The boy group is certain that's for sure BUT a gg from BH would be great mostly cuz I feel like they would allow the members to write about things other than love songs which I really do want in a girl group (The Ark had so much potential tbh ). The group originally consisted of five members: Zinni, Trinity, Jiyeon, Dahee, and Miso. I LOVE IT! all these ppl wanting to audition just to be close to bts lmaooo. I used to be like this with SNSD and wonder girls and thought my life goal would be to become like them, sadly that’s not ton how reality works and though I found something enjoyable it helps to think releastically. BTS PR Team; Member; 43,804 43,610 posts; Location: Shining through the city with a little funk and soul ♥ Texas; Awards. How the Big Hit new girl group members should be . I'm 19 years old. Stan twitter already had meltdown, It was funny seeing fandom(s) being threatened by a group which doesn't have members yet. Bts has definitely been my inspiration and being in the same agency would be amazing. Next, YG Entertainment has plans on launching a new girl group soon. I saw somethung simiar to this also posted on OneHallyu, news is spreading fast. Can I make an online audition? Awards. In addition, BigHit Entertainment , Source Music , Universal Music and HOW Entertainmen t all plan on releasing rookie girl … By Wow123, December 31, 2015 in Music. I always wanted to sing for the world as a kid,but my mum would think that's its a waste of time. I am Khushi Verma.i am fifteen years old .I was born in 06 march 2005.My school knows me by my k p[op singing and dancing and acting as well.I also wanted to be a part of the new girl group, omg i think the audition is over is in 2019, Why do i have a feeling that the audition is in 2019 and its already over i hope not i really want to go, How do we apply and btw i hope my mom will allow. Both concept-wise and sound-wise. Discussion in 'K-POP' started by Teshubs_Irene, Aug 20, 2019. However, recent news reports have stated that the agency has recruited Min HeeJin, a former employee of SM Entertainment who was played a big role in producing the concepts for popular groups such as f(x), Girls' Generation, and Red Velvet, in efforts to launch a new girl group. girlgroup, bts, kpop. I gave my best to be a kpop Idol Posted September 23, 2019. It's not my dream also it's my life....I am waiting for the audition in this year 2019 but can you plz tell me when it is I'm 13 years old from Philippines. Here are all the new idol groups scheduled to debut in 2021. My name is Shakirah. There are 3 members you will soon know about.All of this is completely fictional. I am 13 years old (2005) Even though their fame is gigantic, the investors are worried about the agency’s future after BTS got enlisted. but if you aren't confident that you would love performing for the rest of your life , don't. My name is Alina, I’m 12 but turning 13 very soon. Big hit ain’t asking for audition so the already have a girl group in mind just need further work in releasing them. by BlueBubblez5 Follow. Hey but they are accepting foreign girls ...for this new girl group plus I think audition gonna take place so yeah, To everyone in the comments, you do realize this isn’t an audition? Trinity was the first member to depart from the group on December 24th, 2012. When is the audition? But they will conduct additions in India? Training… Read more », My dream is to become a kpop idol i am 14 years old i'm a good dancer my vocal is fantastic and my rap is cool i'm not an excellent rapper but it will do i can speak french,english,arabic,turkish and i'm learning korean, 안녕하세요, 저는 한나입니다. I'm 19 years old .I'm a good dancer and rapper. … The Big Hit seasonal audition has been combined with the Global Audition. 그러나 나는 기꺼이 배울 것입니다. knetz comments: 1. I have wanted to become a singer since i was 5, and i truly love the act of... well singing. bighit doing a 9 member girl group would be interesting but why do i feel they will avoid the iconic 9, for now.. tho if the sailor moon concept is true then 9-10 could be the number Link to post Share on other sites. Hope y'all like this. Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind international sensations BTS, has announced global auditions for a girl group that will be part of the “next generation” of K-pop stars.. Read 〘First Member〙 from the story DREAMLAND ♡〘BigHit's New Girl Group〙[Temporal hiatus] by Paula-DiVa (Paula) with 7,836 reads. