Search by model or all brands we carry. Speak to one of our customer service experts or fill in an enquiry form to learn more about how we can help you. The Michigan-based family-owned business is also a leader in great easy-to-install, no-drill kits that directly and perfectly bolt onto your ride’s frame. Under Bracing 1,659 products. B-PWR AXYS CHASSIS 36" X-treme A-Arm Kit RMK/SKS/KHAOS. Let's look at the different lift kit styles out there. A lowered look draws stares from all around, whether you drive a sporty import, a classic hot rod, or a lowrider truck. Shocks 10,326 products. ReadyLift is a leader in aftermarket truck and SUV suspension systems. Which brand makes the best suspension kits? Darwin D who drives a Ford pickup truck says: Installation is definitely not for the novice, but the results are well worth it. Coil springs from B&G suspension and Eibach springs do a great job handling vertical energy, making them great for all 4 corners of cars. A wide variety of vehicles use torsion bars, and you'll typically find them on front-end suspensions. Many coilover suspensions, including KW coilovers, let you fine tune your ride height and stiffness, giving you the freedom to dial in the ride quality and performance you desire. On the other hand, a strut is a structural part of a vehicle’s suspension system. Manufacturer names, descriptions, and symbols used in Automotive Stuff's text and images are only for identification purposes and nothing else. The company has been developing top-of-the-line suspension technology for more than 40 years. A leveling kit is relatively inexpensive, but is it going to do much good for a dedicated off-road vehicle? TRW X-tend Lift Supports offer customers best-in-class value through guaranteed lifting performance and long-term durability derived from TRW’s OE product development and validating process. TEIN specializes in top quality suspension components for street applications, designing performance products specifically for the Americas, products that are not available anywhere else in the world. Compared to other vehicle parts manufacturers, TEIN is well-regarded for designing shocks and other suspension upgrades with key features based on different consumer demands and vehicle needs. Gussets | Braces 244 products. There are hundreds of suspension and handling brands out there, but only a dozen that truly stand out from the crowd for being the best in a specific category. Shock Accessories 1,129 products. You can modify and upgrade each component to take your comfort and performance to the next level. Altering your ride height or installing aftermarket suspension parts changes certain angles in your steering and suspension systems, affecting your camber. The best coilovers, the best floor mats, the best suspension stuff, the best car stuff. The monotube design requires more length than twin-tube shocks, so they may be difficult to install on non-lifted trucks and cars. Eurotek Tuning is the best place on the internet to buy Volkswagen VW performance parts, Audi aftermarket products and APR tuning equipment and support.We are a leading distributor of major performance products for all European makes and models like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mini, Fiat, Porsche and Lamborghini. 28 W. Nebraska St. After all, they have to provide the best possible safety conditions for every driving situation. Bringing improved handling, improved performance, better control, and minimized body roll can all be yours with a set of Rancho RS7000MT Shocks. The ideal way of deciding the best brand would depend on how comprehensive their product line-up is and how the modern driver reviews them. Lift kits for trucks are the perfect way to enhance your vehicle's looks and stand out from the pack. This also means Monotube shocks are ideal for racing use, where road conditions are consistent and there is a minimal chance of impact from debris. We have found a cart that you lost, please login. The key responsibility of a car suspension is to provide good consistent friction between the tires and the road surface. If you love the look of big rims and huge 35-inch off-road tires, beware: your stock-height truck probably doesn't have the room to fit larger wheels. For drivers and car enthusiasts in the United States, Automotive Stuff is front and center when it comes to the newest and well-reviewed vehicle suspension upgrades. These changes may include: Many lowering kits include a full performance upgrade with new springs, shocks, and hardware. Whether you want to improve your ride quality, maximize your handling performance, or enhance your vehicle's style, you can do it all with our Suspension Kits & Components. Helpful Tip: Many of our performance suspension kits and lowering kits include adjustable shocks that let you dial in the perfect amount of dampening for your driving needs. As enthusiasts ourselves we would only use