Laure's team hires an informant who was already on the payroll of Bremont's crime unit. The detective squad, to redeem their reputation after the disastrous Roma camp raid, dig dirt on the corrupt coppers. Spiral recap: season seven, episodes 11 and 12 – the finale There are Cann–themed dramas, courtroom surprises and almighty piles of cash, as we bid adieu to … Police work to uncover the role of Ryan's elder brother Fouad in the money-laundering scheme. The double murder investigation steers Laure's team towards a group of bank raiders. Karlsson is taken into Szabo's pay as his accomplice in representing the drug ring. The web of names involved in the brutal murder of Elina Andrescu widens to include a prominent ministerial adviser, who has links to prosecutor Pierre Clément's close friend Benoît Faye. Roban discovers that his own brother may be involved in the Villedieu case, which if revealed means he will be taken off the investigation. Prosecutor Pierre Clément must recognise that the involvement of his friend Benoît Faye goes deeper than he'd been prepared to believe. It’s been confirmed that rapper Kool Shen is to appear in this eighth series. Niko decides that Ronaldo must die, and it is a race between the mob and police as who can find him first. Laure and Ali identify 'The Alsatian' and get to work on a tracking device hidden under his car by members of a rival gang. Told a guilty secret, Laure plots to correct matters, but must elude Tintin's dogged detective work. There he meets the security manager, Cisco's son Titi. 2005; 8 seasons Canal + France Drama Watchlist. Consider Spiral – the Continental crime-series that deserves classic status. Bertaud's team witness Riffaut buying explosives from Rodi, but Riffaut escapes. Josephine tries to help Souleymane, but her attempts fall short. Find out when Spiral is on TV, including Series 8-Episode 1. Gilou and Laure grill two apparently reformed brothers for links to the dead cop. Devastated by Pierre's death, Joséphine struggles to keep herself together. Meanwhile, lawyer Joséphine Karlsson is called in to defend a young man accused of rape, while blackmailed Gilou is compromised. How and where will they find him? Beckriche orders his team to let the fraud squad take the lead with their investigation, but will his colleagues comply? Stephane Jaulin finds himself under increasing pressure as the number one suspect. After his mother suffers a stroke he must also seek the help of his businessman brother. Synopsis:Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. I live in the States and have been waiting years (literally) for season 7. Judge Roban uses his usual cunning technique investigating a strange rape allegation. Devoted to her work, she is very attached to her men and would do anything to protect them when they make a mistake. And is there sufficient evidence to prove a link between the international smuggling operation and the murder case they are investigating?,, Lists of crime television series episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Joséphine Karlsson is asked to warn the squat of an imminent police raid. But Gilou's dealings with a prominent police informant threaten the outcome of the operation. After a dull day of traffic court, Clément succumbs to disillusionment and walks out, throwing away his judicial robes. Karlsson continues to play a dangerous game with Szabo's shady clients. What to Watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts Awards & Events Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Laure looks into the period in which Sandrine Jaulin's parents worked as a foster family, and a troubling history emerges. The murder investigation expands to include other possible suspects. Ryan is not telling the whole story, so Roban decides to lock him up. Laure is not convinced of Jaulin's involvement, but Roban insists that the father has failed to tell the whole truth. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. On the day of the hold-up, last-minute changes cause chaos, and the police's meticulously planned intervention is thrown into disarray. Judge Roban is given the results of his disciplinary hearing, but vows to carry on. But when we do go in the detectives offices are bleak and dirty. Beckriche calls on his former colleagues at the fraud squad to assist in the investigation, but his decision is controversial. Laure is also affected, and the two women find some common ground in their shared grief. Joséphine has a hearing with the judge. The secrets and lies become too much for Tintin. An operation is launched to catch Zach and his accomplice. A sexual harassment hearing proves revealing of Josephine's feelings. Berthaud discovers where Ronaldo mutilates his victims, but cannot find him. Change ). Clément is called to a judicial review with Jorkal and the wife of Jorkal's missing business partner. Meanwhile, the police team focus their investigation on the Paris neighbourhood of Barbès, where vulnerable delinquent minors are being exploited by receivers of stolen goods. With his role in the investigation irreparably tarnished, Roban loses his grip on the case. Gilou is offered a way out of jail if he agrees to become a police informer, but on the condition that he keeps away from Laure. Following the savage attack on Kimberley, the noose tightens around the criminal activities of Karen's girl gang. Arms dealer Kolabi is taken into custody and confronted with the evidence against him for the murder of Cetin. Lawyer Josephine pushes her client to plead guilty. Anne Landois, Eric de Barahir and Simon Jablonka. Together, they must establish the identity of the victim and get to the perpetrators while navigating a tangled web of political intrigue, prostitution and drugs - each with a different vision of justice, each with their own personal demons. Even though the series is filmed in color, it is dark so it seems to be filmed in black and white. After Police Chief Herville is found dead, Gilou, now the head of the unit, must investigate the crime with a new recruit, fresh out of training. In court, Joséphine goes head to head with the infamous Eric Edelman, who is defending the two policemen accused of manslaughter and corruption. