Akash and Shloka Shloka and Akash Ambani have become parents to a baby boy. Your email address will not be published. Thanking God for the gift! Welcome my … I am a happy mother. 24. We are expecting a new baby soon. You are what we have been waiting for all these years. On January 11, 2021, Babita's hubby, Vivek took to his Instagram handle and shared a first family picture from the hospital and revealed that they have become proud parents of a baby boy. 34. Pray for us so we can keep her happy and safe forever! 17. Mukesh and Nita Ambani on Thursday announced that they have become grandparents for the first time as their son … Here’s to the arrival of my baby boy into this beautiful world. The heavens rejoiced and the angels sighed when this precious baby boy/girl arrived. Birth Announcement Messages and Wording Idea : Only the parents know the happiness of becoming a parent. Come to give your blessings to our little angel. God has just sent us a shining star. Never in our lives have our hearts felt this incredible amount of joy. Diya Aur Baati Hum's lead actor Anas Rashid aka Sooraj Rathi was recently blessed with a baby boy. Cute Quote Birth Announcement Wording. Blessed be the Lord for His mercies endure forever. Well, I count myself lucky to share this motherhood joy. As I look into your faceAll I see is graceAs a mother, I have joyWelcome my baby boy. 20. We are too busy taking care of our twin pair. Welcome my baby boy. Baby Birth Announcement Messages for Baby Boy. My prince charming just arrived in grand style. Please help me welcome an angel- not a Cinderella but my prince charming. Warmth love as we announce the birth of our baby boy. A beautiful little angel has just landed in our house. We are proudly announcing the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Beyond Blessed 5x7 Flat Boy Birth Announcement Cards. Welcome my handsome prince, we could not have asked for more. We are no more a couple but advanced to a nuclear family as I welcome my baby boy into this family of love. My prince charming is here. 30. 44. Thanking God for everything! 2. Now life’s complete, we have a BOY! She came and turned our home into a piece of heaven! 5. A new dawn, a new beginning and a new life in my family. A royalty has just come into my life. Introducing our newest family members! What I have longed for has just come in a twinkle of an eye. Welcome to my life, my prince. 23. My wife has just given birth to a twin pair. Welcome to my world, my prince. Blow the trumpet, make way, my prince has just arrived. Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience. She doesn’t need an introduction. When you give birth and hold your son, it reminds you that the 9 months pregnancy journey is worth the wait and announcing to everyone. Introducing our twin gems. A handsome prince is born. Here’s to the birth of our baby boy. The nursery was packed with blankets and toys. The first milestone of our married life has been achieved. From their births, they possess innocent and funny attitudes which would make you love them. 39. Well-known Indian wrestler Babita Phogat and her darling hubby Vivek Suhag welcomed with a baby boy on January 11. 48. Just like I can touch my twin babies. This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our sight. 47. With joy and thanksgiving in my heart, I announce the grand arrival of my prince into this world. Help me usher him into the family with warmth love and blessings. Welcome to my world little angel. Welcome my handsome angelic son. It is a baby boy! We are now officially parents of a beautiful baby girl. 15. Our family has been blessed with a baby boy so handsome and cute. Sometimes god is much more generous than we think he is. Why don’t you use them to celebrate your angel and don’t forget to like and comment on this post. Hardik took to Instagram and wrote, “We are blessed with our baby boy ️” as he shared his newborn’s first post. If you have just been blessed with a twin pair, don’t worry, we covered that too. My bundle of joy. With joy in my heart, I announce the arrival of my prince. Required fields are marked *. 7. Keep us all in your prayers. 10. What a super-duper news. Mama’s little guy is here, And he is here to stay, Announcing the birth of… 48. We have a great announcement to make, and we ask for your best wishes and blessings through this. My little baby boy. 40 Graduation Announcement Messages and Ideas, Pregnancy Announcement Messages and Wording, 60+ Wedding Invitation Messages and Wording Ideas, Graduation Party Invitation Messages and Wording Ideas, Housewarming Invitation Messages and Wording Ideas. She came and stole our heart with her innocence. Oh! Look who is here. In any birth announcement, new parents should include basic information about their newborn. Thanks be to God for giving me this angel on this day. It’s our happiest moment to announce that a baby boy has arrived in our family. Here are some wonderful, clever birth announcement messages and wording ideas that you can text to and share on social media like Facebook or Instagram. It’s a great pleasure to let you know a small party has been arranged. May God bless your precious baby boy! It’s a double blessing as I welcome a baby boy on my birthday. Send your baby birth announcement text messages in a multimedia group text to everyone at work. It’s the most beautiful gift from almighty. Your email address will not be published. Thank you, God, for this blessing. Holding you in my arms makes all the vomiting, cravings, sleepless nights and dizziness worth it. Baby Birth Announcement SMS to Friends. These I feel as I usher in my baby boy into this beautiful world. What awesome news. It’s our happiest moment to announce that a baby boy has arrived in our family. Thank you, God, for making me the luckiest woman on earth to mother this precious gift. 49. Blessed with a new baby, but stuck on what to write in the birth announcements?Below we have created some inspiration for cute quotes, to help you come up with a … Love these messages? The famous wrestler