Talk to us about your project and we will evaluate with you the best solution to fit your needs. Trolley Series. The right hoist for your application Versatile solutions for loads up to 5 tons . 0000045695 00000 n 2 ABUS cranes make light work of lifting. RWM Hoists Catalogue (PDF) 2.84 Mo. Hoists Hoists Wire rope hoists. Ontario 416-628-0222. STAR … Any other use is deemed to be a case of misuse. CM Entertainment. Vacuum … We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Electric Hoists. Demag DC chain hoists. Our hoist and winch range includes: Electric Chain Hoists ; Electric Belt Hoists ; Wire Rope Hoists; Chain blocks; Tirfor … Do not allow … Open the catalog to page 1. Budgit Hoists. Choose Your … Electric Chain Hoist The Slip Ring Clutch is provided for assured safety. Electric Chain Hoists are used in a wide range of applications to make cargo handling more efficient. Chain Hoist. STAGEKET. High productivity, efficiency, safety and reliability – Demag DC chain hoists Demag DC chain hoists meet all the requirements of state-of-the-art hoist units, such as high productivity, efficiency, safety and reliability, and give you the certainty of a … Email Camlok. A technical advisor will meet you on site and recommend the right solution to best fit your needs and application. This industrial grade hand chain hoist and geared trolley configuration minimizes beam-to-hook distance making it ideal for applications where longer hook travel is required. The user / operator and not the manufacturer will be liable for any damage or injuries of any kind caused as a result of misuse. With its high load bearing capacity, the offered product is used widely for the purpose of lifting heavy objects. Duff-Norton. Engineered Solutions View Solutions. Electric Hoist AC Brake Air Motor Drive Supplement USA Chain Container 602/603 2200 Shop Electric Chain Hoist BEHC Mesh Container Chain Container Electric and Series 6000 Air Hoist Cloth Container Air Hoist Hoist AC Motor Brake Suspension Lugs Install on Coil Chain Electric Hoist Retrofit Replacement Kit Phase 3 Motor Budgit Manguard Manual Hi-Cap, Upper Hooks Replacement Instructions Series 600. Québec 450-239-6084. Chester Hoist . … Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Cranes and Hoists 2012 Instructor: A. Bhatia, B.E. Learn More « ‹ 1 2 › » Product Category . Trolleys. Unified Industries. hoist is designed to meet ASME/ANSI specifications and is enhanced to make them as user-friendly as possible. Dixie Industries. STAGEKET. ELECTRIC HOISTS AIR HOISTS MANUAL HOISTS LEVER HOISTS TROLLEYS PRODUCT CATALOGUE D E F Y G R A V I T Y. Defy Gravity ABOUT KITO Hoists are used by people. Questions OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Rope winch ADVERTISING & INFORMATION. The catalog comprises parts which are manufactured wire rope electric hoist type MTM and MTL. PDH Online | PDH Center 5272 Meadow Estates Drive Fairfax, VA 22030-6658 Phone & Fax: 703-988-0088 An Approved Continuing Education Provider. Open the catalog to page 1. LEE Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an Authorized Agent to all the completed range of Mitsubishi Hoists & Crane Products in Thailand from Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products Corporation. Product Flyer. Professional Overhead Crane Manufacturer in China - Weihua Crane For example, the ergonomic design of the hand grips on our lever hoists and the overload protection on our manual hoists add comfort and safety for operators. 2. European style electric hoist is a special lifting equipment, mounted on the overhead cranes, gantry cranes or Jib cranes. SHB Ultra-Low Headroom Trolley Hoist Harrington’s SHB ultra-low trolley hoist offers premium quality and durability in a low profile package. Konecranes offers two electric chain hoists designed for flexibility and durability in lifting. Columbus McKinnon electric chain hoists set the industry standard for lifting equipment. The Hoist is coated with high Gloss, anti-corrosive coated finish to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the product. Little Mule. HELICAL GEARING used where practical to provide quiet … Equipped with OLL; the electronic overload protection device and friction clutch to ensure operational safety and … 3. Electric Chain Hoist ; Electric Chain Hoist . Manual Trolley Hoists Hook-Suspension ‘Chain’ Hoists & Hand Geared Trolleys 4-6 Low-Headroom (Spark-Proof) 7-8 Ultra-Low Headroom (Spark-Proof) 9-10 Pneumatic Trolley Hoists Standard Headroom 12-13 Low Headroom 14-15 Ultra-Low-Headroom 16-17 Rack & Pinion 18-19 Electric Trolley Hoists Wire-Rope 21-24 Chain 25-27 Download PDF - 9.5 MB. B13/B15. Open the catalog to page 2. LIFTKET. It is … Brochure. … We supply a broad assortment of electric hoists, which are fabricated with premium quality raw material and