Putting down your phone and other mobile devices gives your brain the opportunity to take notice of more peripheral things and people around you. This way you can be aware of what is going on around you. I only want folks to be safe. Paying attention to your surroundings might prevent an injury. Many of these offenses have occurred within residential neighborhoods along routes that residents take as they travel to and from their … We’re hunkered down up in the Northwest! People please be aware of your surroundings. Surroundings definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Hi Leanne, the earbuds, need we say more. Try heading a different way to work, another time to stop in at the grocery store, or meeting up with friends at different times and destinations. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. the curve. Thank you for prepping. Love it! Being aware of your surroundings can be the difference between life and death. How prepared are you? Knowing your surroundings and being aware of potential hazards will help you and your co-workers avoid unnecessary or dangerous situations. You are a true Texan! Tips to increase awareness of your surroundings. Sensei Lewis talks about the importance of being alert and aware of your surroundings. Second choice is deescalation. That’s why it’s so important that you are aware of your surroundings every time you leave your home. Being aware of your surroundings 1. Surprised he didn’t fall! Walk with purpose. I think that this little old lady will surprise any who want to take her on!! What happened to me was this: I was getting ready to load my groceries one day in broad daylight. This will only make it worse. Another word for aware. The threat level has risen significantly. Be Aware of Your Surroundings There has been an increase in street robberies across the city and the nation during the past year. When you know your surroundings, you can take better notice of the things that are out of the ordinary. Good luck everyone, Hi Matt, I agree with you, it will get worse before it gets better. 2021 Scotsman Shield. Be aware. In simple terms, Situational Awareness is being more aware of your surroundings. Tips If listening to electronical devices, leave one ear out. This includes going for a walk by yourself, heading out into a dark parking garage, or answering your front door in the middle of the night. Organizations can work with their employees to reduce their risk behaviors related to this factor accordingly. There are so many copyright lawsuits we may never be able to upload in my website. Food Storage Moms, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. What are they wearing? Last choice is to use your firearms. There might be a time where you have to run from a threat or to turn around to stand and fight, and it’s important for you to know which one you should choose. Moak says this is a great practice and encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings when leaving a mall or grocery store. That being said, the identification of our surroundings is crucial - if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change too. We just don’t want to take the time (or) have any information about us floating around in space, LOL. I have read and agree to Food Storage Mom's privacy policy, I’m Linda Loosli. There’s no shame when it comes to your safety. It’s not paranoia if it’s real. Women, you are an easy target, read what Linda has posted and do it!!!! Don’t presume changes in your surroundings are innocent or fine. The sooner you adapt to the new reality the better. May God bless this world, Linda, Pandemic: What You Need To Shelter In Place, Copyright Images: Robber Depositphotos_202867110_s-2019, Cell phone Woman Depositphotos_205112524_xl-2015. What Are the Best Self Defense Weapons to Carry While Traveling? it is too complex to discuss here. The devil is always placing things in our way to deceive us and draw us away from God and into his trap. I believe this will give you a better perspective on the importance of being aware of your surrounding. Consider, whether you need to tell someone or react. It was called a Wild Cat Defense Keychain. In your day-to-day activities, try to take stock of the environment, your senses, and your breathing. Make a comment, read more blog posts or shop our best products. Some of it is being misunderstood. DIY PVC Frozen Ice Containers For Emergencies, Why You Should Be Aware of Your Surroundings. With the rise of global terrorism, school shootings, and natural disasters, choosing to live out life as if any of these situations could never happen to you, is like playing next to a fire. Depending on the situation, your first reaction should be to decide if it’s safer to hide or to get out of the building. Now you have brass knuckles for punching or scratching. You shouldn’t feel silly about alerting a manager or security officer so that someone else is aware of what you may be feeling. 4. Subscribe to our news and get a 10% discount coupon! Never ignore your gut feeling. Hi Leanne, I just shake my head when I see you girls walking in the grocery store parking lot texting on their phones and it’s 11:30 at night or whatever. Being aware of your surroundings and taking notice of your environment is essential to your safety. It'll help reduce your anxiety, increase concentration and lengthen attention span, lower risk of health issues and allow you to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Two things that I know are these: 1) practice if you are going to carry a weapon – no matter if it is a pistol or a knife. Be aware of your surroundings. Linda. And, a shout out to Linda for putting this post together. Especially when you’re alone. I do not unlock my doors until I am at my car. Disconnecting from the cyber world will be most beneficial if you concentrate on being more present and meditating each day. We’ve all heard that age old saying, “lift with your legs—not your back,” but keeping correct posture refers to more than just employees who lift things regularly. Thank goodness you were there! Linda. God bless you for helping this young lady. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.". It is the solution of last resort. Because i wanted to avoid a consultation that probably would not have ended well because i am that grumpy old man. I totally agree with the comment on ear buds! What's the Benefit of Having a Personal Security Alarm? Ensure that you have enough space to do your work; Identify energy sources that require lockout/tagout procedures Regularly inspect your normal work area. Linda, If you have keys you have a weapon. I am an older lady and I can vouch for this type of situation. I try to NEVER shop after dark but of course, during the winter, that is not always possible. NOW, maybe they will listen to us! However, being aware of your surroundings could save you from ever even having to use the weapon. Jake, Hi Jake & Sylvia, you should join my Food Storage Moms private group on FaceBook (we talk to each other with only kind ideas and thoughts) And yes pictures are shared. Does any of their behavior cause concern? Don’t allow yourself to be easy prey for wicked and senseless people. You have “street sense” that`s important. There are have been kidnapping and sex traffic victims saved and brought home because of a stranger taking