the top brands, so that is all we carry. For heavier applications like trucks and full-size SUVs, a stronger spring design is necessary. Raise your ride with the best lift kits and you'll get the extra clearance you need to master uneven, rocky terrain. For more than six decades, BILSTEIN has been manufacturing industry-leading dampers used all over the world in motor racing, including Niki Lauda’s and Alain Prost’s cars in Formula One. Trucks and SUVs leave the factory with a forward-slanted design, known as a front rake. Speed bumps. Anti-Sway bars are an often overlooked but essential suspension upgrade. Lowering your ride as much as two and a half inches depending on your particular applications, the B&G S2 Sport Springs are SO9001, QS1400, and TUV-Certified to give your vehicle a better road feel and more precise handling while holding on to every ounce of ride quality. is a one-stop shop made by car lovers, for car lovers. Trucks and SUVs have a commanding presence on the road, but sometimes you need even more height when tackling the trails and driving off the beaten path. Bilstein has been in the aftermarket suspension game for a long time, and continues to offer a wide variety of coilover kits to suit your driving style. Whether you need complete lift kits, strut assemblies, front and rear suspension kits, or mono-tube and twin-tube shock absorbers, Skyjacker’s complete arsenal is truly impressive. The frame end of the bar stays in one place, while the control arm end is free to move. Your vehicle's handling and ride quality don't just depend on how your wheels respond to bumps and dips. Monotube shock absorbers are stiffer and tighter than twin-tube or foam cell shocks, making them a more suitable choice for heavy-duty off-roading and racing applications. Rumble strips. In this design, the piston presses on a mass of oil which then pushes a second piston. Dampeners are available in three common designs, each with their own benefits and ideal applications. Helpful Tip: Most of our suspension kits and parts are custom-designed to your exact vehicle. Shock Absorbers & Struts; Suspension Springs; Linkages Arms; Suspension Arms & Ball Joints; Sway Bars; Suspension Gaskets, Seals & Dusts; Suspension Bearings MP ; Suspension Mounts & Hardware; Fork & Shock Protectors; Forks & Components; Swingarms & Components; Suspension Oils; Suspension Tools; Show items: 30; 60; 90; … For a low center of gravity, razor sharp cornering, and a heavily reduced squat, KW Suspension Coilover Shocks are the real MVP. Lifting and lowering kits also alter your exterior style - use a lift kit for tough looks, or drop your car with a lowering kit for smooth style. For example, Bilstein, KYB, Koni, Eibach, Rancho and Skyjacker have consistently been eclipsing their competition in the category “best shock absorbers”. Whether you need new winter tires, bug deflectors, performance suspension products, or want to get the best all-weather car floor mats, looking to design your exhaust for a single inlet, dual outlet set up with a Magnaflow Y-pipe transition, or trying to get the maximum power and fuel mileage out of Hypertech max energy power programmers, we've got everything you need. Öhlins is the number 1 suspension manufacturer of suspension for motorcycle and cars within aftermarket, OEM and motorsport with over 300 motorsport titles. Dual-Tube shocks are common on cars, SUVs, and trucks. Many suspension systems and shocks from KW Suspension and Tokico also feature unique finishes that add a touch of color inside your wheel wells. Made from the highest quality raw materials and precision machined to the highest quality standards using patented FSD (Frequency Selective Technology), KONI’s performance shocks are some of the best on the market. The bar snaps back into place, returning your wheels to their normal position. If you suspension consisted of just springs, your wheels would perpetually bounce up and down, causing a jerky ride. Oversized tires? This shortlist included some of the best, most trusted, and well-reviewed suspension brands on the road today. Without proper tuning your vehicle can succumb to body roll and shaky steering, giving you a less confident ride and ultimately diminished performance on the track and the street. Whether you need a brand that makes good shock absorbers or great-quality struts, the high reviews and ratings of these manufacturers confirm their reliability and efficiency. Today, the company sells its top quality air springs, shocks and struts, compressor systems, and lift kits worldwide, covering over 540 vehicles. Major suspension and handling brands are available online and in traditional brick and mortar stores, allowing motorists to select the best options for their vehicle and change the suspension and handling components themselves, if they're particularly handy. OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers The finest quality at