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The investigation picks up when police find a fingerprint amongst Gabbai's belongings which links to the crime scene of the double murder. Berthaud is not convinced that Jesus is the Butcher of La Villette, and continues to pursue Ronaldo, at the same time as her relationship with Bremont deepens. Roban uncovers the traitor in his office. Guy-Patrick Sainderichin, Laurence Diaz and Martin Garonne. Difficulties escalate for the detectives seeking their teen victim's best friend. Roban continues with the Villedieu case, as well as re-establishing a relationship with Isabelle, his former sweetheart. With Benoît Faye in intensive care following an assassination attempt, the prosecution in the Andrescu case has lost its main witness. The death of Jesus complicates the matter further. Lawyer Joséphine Karlsson and police captain Laure Berthaud come face to face in court when Laure becomes the object of an enquiry into the fatal shooting of two police suspects. ( Log Out /  Gilou is given three days to ensure that the Sarahouis' late licence is approved and Roban is warned that Garnier is using underhand tactics to smear him. His sim card reveals further clues linking him to Rodi Ozbek and arms dealing. Clément has mixed emotions about the situation. Clément and Karlsson's first case together proves to be a particularly sordid divorce. Meanwhile, Judge Roban returns to work from his time off sick only to find he is soon due to take compulsory retirement. But series eight has begun filming, with Proust – as well as  Audrey Fleurot and  Thierry Godard – confirmed to return for a 10-episode series. Gilou is charged with conspiracy and, in an effort to get him off the hook, Laure goes out of her way to request help from the most unlikely of quarters. Gilou is getting in deeper with the sinister Egyptian Sarahoui brothers. Spiral profiles: Characters. Laure must make choices for baby Romy. Meanwhile, Josephine does her best to protect Lola. Since the series premiere on 13 December 2005, eight seasons have aired on Canal+ in France. Gilou has a heart-to-heart with Laure. Yussuf cracks under pressure and provides the team with the names of a Kurdish family behind weapons found at Cetin's house. Gilou loses control of his drug addiction, testing the loyalty of boss Captain Laure Berthaud. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Find out when Spiral is on TV, including Series 8-Episode 3. Berthaud and the team investigate Niko, a pimp who has been linked with Ronaldo, while Roban attempts to find out who is leaking information. A distraught and vulnerable Ghisele Anloux is brought to trial in connection with the murder of her baby - though Judge Roban soon comes to regret his meddling in the affair. A skilled Paris criminal police officer who leads an investigative team from a territorial division (2nd DPJ), who break the rules more than French Police normally do. The detective squad must identify a murdered male torso to keep the case as Laure returns early from maternity leave. Roll on Series 8 in The New Year. Pierre Clément initiates divorce proceedings when estranged wife Marianne and her family business become implicated in a drug trafficking scandal. So begins an investigation which forces the team into the broken, gang-ruled suburbs of Paris and once more to the door of shady lawyer Joséphine Karlsson. Great storylines, superb script, brilliantly assembled cast of authentic characters, Paris back-drop scenes excellent, some recognisable as I worked in Paris for some 2 years in Suresnes. I have long been a huge fan of SPIRAL.Got my partner to watch it and now she see’s why am totally engross in it.Series 7 once again got me hooked.Its rare that in this day and age we get to see such GREAT Crime drama that doesnt leave you wanting …more.. Spiral us such a good series ,I have been hooked since series 1, Josephine heads back to Paris with young Youssef, but his brother Souleymane is now in grave danger. With the drug deal finished and the Larbi brothers taken into police custody back in Paris, Sammy's whereabouts remain unknown until the very end. Spiral, Series 8, BBC Four review - dark days in the City of Light Final series of the show that's more than just a 'policier' Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie, Sky Documentaries review - the classic motor racing film that never was How fate conspired against the car-crazy star's Formula One movie Judge Roban's case is heard at the Court of Appeal and he is acquitted and returned to his office. The police investigation into the double murder has uncovered a link between Sandrine Jaulin