notice of the people around them and recognizing warning signs. Recently i pulled into a shopping center parking lot to go to the hardware store, lot was full so i had to park out in the boonies as my wife calls it, Young lady that i parked beside of seemed very nervous and upset, tears in her eyes, i asked if anything was wrong, two men had followed her and was very close to her when i got out of my truck, i could see them behind another car. I’m the owner and editor of Food Storage Moms. Alone. Follow a regular housekeeping schedule. Look it up now! Not just what time it is but the timing of actions and events around you. The point is … But when it becomes personal, and it’s your world that’s the one crashing down, this can leave you in a position where you’re left making a careless decision that could wind up being your last. I consent to Food Storage Moms collecting and storing the data I submit in this form. Also, when I get into my car, the only door unlocked will be my drivers door and that gets locked as soon as I get in. Stay well, Linda. I learned that day that there are things we all (not just women) need to do. I also learned a few dirty tricks from my Dad’s WWII self-defense booklet, as well as my big brother…. Being aware of what is happening around you and noting your surroundings is the first step to preventing serious injuries to yourself and your loved ones. Your quick reaction to red flags or signals of imminent danger can be the thing that saves you. Knowing what actions to take before a tire blows out on your car, or how to respond to an attacker can save your life and the lives of others. If it is flat, then I will call AAA. I think it’s wonderful they make them IF you are aware of your surroundings. One of the best ways to avoid violent encounters is to train your mind to recognize criminals, and the quickest way to do this is to start thinking like one. I’m so happy you’ve found us. 4. 5 Tips for Being Aware of Your Surroundings, Popular Self Defense and Home Security Products. You can thwart potential danger by having an action plan. This can give you a few extra precious seconds to make a wiser decision. Anticipating versus reacting will help keep you safe and bring you home to your family. Excellent advice Matt! Ensure warning signage is posted where needed. Aware: having specified facts or … You said it all. should not have been on the cell phone be alert, don`t think it can`t happen to you, it can!!! It'll be easier to recognize a danger if you aren't trying to stay awake or busy thinking about when you're going to eat next. I do not get it. Don't ever think you can beat the flashing lights or crossing gate arm at a highway grade crossing. There are many reasons why you should be aware of your surroundings. Hi Leanne, I was thinking the same thing about you! Thread the individual keys between your fingers. When red flags or alarm bells are going off in your head, or there’s a knot in your stomach about something you’re unsure of, go with your gut feeling. What are they wearing, what do they look like, and do they strike you as suspicious? 5 of the Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons to Keep on Your Person, 4 of the Best Self Defense Items to Keep in Your Defense Kit, A Look at 2018's Best Stun Guns for Self Defense. Which is fine, except she needs to look up, look around, and be aware of her surroundings - especially away at school . It’s not too crazy an idea to come up with a plan of escape if a dangerous situation was to arise. This way you’re more alert of their behavior and aware of any possible warning signs. there are many reasons to be aware of your surroundings. Practice, practice and 2) practice walking normally if you are carrying concealed. The one thing I have always taught my kids is to be aware of their surroundings as they are out and about. I also got in my truck and left, why? This brings an element of surprise to them and may get you to safety. By being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to warning signs, and noticing pre-attack indicators, you can spot a predator and deny him the close distance he needs to attack you by using space and/or objects in your environment. Linda is right on about her “gut feeling”, “be aware of you surroundings”, “know what the situation calls for”, i asked why didn’t you go back into the store when you became aware of the situation, texting!! Paying Attention to Your Surroundings Motivation. Jake, Your email address will not be published. Moak says this is a great practice and encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings when leaving a mall or grocery store. Stay safe and stay well in these trying times. Be safe in these troubled times. My book is currently available for sale at book stores around the world and of course: https://www.facebook.com/groups/293154608161380/. Tone it down because your a target. In the event that an injury cannot be avoided, injury law firms must prove that you either did not know about or took proper precaution to avoid the situation in which you sustained injuries. Take ownership of We stay away from the Social Media type sites (except your’s)…old fashioned I guess. For more tips on keeping you and your family safe, how to buy pepper spray and all your protection needs, explore our blog and shop. Some might call this crazy, but you can call it being smart. These are some good reasons WHY you should be aware of your surroundings. If you're not one for conscious meditation you can take other steps to help your mind and body be in optimal shape to react and deal with any situation that arises. Being aware of your surroundings, potential hazards and your fellow colleagues is one of the best ways to prevent injuries. That ability to take in your surroundings and sort out the important stuff, to be aware, to be vigilant. By Amber Pierson 2. I had just unlocked my car when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Pay attention to anything you could use as defense and where you might be able to hide if you had to. Animals and certain plants can become a problem if you get too close to them. Thank you. I have the key chain weapon – the weapon looks just like a decorative thing but has two holes for fingers and the ears become the weapon. Eventually, you’re going to get burned. voyage.gc.ca Évite z de d evenir une cible pour les agresseurs ou les voleurs en restant attentif en tout temps à ce qui se passe autour d e vous . Once an attacker has shifted his focus on you, and you’re back is against the wall, it’s time to bring your claws out and find whatever means you can use to bring them down. If you closed your eyes could you describe the room? You can even see people flying down the highway while on their cellphones, paying little attention to what’s going on in front of them. 2. By Neil Huotari. 5. Be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe! Most people today spend their lives with a cellphone or mobile device attached to their hand. Probably partly from a lifetime of working with and around large animals who *could* do serious damage, and being in the woods where you’d best stay alert, I suppose that need to know what’s going 360 degrees carries over… I’m always appalled by people who do various things while wearing ear-buds, totally unaware of anything but what’s right in front of them.