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Link to post Share on other sites. Now, the new ‘2020 Global Audition’ is set to begin. By Puah Ziwei. Read Second Member from the story BigHit's New Girl Group MissGF [a.f. Share this post. Wow123 0 Wow123 0 Trainee; New Member; 0 7 posts; Posted December 31, 2015. CLOSED] by BlueBubblez5 with 1,281 reads. Before BTS happened, producer Bang Shi Hyuk, in partnership with Source Music, decided to create a girl group. CLOSED] by BlueBubblez5 with 1,634 reads. Hlo I am sanjana from India . Starting Global Activities Earnestly In 2021. This book is about bighit's new girl group (fictional). I have been dancing for almost 10 years and I have won several medals and awards. Share this post. It was revealed in January of 2015, that at towards the end of 2014, the group had disbanded and the girls had gone their … 나는 춤을 추고 랩하고 노래 부를 수 있습니다. Read Third Member from the story BigHit's New Girl Group MissGF [a.f. This group is said to have a concept similar those like TWICE & IZ*ONE, and like Treasure, will have a hefty multinational lineup. Read About the members from the story BigHit's New Girl Group by serendipitysmithy with 618 reads. Hopefully BigHit + Source Music + Min Heejin together will bring something new and refreshing. I can dance and sing a little bit in korean but next year im 13 year old and im from Malaysia . High-quality collaboration. ? The exact date of debut and members have yet to be confirmed. This announcement was made after a recap of BTS‘s and TXT‘s achievements over the past year, as well as their branding styles. Big Hit Entertainment Is Finally Opening Auditions To Female Applicants. It'll be interesting to see their sound. It’s been seven years since Big Hit debuted a girl group. CLOSED] Fanfiction. Big Hit Entertainment, home to superstars BTS and monster rookies TXT, will be debuting a new girl group through a new subsidiary label. Additional reports stated the new team consists of 5 members with an average age of 17. The comments are appalling. As long as you look somewhat Asian and aren’t black (not being racist) then you more likely have a chance. 내 생일은 2005 년 11 월 20 일입니다. Can I make online audition. I'm from Nepal. Still in some countries audition is remaining and placed for upcoming dates. 내 몸무게는 43.3 kg이고 내 신장은 5'3입니다. While no confirmed information has been revealed about the new girl group, it is possible that some of the female trainees in Source Music will be a part of it. I, too had a dream of becoming a kartist after watching many non-Koreans successively achieved those… Read more », I've always wanted to be debuted by big-hit environment I'm 13 years old and I love to sing and dance I hope my dream comes true one day, My dream is to become an Koop idol when I’m 16-18 yrs old (rn I’m 14), I always wanted to debut and train in bighit entertainment but idk? Theyre releasing a girl group, not recruiting members for one (plus this isn’t where you audition anyway). They ain’t hiring someone with basic looks and talent and forget about it in general if you aren’t Korean unless you have Irenes visuals. Trying to become a kpop-idol I wish you the best but remember?! korean, bts, kpop. My friends and instructors say I can be an idol one day . barbiedoll 4,097 barbiedoll 4,097 Global Superstar; Member; 4,097 5,688 posts; Location: earth; Awards. Just sayin Lana is practically a joke in Korea and other then people checking out her video because she is a foreigner they don't really care about her. 어떤 이유로 사람들은 코멘트 섹션에서 오디션에 관해 이야기하고 있습니다. She is also the one who planned the symbols and the universe for EXO. CLOSED] Fanfiction. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Teshubs_Irene A-List. My friends think that my vocals are good though my dancing may not be that good. (Srry abt the random letters im just being a pleb) except there is also a distance between us im all the way in the U.S. bfjekekekkeek ;^<, how to audition im aiming to be a rapperrrrrr, hi can i give auditions for singing my aim is to become a pop singer pls try to accept me. On June 11, a teaser scheduler revealed the group's first mini-album, We Are, was set for June 30. These cookies do not store any personal information. If their gonna except me because I’m a girl...but hopefully they’ll change their mind in the future!