Armanis. level 2. You dont need to fight the bear ! Hostile Animals don't Pathfind into the Raft. Mama Bear is a large, brown bear that can be found on Balboa Island. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). In the bear den, you have to use the wild berries to lure the bear out of the cave. What is wrong? The Secrets Of Balboa Island ! In order to progress in the story, the player must loot a crate containing a Machete and the Blueprint: Machete found in the cave guarded by Mama Bear. best. This will not be as easy as one might think, however. Once acquired, the Machete can be used as a powerful weapon and can also cut down vegetation that may block the player's path. Great! Question. Same result. 1 year ago. 1 ... run around the bear and once I was in the cave, it just turned around and sat at the entrance again. I need it to get passed a certain area but can't find it anywhere. Dez. Besides having this particular look, Balboa Island will also guide the player further in the story. Managed to get the machete in the crate. We research the matchete and we crafted a few of them. I tried to cheese it and run around the bear but I dont have enough time to open the box in the cave before he eats my face, and now I'm stuck :). Mama Bear is one of the enemies in Raft that may attack and kill the player. Machete is NOT a quest item. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Find guides to this achievement here. al. level 2. I play in harmless mode. One to lure and the other to grab the blueprint. Machete is in a toolbox in a cave near the sitting mama bear. This thread is archived. Make sure to restart Steam and Raft to update to the latest version. pick the machete and research it in yout RAFT ! Might come handy when you are out exploring. hide. 2019 um 6:21 Uhr Light Bulb, Balboa Island Hello. © Valve Corporation. Unlike the other Islands, Balboa Island is an Evergreen Island and therefor home to Bears, and the first boss-level enemy; Mama Bear, both threats to the player, making it the most challenging area of the three in Chapter 1. crouch far away on the hill behind the bear and jump down in the cage. Hey, all! While exploring Balboa you can find a hand-drawn map of the island on which I have drawn the optimal route for farming bears. Simple purifier is used to purify salt water into drinkable water. They just keep "running" in front of it. A fire will start and the water will boil for a period of time until it is done. u can then ! Hi I don't know if you're still stuck or not. To purify water, put salt water in the hotbar, select it, then press the use key on the water purifier. Its a huge bear infront of a dent. Make sure you take a shovel in there as well, as there is lots of dirt piles. Managed to get the machete in the crate. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. However, Raft is a very repetitive game by nature and so I will try to avoid repetition in this guide. save. Image. Balboa Island is the third place the player visits while following the main game Story. level 1. Is there some kind of trick to it? It is located in a … Not sure if you're still stuck or not, but as the berries are a quest item, they appear on the left when you press 'T' instead of your inventory. Sorry but I killed the bear and the box was not there .... Idk what to do, Then you are in the wrong place. By the way, birch and pine trees can be grown on the raft. Description 1 Blueprint Blueprint: Machete is a Blueprint in Raft. I've been up and down balboa island and can't find that or the wrench that's suppose to be in a clearing. Summary Mama Bear's Cave is found on Balboa Island and contains the Blueprint: Machete along with a single Machete. Switch to raft... hopefully not too much issue with the computer ... Yeah, that’s the same internet. The Island itself is a huge rock formation with a bending river flowing through it. This is list of Guides cintained on this wiki. I tried already with the berries. Just go in her cave while she is distracted eating berries. 113. 93% Upvoted. It guards the cave in which you'll find the blueprint for the machete. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Machete can be … All rights reserved. 9. This will not be as easy as one might think however. We went to the cave that was blocked by the vines and cut them with the matchete. Mother Lode! just put the berries. But my friend and I ran around the bear in a multiplayer game because we couldn't pick up the berries either. Raft with Friends: Find Balboa Island. ... Balboa Island will also guide the player further in the story. The Blueprint: Machete is found on Balboa Island in Mama Bear's Cave. Besides the fact that it is much larger than the others, it has a unique environment and appearance: birch trees, pines, rocks, different types of vegetation and much more. The river is very narrow, so the player is most likely forced to swim to the Island from their raft. And a lot of cooked food still, yeah. Is this a bug that machete is not appearing in that mode? The Huge bear is also really hard to kill and u get an achievement for doing it so check if it was the right one, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RaftTheGame community, Press J to jump to the feed. Mama