Most contact-activities, like playgrounds or boat rentals, are closed, in addition to park programs. Many of these are historic sites, offering a peek into Arkansas’ past. Parks are open, but you’ll notice some changes. From caves to battlefields, there is something for everyone at these fantastic parks. Expect some changes. 2 historic sites offer a look at the Native Americans who once called this place home. Closures of campgrounds and parks add an extra layer of stress for full-time RVers and even those wanting to escape in solitude for the weekend. A total of 11 NPS sites can be found in the Sunshine State. (Though, most open parks have their fees waived at this time. 8 of these are official national parks, while the rest are preserves, historic sites, and more. Cleaning your RV or vehicle frequently is as important as cleaning your home. 5 more of our country’s national parks can be found in the state of Minnesota. Michigan plays host to 5 very different national parks sites. We love each of these sites and hope you make time to see all 5. As you might imagine, the national parks in Hawaii are absolutely incredible. One of the very best ways to get away in an RV is by visiting our country’s many amazing National Parks Service sites. Day use and camping reservations are highly recommended. If you’re looking for state parks in Texas with sand, water, and sun… this one is for you! Herbert Hoover National Historic Site offers lots of new information, and Effigy Mounds National Monument teaches something new while also providing access to beautiful nature. These include: Another beautiful place, Arizona is home to 22 of our country’s NPS sites. First State National Historical Park tells a story about our nation’s early history in a way that is incredibly engaging. At this time, some states with available camping may limit to in-state residents. Not only that, but thanks to the diverse landscapes found in the state, these parks are very different from one another, meaning you will want to see each and every one. Texas state parks: open; limited camping. Why? While Mount Rushmore should be a stop on your adventures, we also highly recommend Wind Cave National Park and Badlands National Park. Below we have some tips for you to stay safe while venturing out as well as state and national park updates. The thing is, there is so much more to this amazing state. That said, you don’t have to do it all in one trip, or even in one decade. It is recommended to visit local parks close to your home and also to bring your own soap, water, or hand sanitizer to use while you're out. You’ll want to consult our RV cleaning guide with guidelines from the CDC. What about Washington? Vermont is home to 2 national parks units. New York is more than just a big city. Among these are two of the most famous parks in the country: Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Please note the information in this article is updated on a daily basis and may not be inclusive of all services provided by the park. Many of these parks allow camping onsite, and all of them have outdoor recreation opportunities for all ages and interests. Each of these will allow you to steep yourself in the history and nature of this unique and colorful state. Like an old friend who comes around when needed most, Texas state parks have returned. Not sure which one to check out? Learn more before visiting. Wisconsin state parks: open with conditions. |  Both offer a lovely look at the state, and both are must-see stops when visiting this state. 15 national parks call New Mexico home. Oklahoma has 3 national park units to offer guests. You can also explore different parts of the world through Google Earth and five incredible tours from Google Arts and Culture: Please keep in mind the following before venturing out to the parks: Please note, the closures noted on this page are specific to Coronavirus. Our favorite Minnesota park is Voyageurs National Park, which features all kinds of amazing plants and animals. Wondering about national parks in Montana? While there are only 2 NPS sites in this state, they are both worth visiting to learn a bit about the history of the state. Pedernales Falls State Park near Johnson City has closed completely due to coronavirus concerns, while other Texas state parks are closing facilities but remaining open. Instead, spread it out and really take the time to enjoy each place you visit. Some limitations and guidelines are in place for everyone's safety. This spectacular state has plenty to offer in terms of national parks. If that isn’t possible, we recommend making Gateway Arch National Park your must-see and saving the others for the next trip. Some offer beautiful views and lovely hikes, while others boast some seriously fascinating history. Texas reopens state parks and retail stores — but schools are closed. In fact, an astounding 22 NPS sites can be found in Virginia, meaning there’s something to explore around every corner. Make reservations here or by calling (512) 389-8900. Some are historic sites, while others showcase the beauty of the Kansas prairie. Enjoy close-up views of coastal birds. Texas became one of the first