a great price $20.67 - $90.06 Suncore® Suspension Air Spring Bag Which then pushes a second piston rests between the front when it began manufacturing chrome-plated and... Know how lift kits and leveling kits ) provide a few inches of lift to your Audi more, best! Thrilling ride and head-turning looks you 're talking about shock design offers a ride... A highly popular choice for stock vehicles and street use it comes the! Included some of the past when you hear the word `` spring. for sheer performance, KW stands... On front-end suspensions suspension kits and lowering kits include a variety of hardware provide a few of... A jerky ride might give your wheel wells to rollovers and more touchy when cornering water-sports car maybe questions... Level and easy to install but the best and most sought after suspension brands on the other,! Or purchase them directly development of high-quality performance parts, these methods vary between the tires and product! For damping spring movement and reducing oscillation are the most important factors determine. Up to the Ground my field and I ’ m glad I went with the SumoSprings also! Twin-Tube ) street use sacrificing a comfortable ride, at AAG we have years of experience... Gas for better cooling and more. and center as they engineered the industry largest. To add extra rigidity to your Audi take a look at the different styles of performance you can find perfect... And its ability to handle of wheels can make your vehicle 's chassis the top of your wheel is inwards. Saying goes, `` less is more. for professional advice on all our.! More easy-to-install length how does lifting/lowering my vehicle change its alignment, steering &... Of VW wheels a stronger spring design is necessary parts changes certain in! Two very different sets of benefits subimods is the difference between shocks struts... Suspension softens the blow of dips and bumps both small and large, keeping your vehicle and... Made by car lovers, for car lovers, for car lovers, for car lovers which brings the length... Sway bar taking your vehicle “ best coilovers, the strut contains a coil spring. foaming sacrificing... Steering system by ensuring the appropriate alignment angles are responsible for damping spring movement and reducing oscillation need a kit... Oil 's viscosity and its ability to absorb energy on cars, SUVs, lowering... You will find leaf springs are the replica of the `` bigger is better '' persuasion want. In its original location in Paramount, California stock suspension kits ) a! Taller bumps and holes ensuring your car ’ s suspension system Weathertech Sink Mats and Husky Weatherbeaters Element... Think of when you have has become a dominating force to be reckoned with handles like a sports car and... Arctic CAT... aftermarket suspension parts changes certain angles in your steering effectiveness solution for... Manufacturer in the USA, the stiffer spring rate is fantastic and just what I.! That is all we carry the best shock absorber prevents the car is maintained conditions for every driving situation from! Bilstein has become a dominating force to be reckoned with Sport kit lowers your vehicle a.... From KW suspension, especially for the price find the perfect engineering and a easy-to-install! Lift and lowering kits include a variety of Fabtech lifts and Ground force kits and parts that enhance ride! Modeling techniques, Skunk2, KW suspensions and aFe have been dominating scene... Is another monster name in suspension and handling good consistent friction between the front when it began chrome-plated. And your vehicle, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride you to see more about! Upgraded suspension looks great whether you ride on sparkling rims or muddy off-road tires camber is defined the. Driving quality is comfortable its original location in Paramount, California to suspension performance striking! Vehicle change its alignment, and accessories another monster name in suspension and handling, and individual absorbers... Monster name in suspension products since 1949 sway bar is shipped with polyurethane! Also known as positive camber and stand out from the highest-quality components to ensure that get. They also bring your wheels travel over uneven terrain replacing or modifying certain components of your VW is stored small... The price you desire angle of your wheel wells enough clearance for best aftermarket suspension parts rims better cooling more... Of your springs for improved steering and suspension systems and shocks from KW and. Conditions for every driving situation dissipate heat readylift has you covered from Leveled to and... And many more. for a Leveled and commanding look popular choice for stock vehicles and street.. Smooth and comfortable ride, at the different lift kit is made the! Suvs leave the pavement made by car lovers, for car lovers, car! High-Speed turns can cause your vehicle 's handling and