I've just had my second box and I've been really impressed so far. I will try again a couple of times and will post an update once I know my final thoughts. Facebook, Trustpilot, Indeed.com, and many personal customer reviews don’t give the service less than a 3.2-star rating. I'm very happy with them and will be continuing, it's a nice little thing to look forward to especially as I can't shop during lockdown. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUROrdered a box, paid money and was given a date for delivery.Waited but heard nothing, really bad customer service. The clothing isn't inexpensive. They have also introduced me to brands I didn't know existed. Clothes great quality and washed well too....Everything fitted me well and 3 out the 5 pieces I would have picked for myself. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. They really suit me, fit perfectly and feel like great quality for the price. There should be a maximum price amount. Utterly ridiculous. Impressed with customer services. We appreciate you letting us know your Fixes have missed the mark, Becky. We apologize for the shipping delay! I requested a second pair of trousers for work and a cardigan that would layer with the dress and top.When my fix arrived, I was disappointed. Here's how I … Always the same style; short, skinny jeans. Stitch Fix February 2020 Review. Roll on next month!! I ordered my first box last month and was really pleased with the selection of clothes recieved. We appreciate you letting us know your Fixes missed the mark, and our Client Experience team can assist with deactivating your account if you could please reach out to hello@stitchfix.com. I decided the only way to really get to grips with the service was to test it out. The blouse was itchy and the lounge pants were flimsy - you couldn't have worn them outsideThe second pair of trousers were the biggest let down. Two items I wouldn’t have picked myself but look great on. For this month’s Stitch Fix box, I asked Jennifer to send items great to wear for Christmas and into winter. May Stitch Fix 2020. Review for my Stitch Fix 2020 Box. £40 for a polyester top that not only looked cheap but I felt it would wash up badly. My husband was also in the hospital - so I got stuck paying for those awful ugly old lady clothes that I hate that are also now too large. I wrote feedback each time while apparently was ignored. How Stitch Fix works Get clothing based on your style, size and price range for a £10 styling fee. I have no idea who my "personal shopper" was, but she dressed me like I was a "little old lady" with pull up pants with no pockets and an elastic waistband, a sweater with corduroy patches on the elbows (I didn't even know they made those anymore), and some very ugly accessories I'm not sure little old ladies would even wear! Massive disappointment. I received a total of 3 boxes and each was more disappointing than the next. I wrote feedback each time while apparently was ignored. QUALITY IS TERRIBLE AND WAY OVER PRICED. I leave incredibly honest feedback for my stylist and 8/10 times I … I'm a 30 something year old man and I like to dress well but I don't enjoy shopping and I'm not good at knowing what will suit me. We're thrilled to hear Toni is knocking your Fixes out of the park, Gemma! When my order was placed, I was informed that, due to high demand, orders were slightly behind, which was not an issue for me. I will give this company another go, as so far I have had a better experience than Lookiero, however they have some work to do. Stitch Fix strikes a good balance between quality and affordability, like what you might find at Macy’s. • Long wait time to receive your order — users reported waiting up to a month … Good to Know: Stitch Fix is an ad hoc styling service, meaning you can schedule Fixes automatically or order them whenever you’d like—there’s no subscription required. I'm off to tell my friends!! Stitchfix send me clothes every month and every month they absolutely nail it. The first item that I tried on this month was the 41 Hawthorn Jimena Shirt Dress. Give it a try, it might be for you! 2 of the items were from a make I recently fell in love with but hadn’t mentioned in my profile so impressed with that. Thank you for your feedback, Amy. Our team has followed up via email in reply to your original message, and will be more than happy to help address these concerns. Only downside is that some items can be a bit too expensive for what I would normally pay, for example lots of the jumpers or dresses are £49.00 so it depends on what you can afford. Now it is January 13th and she leaves to return to school tomorrow morning and..... no stitch fix order. I am 5'8" with long legs and they kept sending me the same length pants. I believe the success comes down to my stylist (name dropping Toni here), who had clearly taken the time to read feedback and choose clothing accordingly. Also Good to Know: In addition to Women’s and Men’s options, Stitch Fix launched Stitch Fix Kids! If you choose to leave it open with your scheduling set to on-demand, you won't be charged or receive any further Fixes unless you specifically request one, but does allow you to continue accessing Shop Your Looks. Yes they don’t get it right hundred percent of the time but I like the fact that sometimes I get items that are different to what I would choose. not dark/black colours'. Be the first to experience our styling service - sign up for the waitlist. If you want to shop their recommendations, they don't provide filtering. I wrote feedback each time while apparently was ignored. I had covid early November and wasn’t able to send my return items back within the 7 days and they were really helpful. 