designed at our state-of-the-art facility. A host of options and accessories allow us to serve the demanding needs of applications in harsh environments. Applications range from typical factory style handling operations to construction sites, the entertainment industry and even boat lifting. The user / operator should raise the load off the ground at … Yale. Technical Data PICTURES. For years, KM Kümsan without sacrificing the quality; makes production of electrical chain hoist, electrical wire rope hoists, single and double girder (EOT) cranes, gantry cranes, JIB cranes, monorail cranes, rubber tire girder (RTG) cranes, special design process cranes and any kind of steel construction, as well as import and export of these products. Big Bag Custom solutions Custom solutions adapted individually to specific requirements are STAHL CraneSystems’ forte. CAD Drawings View More. Applications range from typical factory style handling operations to construction sites and even boat lifting. Prolift Handling supply a wide range of hoists and winches from leading European suppliers such as Tractel and Verlinde. Rope winch SPARE PART LISTS. Magnetek . Offered to clients at the best rate possible, the hoist is highly demanded. Learn More. The STD dual chain hoist was developed specifically for long material and loads that need to be picked up at two points. electric wire rope hoists. LIFTKET > LIFTKET – Electric chain hoist > Downloads. Coffing Hoists. Up to 5,000 kg of lasting lifting power. Chain Hoist. Dual chain hoist Big Bag The big bag version is a special variant of the STD dual chain hoist for trouble-free lifting of bulky loads. STAR LIFTKET . CM. STAHL CraneSystems. F series hoists equipped with auxiliary brake. Features; Specifications; Brochures & Enquiry; Features. Installation ¡Installation should only be by experienced tradesman or people with exclusive knowledge. an electric chain hoist with a higher capacity must be selected. Features and Benefits Capacity Range 8 Ton – 20 Ton … Features include thermal motor protection, side guide rollers for smooth operation and plug in electrical connections. ※The rated load is displayed on the name … Shaw-Box. Pfaff-Silberblau. The equipment is to be used only for its prescribed purpose. We provide this on pan india basis. Flameproof Hoist - 5T capacity Hazardous area for Zone 1 & 2 (gas) and Zone 21 & 22 (dust) suitable for both areas 25T, 17M Lift Electric Wire Rope Hoist High Lift Hoist (Double Drum Type)18T, 54M Lift Hoist for BHEL - YERMARUS Project Reva Compact Hoist Various Capacities Electric Hoists Under Production Hoists REVA PRODUCTS CATALOGUE | 7 The Worm Gear Advantage. Additional equipment is also avail-able for special applications. North America - EN Our Brands Contact Us Careers Investors About Us Customer Login. In addition, KUNDA, a professional producer of hoisting … Go … Winch Electric Winch Gate Hoist Winch Hydraulic Winch Diesel Engine Winch ATV & 12V 24V Winch Transfer Cart BWP Transfer Cart KPJ Wire Rope Transfer Cart KPX … Kito is committed to protecting you and your co-workers. STAR LIFTKET. NERM/ERM Large Capacity Electric Chain Hoists with Motorized Trolleys MR trolleys are suitable for harsh or outdoor applications and easily couple with NER/ER large capacity hoists for the heaviest lifting and traversing requirements. These units cover an extremely wide load capacity range, from 1,000kg to 120 tonnes. Additional Information: Item Code: … 3. Mainly used in the workshop, warehouse, wind power, logistics, port, construction and other industries. Trolleys. When using the catalog, identify the spare part which you need of the appropriate figure and its catalog from the first column of the table. Precisely engineered and compactly designed by trusted vendors, the offered INDEF Wire Rope Electric Hoist is one of the finest that is available in the market. Further, … Many Benefits from More Features: • Extremely low headroom for use where space is … KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST ED SERIES SINGLE-PHASE Printed in Japan 30.10(SA.H)EDGE07-016 Distributed by: •The functions and performance of the products mentioned in the catalog have been designed based on the related regulations and standards. Steerman. • Electric / hydraulic power system • Large 508 mm x 483 mm steel base plates • Self-lubricating dura-glide polyethylene bearing system • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3-inches • Automatic arm restraints • Heavy-duty dual 3/8” equalizer cables with oversize cable sheaves • 8-piece truck and van adapter set comes standard Description Dimension Lifting Capacity: 4,000 kg Overall Height: 3,683 … Browse our selection of electric chain hoists, lever hoists, chain blocks and pulling machines designed and manufactured for optimum reliability, accuracy and