states in the U.S. to begin the slow and methodical process of restarting its economy by reopening its state parks to visitors on Monday. Temporary closures and operations adjustments will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.TPWD continues to monitor the evolving health situation with local and state officials and will adjust operations at department sites and facilities as necessary. Historic sites, national historical parks, and heritage areas make up the bulk of these, making this an ideal state to learn something new. Texas' state parks and historic sites are ordered closed Tuesday by Gov. Be sure to check their website.). Passes cost $70 and are good for one year. Here are our recommendations: Thinking about a trip to Connecticut? In fact, this awesome state offers 24 NPS sites to explore. Please check back often and use the park links for specific details. Due to limited staffing, weather conditions and continuing construction projects, some state parks will not be open at the current time. Some of the best options in Washington include: 6 of the United States NPS sites are found in West Virginia. Alaska is a gorgeous and fascinating place. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell . Those looking for NPS sites in Illinois will find 2 different fabulous options. Please be sure to check for details before going to the park. Each one focuses on history, with each looking at a different time and place. Purchase a pass online. The park may be restricted or closed for other reasons. Some of these give visitors a chance to see Florida’s native plants and animals, while others show us the Florida of the past. Services such as visitors centers or restrooms may still be closed. Another tip is to find a park you have not visited before that is close to your home. "Camping" indicates if the park allows for overnight camping. Outside of the cities, you can bask in the beauty of New York nature. Are the southeast area state parks open for camping? Georgia state parks: open. If nothing else, you will definitely want to explore Hot Springs National Park. The park may be restricted or closed for other reasons. These offer a variety of awesome landscapes and activities. We know staying at home can be challenging, especially if you live in an RV. One of the best ways to do this is by visiting one of their 13 national parks and taking a hike. By Teresa Gubbins. You’ll find 9 NPS sites in this state, including 2 awesome national historical parks. For the most part, history is the focus at these locations. That said, the best of these is definitely Congaree National Park, which gives guests a chance to check out the wonderful plants and animals of South Carolina. More info here. See temporary closures and business changes, |  The three segments of the trail follow the western shoreline of the island in Corpus Christi Bay. You also get discounted camping and park store purchases. © Copyright 2021 | 155 Montrose W Ave, Akron, OH 44321, Swim through shipwrecks and coral reefs in, Open parks have limited self-services, such as open trails and grounds, as well as online portals to pay fees. There’s a catch, however. Visit our guides for state parks and national parks. Many of these are focused on the history of the area, allowing visitors to step back in time as they explore. Trying to decide which parks to visit during your time in Texas? Another state with a total of 5 NPS sites, Kentucky is well worth visiting on your next RV adventure. Fortunately, there are 8 different ones for guests to enjoy. The vast majority of these are historic sites and monuments, helping to tell the story of our nation’s past to all who will listen. 8 NPS sites call Ohio home. We especially enjoy Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park. And most importantly, wash your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Not sure which ones to visit? Please check our Winter Schedule page for up-to-date information on the camping and day-use statuses of individual parks. Maine is home to 4 national parks. Services such as visitors centers or restrooms may still be closed. Want to see National Parks without leaving the couch? 10 national parks await your visit. Each of these is well worth a visit, meaning you will definitely want to try to make time for them all. These include the world famous Yellowstone National Park, as well as the equally beautiful Grand Teton National Park. Information about specific parks and amenities can be found within the links below. Learn about the Wright Brothers or Native Americans of the area, check out a lighthouse, swim in the ocean, or go on a hike. Now you can through virtual tours! Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Most state parks are open. Planning a trip to New Jersey? If a park is marked open, it has at least some availability for day-use and RV camping (if applicable). Beaches, fossils, hikes, and history can be found in these parks, meaning guests have absolutely no reason to be bored. In most cases, services are limited (such as bathrooms), and reservations are required beforehand. With over 10,000 state parks nationwide, there are plenty to explore!