South Island Anglers By Scott Hollis-Johns. var daym=mydate.getDate(); You may be fishing a more accessible ledge and can throw lures with a 7 foot or 9 foot rod and be able to get to the water's edge to wash the fish up, grab it or gaff it. Try one month for $1. Kingfish love rocks and kelp under water. document.getElementById('tzone').value=; Many anglers have hooked a kingfish only to lose them when they swim close to sharp rocks to get away. // The type of request. Shorter rods will help you control the fish by putting maximum leverage on the fish and minimum on the angler. Please enable JavaScript to use this form. if (year < 1000){ $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message I also like the technique’s simplicity: it’s quick and easy to do, so even if you only have a couple hours in the morning or evening, you can still enjoy success. Next 700 Alvey- no drag 40lb Weiss Perlon started catching them regularly but still lost many of the larger ones. Catching a Kingfish is something that every person who fishes in Sydney eventually wants to do. Had I actually hooked up, I would have been taught a tough lesson in moments. However, on his very last cast, working his stick-bait back in his self-created erratic fashion, he had an explosive strike. $('#date_time').datepicker( The habits of kingfish make them very suitable targets from the rocks. 40/50lb leader. $('#loadingmessage').show(); // show the loading message. Live baits must be caught, deployed and managed; poppers must be cast, and teamwork is essential. Kingfish. Weight transfers into my back and thighs, but line keeps flying off my reel at a constant rate, perhaps even faster. THE first trickle of warm water moving down the coast heralds the beginning of the land based game season, and species like longtail tuna, Spanish mackerel, kingfish and cobia start to travel down the coast of NSW. Required fields are marked * Comment. The ones we target along the rocks vary in size and catch amounts day to day, some good days we get over 50 fish and normally take home a few keepers.