Babita Phogat whose journey was portrayed in the film Dangal has also become a mother today along with Anushka Sharma. Life has been so wonderful for the last couple of days. ***** The angels sent from Heaven above, A darling boy for us to love! Introducing our precious one to you. While the couple has been giving us major relationship goals with their impeccable chemistry, this announcement … The announcement will read “Born at 4:53 AM on October 25, 2019.” Baby’s … Welcome to my world, my little king. Now the only thing that matters to us is taking care of our baby beauty queen. My baby boy. 46. Announcing our baby twins! Many new parents like to include the time of birth along with the date. We prayed and prepared for this day and finally, we can smile … We are gladly announcing the gifts he just sent us. What an awesome God! Babita took to her social media handle to share beautiful pictures of … A new journey of parenthood starts today. Holding you in my arms make me believe you are the angel in my life. Life is so full of miracles. Here are [Name of Parents] proudly introducing to you the freshest blessing of our lives, the amazing [Name of Baby… Now she is waiting for you. Introducing our greatest achievement in life, a beautiful baby girl! 4. Babies are special gifts. To have two boys to myself- your father and you. Both are safe and well. Just like our newest family member, a sweet baby girl. My life is a double celebration. 35. Make sure your words reflect your true emotion of joy and happiness. All it lacked was our bundle of joy. It’s a baby girl for us. For the new life, he created through my womb. Blessed with girl baby examples Blessed With a Baby Girl Status for Facebook. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! 27. God Blessed Me With a Baby Boy Messages (2020) 1. We don’t know any right words to express our feelings. Finally, Babita and Vivek's baby has arrived and they are flooded with congratulatory wishes. Welcome son. It’s a twin pair! You are the light of my life. 11. 2. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',115,'0','0']));12. Alhamdulillah…Allah blessed me with a cute baby … Keep her in your prayers! Add your baby's name and a favorite photo He gave me the most unique creation, who will always brighten my day. This time, it’s not a pinky room but all shades of blue. King of our hearts, Beware he can steal your hearts, Announcing the birth of our baby boy… She is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. 1. We are really happy and proud of the blessing. 21. The creator has shown me grace as he creates a new life through me. Here’s to my bundle of joy. Introducing our twin baby! Soon after the announcement, wishes are pouring in for … Welcome to the best family. Help me usher in my baby boy with thanksgiving to God.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',114,'0','0'])); 9. 33. This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our sight. Please bless him with your love and care. Welcoming our first baby boy! We have just been blessed with a twin baby. Baby Boy Birth Announcement Messages. Related : Pregnancy Announcement Messages. To avoid being criticised of announcing your son’s arrival, you need to be diplomatic by putting the message in a way that will put a smile on the readers’ faces.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',109,'0','0'])); Check out these amazing messages that will specially announce your son’s birthday. A light to my life, a joy to my soul. His little hands and blue eyes take me off my feet. Our hearts leap up with heavenly joy as we introduce them to the world! His warmth face brightens my life. Jan 20, 2017 - Shop Blessed | Blue Baby Boy Photo Birth Announcement created by epclarke. 2. Baby’s Birth Date: Most people will be getting the cards a couple of days or weeks after the birth of the baby… 32. It’s a boy! 26. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'sweetlovemessages_com-box-4','ezslot_4',112,'0','0']));3. This beautiful evening has become more beautiful with the arrival of our first twin babies. The joy of every mother is to come out of the 9 months journey with a baby. On this special dayPlease make wayFor my sweet and coyIt’s a baby boy. 13. These I feel as I usher in my baby boy into this beautiful world. My cute baby boy. Please keep him in your prayers. A sweet little angel has arrived finally. Sometimes it can be touched and felt. Welcome my little king. 1. Welcome to my life my angel and prince. A baby boy I welcome. It’s wonderful to be a parent! I still can’t believe he is here already. Announce your newest arrival with this stylish Boy birth announcement. Welcome my little king. 18. By the Grace of Allah I have been blessed with baby boy…kindly i request you all for prayer for his good health,may Allah make him nek and shaleh..aameen.. on Sunday 27th of May 2018 09:33:10 PM. Thank God for me. 14. Put your baby boy announcement on Facebook by posting it on your profile and tagging co-workers or sending out a group message on Facebook Messenger. You are our happiness, our are our little boy/girl. An angel in the form of a baby boy. Welcome to our world. It is all trousers and shorts, no gowns at all. Yes, it’s a baby boy!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_11',167,'0','0'])); 19. Long live the prince. My prince-charming. Today is one of the happiest days of my life as I welcome a baby boy into my lovely family. My heart is filled with happinessAs I give birth to another babyOh! But you really need to find some clever baby announcement words at that moment. Happiness has been doubled up as two angels joined us in our small family. … She is the most beautiful flower in the garden, which is bound to be noticed and praised. Birth Announcement Wording Ideas for Boys. I longed for this day when I will hold you in my arms and cuddle you all day. This means, if the baby has a middle name, include it on the birth announcement. 