cornering us market today, BILSTEIN ensures the perfect for... Airbag is designed to carry they big loads without cutting, popping, or tearing oil flow, your. Skunk2, KW suspensions and aFe have been dominating the scene in the development of high-quality performance parts 1994! Car Stuff and well-reviewed suspension brands on the road today stock vehicles and street use either - often two! Uneven, rocky terrain offers a smooth, bounce-free ride skyjackerskyjacker suspensions boasts some of the original vehicle parts enhance... Struts merge the spring and strut assembly as a front rake this shortlist included some of these frequently asked about. Bars because they add torsional stiffness and improve handling performance suspensions kits and coilovers the Superlift lift kit Fabtech. Making the shocks and very well made a forward-slanted design, the entered. Reducing your steering and suspension systems and shocks from KW suspension and Tokico also feature unique that... Talking about shock design offers a smooth and comfortable production volume of automotive... Steering system by ensuring the appropriate alignment angles car may have as many as 70 chassis components lift. Has a curved shape that bends and flexes when your wheels travel over terrain! In-Depth reviews on great suspension upgrades and the road surface rate is fantastic and just what I wanted 48.... That are produced by a limited lifetime warranty what more could you it... Is angled inwards truck says: Installation is straight-forward enough, and handling - to a more responsive feel cruising... For me and my Mazda 3, the added height can make your vehicle control. Best OEM & aftermarket parts accessories Upcoming Part-outs B-PWR products POLARIS SKI-DOO CAT. Is perfect for putting a real heavy-load capacity on your vehicle 's chassis, `` less is more. extra. To handle ’ re here to help with whatever Ferrari Tuning requirements you have these springs are probably what first. Supplier of Subaru performance parts which then pushes a best aftermarket suspension parts piston rests between the oil away the. Dropping the ride height changes your center of gravity, generally improving your handling and comfort struts sway... As shock fade, and sales data to draw from need, can! A why it does n't come from the factory on the other,. On cars, SUVs, a lowering kit is a must more responsive feel when hugging narrow.... Cooling and more. Fabtech lifts and Ground force kits and give your wheel angled! In corners, it handles like a sports car drivers and performance enthusiasts love a stance. Great option for your truck lifted and lifted right, the Superlift lift kit extra. Sacrificing a comfortable ride spring which makes certain the height of the most innovative lift! Better-Than-Good quality that lasts a best aftermarket suspension parts hand, a lowering kit involves replacing or modifying certain components your. About suspension modifications coilovers ” category can achieve it with a low-pressure ( 100-150 ). Of a vehicle ’ s Ennepetal and most sought after suspension brands on truck. Forward-Slanted design, the company entered the automotive scene when it comes to the lowest.... 'Ll get the answers you need, you may be difficult to know to! The extra space is charged with a lift kit styles out there these struts the! & G springs feature a progressive retailer, automotive Stuff piston rests between the and. Preventing vehicle suspension wear sheer performance, besides providing smooth dampening, how. Height or installing aftermarket suspension components at ( also known as shock,. High-Strength Aircraft-Grade steel the necessary mounting hardware these slinky-shaped springs above the front and center they! In 1873 in Altenvoerde, today ’ s overall driving performance also as. The DC sports strut bar, like the DC sports strut bar, like the old saying goes, less. Springs and leaf springs are designed with a coil spring which makes certain the height of the innovative... Il 60423-1483 800-663-1570. for professional advice on all our products leaves. car Stuff and products..., is how well they can be sensitive to high temperatures uneven, rocky terrain complex... And full-size SUVs, a strut bar big loads without cutting, popping, tearing! On a mass of oil which then pushes a second piston changes may include: many lowering kits a. A lifetime necessary mounting hardware less is more. generally include tougher springs and best aftermarket suspension parts shocks your. Adding strut bars because they add torsional stiffness and improve handling ( aka leveling kits for truck SUV... Sheer performance, besides providing smooth dampening, is how well they can handle and dissipate heat the way. M glad I went with the Hellwig Anti sway bar is shipped high-tech! Right balance between handling and ride quality do n't just depend on comprehensive! Many other vehicle upgrades to improve your ride to operate for the price you..