41 Hawthorn Jimena Shirt Dress. I would give them 0 stars if I had a choice; however I will give them a 1. They have a great product we think but customer service is horrible. I've read other reviews and I certainly havd not received bad quality materials. Stitch fix basically sent me the same outfit every "fix." When editing styling info, you have to start from the beginning & can't edit specific sections. Before the order was due, I did the style quiz every day to give my stylist the best chance to know what I like. Despite having a complete profile with all sizes listed, they sent me all the wrong sizes. Spring Stitch Fix 2020. That it was still in process in their warehouse!! That is insane. Stitch Fix UK is a personal shopping website where a personal stylist takes into account your size, style and what you’re looking for then sends you a handpicked box of clothing to try. Not worth it, in my book. I'm looking forward to my second fix! Received my first box yesterday! Normally I'd spend an hour or two wandering the high street shops and buy nothing.I loved most of what I received, but rejected some based on the fit.Prices seem to be fair for the most part. Stitch Fix Review #8! I never felt heard regarding my preferences. Item #1 MARKET & SPRUCE Hans Crochet Front Top Size- XSP $58.00. She used it the day after Christmas and when she did it the site guaranteed delivery by January 4th. Literally shouldn't cost anymore than £10 and thats being generous. Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that lets you try on specially-selected clothes at home without having to commit to a subscription. I then got sent a new box automatically without being able to review the items first.Furthermore, I feel there should be an option.to edit items you have "liked" on the Style Shuffle. THEY DON'T LISTEN. Overall, I was very pleased with the shipping process. My favorite part of this top was obviously the back. The items I received weren't fit for a pensioner, let alone a 30 year old woman. My thoughts: If you follow along with me here on Lake Life State of Mind, it’s pretty evident that teal is one of my absolute favorite colors. It's January, freezing cold and wet. Come see pictures and video of my latest Stitch Fix Fall unboxing. Please listen to your customers . You can read about my other Stitch Fix reviews: September Stitch Fix 2020. Made in China garbage. It's encouraged me to try clothes and styles that I would never normally think about trying. If you're open to trying again, please give our Client Experience team a shout at hello@stitchfix.com. I live in the Northeast and was receiving flats for shoes, no boots, along with blouses and skinny jeans. I pay by paypal, so I am going to contest it. I am unable to get out and shop for clothes because my husband and I are both quaranteed because of Covid-19 (he had an organ transplant with many post-op complications plus we're both immunosuppressed) so I thought I might try Stitchfix. Their website is frustrating to work with. This encouraged me to buy, knowing they had good customer service. My thoughts: For starters, this shirt looks a little purple in the video and pictures but it is actually grey. I have genuinely had so much fun and joy with stitchfix! I am on my fourth box and so far had quite a few lovely clothes from them. No sweaters, no coats no purses. I love a Stitch Fix dress and this one would be perfect to wear for Christmas. Excellent company and fantastic service, highly recommended! All rights reserved. Now I cant cancel. It's been a bit hit and miss with some of the choices, but across 2 boxes I've kept 2 pairs of trousers, a top and some earrings. High Expectations & Poor Results. Shady. !Waste of time, really bad customer service and above all make you our to be some sort of criminal just for placing an order.There are other companies out there like Thread, where I have never had any problems.Do not use Stitch, because the name says everything about this company. The dress was ok, but the fit was a bit off and the cardigan did not work with it - black and green dress, navy blue cardigan. For anyone wondering, “Stitch what?” Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out a profile and a stylist chooses five pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories) to send your way for a $20 styling fee. Worth using some lovely items and costs nothing as free returns. They also sent me some Whistles trousers which were £90, which is insane for me, as I said I usually spend maximum of £40 on trousers. Clothing quality is junk. Beautifully packaged with such care. In this day of technology, a gift card should be simple to send out on the same or next day...not sit for 8 days waiting for someone to create it. Sweaters ball up and clothing falls apart, in the washing machine. She has contacted them and they have I formed her that the issue is hers and she will have to take care of it. They seem to know my style well and always send me pieces that I like, I generally only keep them if I love them but I usually at least like everything. So she is out the stylist charge if she returns it or she is out the shipping charge to forward it. Your ratings help us get to know you better over time, and we're exciting to continue learning about your style!