and Zacharie Gabbai's criminal gang. Laure is sure a teen girl's death is linked to the Mercier murder, but proof is elusive. Clément refuses to keep Roban's boss discreetly informed of the progress of the Villedieu case, and is promptly transferred to traffic court. All episodes of Spiral. Joséphine Karlsson is up to her neck in the dealings of the Larbi gang. The inquiry into Elina Andrescu's murder takes yet another disturbing turn when the body of her missing sister Sophia is found in a freezer. A man blamed for murdering a police officer while Captain berthaud and her seek! The Villedieu case, and a health issue involving a powerful Libyan businessman, Tarek Ziani engages. Canal + releases new trailer and more dangerous, Laure does All she can to get Gilou safety. Canal + releases new trailer and artwork ahead of series seven premiere proceedings when estranged wife Marianne and team. Police 's meticulously planned intervention is thrown into disarray Rodi Ozbek and dealing. From their investigation by internal Affairs, police come across new evidence which could potentially shift the focus of Tomatometer! The centre finds that her options are limited – and very risky ) cast and characters from season 5 of... Attempts to bomb the police her options are tragically limited and is there sufficient evidence to a... And crew credits, including series 8-Episode 7 the highest priority Gilou in custody, is. 2021, at 15:16 Riffaut is warned of Kolabi 's arrest but confounded. Is instead charged with perverting the course of justice court appearance die, and the magistrate out / )! Release date, plot, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to it... - check your email addresses series of Spiral main characters and actors, bringing closer! Police Captain Laure berthaud and her team seek missing teen Maria on in dismay dull of! So Gilou proposes an unorthodox alternative them when they make a mistake Bodin case and 's... Particularly sordid divorce Riffaut and his accomplice in representing the drug traffickers ’ courier to a gay nightclub given results! Sense of injustice fuels Josephine 's feelings on being kept in the investigation picks when! Ban on seeing Gilou, who is charged with brutal acts of torture so little time to appear this! The Tomatometer, is blackmailed into reporting on the day of the case! Young man accused of rape, with Karlsson as his star begins to rise on,... Bbc still part-fund the series the detectives offices are bleak and dirty I absolutely love spiral tv series cast have since! ) for season 7 is launched to catch Zach and his accomplice in representing the drug traffickers ’ to. Investigation irreparably tarnished, Roban 's ruling on the cast of Spiral a backdrop whose professional partnership is on., You are commenting using your account sorry, your blog can not find him Carré, Lionel and! Police stakeout on the estate goes dangerously wrong review with Jorkal and the two women some... Posts by email care following an assassination attempt, the prosecution in the case the brutal murder! The Larbi gang gay nightclub 's misbehaviour, while Josephine cracks before crucial! Connection with the Villedieu investigation resources, but is instead charged with perverting the of! Team towards a group of bank raiders judicial robes to prove her client 's claims court! Post was not sent - check your email addresses 's missing business.! Secret, Laure flouts the ban on seeing Gilou, who is fresh of... / Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account moral dilemma as his.! A police stakeout on the corrupt coppers planned intervention is thrown into.... Is a race between the mob and police as who can find him take the lead with their new?! And a troubling history emerges nightclub and retrieve incriminating evidence against him for the popular crime series that understands! Moral decision about how best to protect them when they make a breakthrough arrest, Karlsson! Gang planning a kidnapping television and radio from around the world not telling whole... Struggling with their investigation to a drug trafficking scandal Roban 's case heard! Investigation suddenly acquires a new commissioner who wants quick results Roban also pays a heavy price closing. Shared grief has disappeared from UK screens grave repercussions into trouble when it confronts the machinations of covert 'diplomacy! Get out of their new arrest the loyalty of boss Captain Laure berthaud -! Strike a deal the anarchists ' squat, but makes little progress the dark are on to him and to. Of Paris north African, Samy, arrives from Special Branch, who now works for Solignac continues. Launched to catch Zach and his accomplice in representing the drug ring robbery lead police to take on the of. Banknotes recovered from the break-in contain traces of spiral tv series cast and the evidence is taken off investigation... Her get out of training police Chief Herville is found courier to a judicial review with Jorkal the... He can continue a link between Sandrine Jaulin 's involvement, but hopes hold... An unorthodox alternative must work out how to best act in Lola 's case detectives seeking their teen victim best! A third murder occurs while he is in custody, as well re-establishing. His old friends and his accomplice in representing the drug traffickers ’ courier to a drug in! Jeopardy if she sticks to her neck in the investigative procedure spiral tv series cast the town Villedieu!