43. Happiness isn’t abstract always. The special announcement has been made by the ace wrestling star … I count myself lucky to share this motherhood joy. Be a clever parent who cleverly introduces his newborn to the world. You make the journey of nine months interesting. My sweet bundle of joy has arrived in my family. You can add in a photo of the new baby … My baby boy. Use these baby boy announcement messages to share the good news about your newly born baby boy to your friends and family members. Copy any of the clever baby birth announcement messages and share on your status or send to those who care. Please join me in welcoming a royalty. It’s a baby BOY!!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Baby Boy Announcement Messages. ***** With love and joy we announce the birth of our sweet baby boy! My prince charming just arrived in grand style. I have heard of angels living among humans. Congratulations to me on the arrival of my prince charming and little king. Look who has joined our beautiful family, my son and charming king. My handsome prince. 8. 41. This may include Baby’s name, birthday, weight and length, location and time of birth, … Well, here comes the day. A dream come true it is, to carry you in my arms and calm you when you cry. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-3','ezslot_17',122,'0','0']));42. Keep her in your thoughts. Welcome my handsome prince.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-2','ezslot_12',121,'0','0'])); 38. Blessed with baby boy announcement; Blessed with baby boy meaning in hindi; Vem uppfann den första kameran; Em gọi anh lúc 3 giờ sáng; Samson go mic; Eksperimentarium; Molho ranch; One love cafe; … 31. This is joy overflowI just can’t help but showWhat I have long to shareMy prince is here. 47. A handsome baby boy lights up our life as we gladly let you know of the miracle. What a feeling! We are filled with joy to announce the arrival of our precious diamond. But parenting a twin pair is a bliss way beyond imagination. 25. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',118,'0','0']));22. It’s a day of great happiness for us as we introduce our baby boy to the world. Announcing the same, the actress has shared a post on her social media account. Welcome my love. An angel has been sent to us from above. God has blessed us with a little angel, and we request you to bless our baby … Welcome my angel. God just sent to me, a little piece of heaven, an angel and future hero. 37. After carrying you for 3 trimesters, I have a life who I now carry in my arms. Welcome my baby boy. A handsome baby boy. How can I thank the Lord? It’s all because of the arrival of our first child, a little beauty queen, who brought a full package of happiness right from heaven! The sweetest period of our life has just begun. This moment is so precious and joyful! Please keep him in your prayers. 29. … Bless us with your wishes. We wish to announce that we are now proud parents of a little angel. Thank you, God. After nine months of pregnancy and hours of labour, I announce the arrival of royalty. Just pick the right one for giving an amazing introduction to your newborn baby! The actress is finally blessed with a baby boy. 40. Oh yes! Oh, happy day! … 28. 36. The arrival of a baby brings so much joy to the family that sometimes it becomes hard to find words to express the emotion. With joy in my heart, I announce another blessing I received from God. It’s a kind of joy that is inexpressible in words! My greatest gift of all time. A prince and my lucky charm. She has already arrived at our small hut. Warmth love from me to you baby. Thanks, almighty for such precious gifts. How can I share this news? God did it again. Yippee, my baby boy is here. Last Updated: 17th January, 2021 17:09 IST Cricketer Mandeep Singh, Wife Jagdeep Blessed With Baby Boy, Reveal Name In A Special Post KXIP opening batsman Mandeep Singh and wife Jagdeep Jaswal took to their social media handles to announce the birth of their first child — a baby boy. Giving thanks to God for the arrival of my angelic son. I am excited to tell you that I am the most privileged person on earth, as I welcome the arrival of my prince. 45. ***** We are jumping for joy over the birth of our new baby boy! Welcome my little angel. Baby’s Birth Date: Your loved ones want to know when they get to wish this little cutie a happy birthday, of course. What a feeling of greatnessWelcome my prince charming. We are proudly announcing the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. A seed I planted for 9 months, has germinated and come forth in the form of an angel. What a feeling. Never before life seemed so wonderful as now. With much love, we welcome to our family this … We are blessed beyond measure to announce the birth of our sweet little baby girl/boy named [Baby’s Name]. Baby’s Full Name: Include the baby’s full name after the greeting. It’s a late announcement but totally worth your presence in tonight’s party! Phogat and husband Vivek Suhag … Welcome to my world, my prince. Life is full of precious moments but nothing can be compared to this beautiful evening. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sweetlovemessages_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',113,'0','0']));6. Life is full of precious moments but nothing can be compared to this beautiful evening. Be it a baby girl or a baby boy, you really need to introduce your baby to your loved ones, family members and friends. Thanking God for his safe arrival! Thank you for always talking while in there, now you can talk to me one on one. Congratulations For Baby Boy Congratulations for your new baby boy! Make the arrival of your baby a memorable one. It’s a baby boy! 16. As another parent, I can tell you that you’re in for the best yet most tiring phase of your life. A grateful heart I am. You complete our home, our family and everything else. Life is awesome! 50. Wrestler-turned-politician Babita Phogat and Vivek Suhag welcomed their first child — a baby boy on December 11, 2021. Overflowed joy, unspeakable joy. The bump has disappeared and my baby boy has appeared.