bear will eat for ages so no need to rush. While on Balboa Island you will find the Mama Bear which is a bear much larger than the other bears found on the island. Or from damage, such as from "Bruce" the shark or running-low on oxygen, when diving underwater (typically from mining for various ores, sand, et. I mean, yeah, probably not Virgil. Have I missed a blueprint somewhere or has the recipe not been implemented yet? Where is the lightbulb on Balboa Island? So you can get to all the radio towers on balboa without the machete? Birch Trees and Pine Trees can be f… I swear I’ve been all over the island. Machete is a Weapon in Raft. Even if I kill mama bear I can't get the machete inside the cave. Uses [edit | edit source] Cuts through vines. It is home to wild bears. I have been trying to find the Light Bulb on Balboa Island for far too long and I can't find it. Balboa Island has a Ranger Station as well as three Relay Stations. It works similarly to the cooking station. Back again in Raft with our awesome friends trying to exploring Balboa Island and other mysteries! Some achievements, like the Historian Achievements, will require a lot of detail. cake day respect since I just found this thread, Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or its a bug, but when I pick up the wild berries, it wont go to my inventory or diary, and even after picking up more than 10 I still cant place it in the blue container where the big bear is. This is what the little picture on the bottom right of the engine denotes. Thanks for the assist, I'm exactly in your situation right now too...any help would be appreciated. 44 votes, 17 comments. I ask this rhetorically because you cannot get to all of them without it. share. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Once the water and food stat's. 3 comments. ... maybe not because I know when I went on Balboa earlier, there was almost nothing I only found one set of bees. New Blueprints and A GIANT Bear ! When first arriving on Balboa Island, Mama Bear is guarding the entrance to the cave and will attack … Hence, qualifying it as a quest item. Bears are found on Balboa Island as well as smaller islands around Balboa, but we will stick to Balboa as the bears respawn here, like the lurkers do on the Vasagatan. The cave also contains a number of Dirt piles and Cave Mushrooms. No machete. achievement in Raft: Slay the Mama Bear. 1 Begginers 2 Raft structure 3 Exploration 4 Notes 5 To-be created Raft > Allgemeine Diskussionen > Themendetails. Balboa Island is the largest island in the game. decline enough, one's heart amount will decrease. First, you will only have a steel hook to fish out all the stuff. Summary [edit | edit source] The Blueprint: Machete is found on Balboa Island, inside the Mama Bear's Cave. We have alright, we should see this island any second. You don't really need to kill mama bear.

Back when you could only build walls and pillars, Raft now allows you to build massive or … Gather debris, scavenge reefs and build your own floating home, but be wary of the man-eating sharks! After you kill mama bear you will find it in her cave. We bashed the vines with … So I have made it to Balboa Island, however I can't seem to make a Machete to make it to Relay Station 6. Can be used to attack enemies. And to keep a memory from this place, you will be able to plant birch and pine trees on your raft! I found it at balboa island, I don't remember the exact location. //Raft HQ Share: Dec 3, 2019 UPDATE 10: "The First Chapter" ... MACHETE A new weapon! Sort by. It's the mama bear. When we hover the mouse over them, we get a matchete symbol -- meaning, I assume, that we need to use the matchete. I managed to run around the bear and once I was in the cave, it just turned around and sat at the entrance again. 16.0k members in the RaftTheGame community. CHANGELOG . The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. It maxed out at 3 in my journal but I needed 5 to lure the bear. My wild berries were also bugged. The lightbulb is just for the achievements [Tiny Little Murderer] and [Fix Errol! Since all you’ve got is your raft, you must expand it first in order to build more on top of it. level 1. Helpful post about light blub: However, as we went deeper into the cave, there is another set of vines blocking our path. Box right infront. Has anyone had any luck finding the machete blueprints? It's protected by Mama Bear herself, who will attack any player that comes to close to the cave. I have been trying to find the Light Bulb on Balboa Island for far too long and I can't find it. A boss like enemy in the game. I found it at balboa island, I don't remember the exact location. along islands /rocks). My tactics is simple: hit the bear with the spear, run backwards, wait for the bear to come closer, hit it and runa backwards - repeat until it's dead... you'l find a tool in each tower and one in a locker while out and about, you will need the machete to get to tower 6. You need at least 5 wild berries to put in the feeder to distract mama bear so you can enter the cave. report. When it's done, the fire will go out the player may collect the drinkable water. Quest items stay in your journal and cannot be used in the game any other way.