durability. POWER LIFTKET. Compact headroom, hook suspension and a range of other features make the hoist … Hoist Catalog Number Headroom (in) H W Capacity Lift Speed Motor Parts of Chain E 11-5/16 W H TREAD LINE LM CAUTION DO NOT TWIST CHAIN E A K1 11 5/16 1/4 MIN W G F 1/4 MIN TREAD LINE K2 H E 11 5/16 G F 1/4 MIN E 11 5/16 K2 H M L W W Tread Line Hook Mounted Hoists Budgit Electric Hoists Lug Mounted Hoist with push Trolley Lug Mounted Hoists with Motor-Driven Trolley 1/4 to 2 Ton 3 Ton … LIFTKET. STAR LIFTKET. If they are used for other than their intended purposes such as being integrated into your equipment, we will not take any responsibility for … Our electric wire rope hoists are engineered and manufactured to be rugged and reliable, the standard product line of single hook, twin hook, and base mounted hoists is complimented by custom engineered systems to meet every type of application. N : Transport count (times) within 1 hour t1, t2 3: P1,P2,P3: Ratio of the operating time of each load to the total operating time Each load ratio (ratio of the load to each rated load) … 0000005712 00000 n 0000017098 00000 n H \ K 0 {~ C Ѧa -x d If you need an overhead crane that increases productivity, enhances safety and helps minimize your maintenance costs, look to GH Cranes & Components, one of top 5 crane manufacturer. Image Brochure. Manual Hoists. The manual chain hoist made by … ¡Provide grounding connection without fail.Also, install an electric leakage breaker in the circuit besides grounding. Order an ABUS GM electric wire rope hoist and you can be sure that you have opted for a … S-Series. Interested in Electrical Hoists ? Our dedication to safety and innovation remains as strong today as it was 70 years ago. (131.84 cm) Maximum Lift Load 600 lb. POWER LIFTKET. Just ask drilling … As the member of workshop crane, these products are widely used in all kinds of lifting, transporting, loading and unloading works. And the comprehen- sive standard equipment means that even a standard ABUS electric wire rope hoist is a versatile unit right from the start. TOYO electric chain hoist is a kind of small and medium size lifting equipment developed by combining German and Japanese technology. This hoist Loves both Electric chain hoists for maximum loads Hot & Heavy Even down Here Hand Chain Blocks for all loads Up for it even at -40 degree Celsius Our hoists – the branch standard Hard as nails solutions for everybody Special applications for all needs Individual on the top of the World Everywhere proved and tested Approved under the earth surface Everywhere proved and tested Approved in the … Hitachi industrial hoists are manufactured at par with industry-best standards. Rescue hoist model 42305 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Height 51.91 in. PDH Course M245 Page 1 of 83 Electric Overhead … The word-class crane systems produced in KM … Electric chain hoists ; European Type Wire Rope Hoists; Electric Wire Rope Hoists; Intelligent Lifting Device; View Details. (272.16 kg) Input Power 28 VDC/125 amps maximum Boom Rotation 42305-3/5 205 degrees DESIGN FEATURES • Boom rotates 205 degrees for easy deployment and recovery of a stretcher • Cable extension meter on control pendant • Hour meter logs total hoisting … Operation ¡Do not lift any item in excess of the rated load. Load ratio K= P 1 3t 1+P 2 3t 2+P 3 t 3+ 3 Example calculation K= (0.3+0.4) 3 0.5+0.3 0.5 0.57 V 60 min 1 3 n : Inching count (times) per lifting or lowering operation. The modular construction consists of various parts of electric hoists such as gear box, control panel and motors are easily accessible and made repairs and maintenance simple. Electric Chain Hoists are used in a wide range of applications to make cargo handling more efficient. 2. Also inbuilt Control Panel and an ergonomically designed pendant Make an appointment. Ultimate KITO Electric Chain Hoist EQ Now Released New KITO Electric Chain Hoist EQ maximizes the characteristics of its dual speed inverter. Products. Solutions. RAISING THE STANDARD SINCE 1932. 4. The SLX electric chain hoist can take up to 2,500 kg and the CLX electric chain hoist can lift up to 5,000 kg, giving you the versatility you need in industrial applications and at demanding workstations.. F-Series. Make an appointment. That’s why the guiding principle behind everything we do is - and must remain - safety. omega link g80 alloy steel grab hook electric chain hoist pulley block winchline tail chains clevis safety hook double sheave snatch block high temperature crane scale lever load binder round slings eye grab hook textile sling clevis grab hook lifting belt eye sling hook alloy clevis grab hook crane scale webbing sling hand ratchet puller hydraulic cylinder with toe-lift g80 master link wire rope grip small crane scale … Learn More. B13/B15. And we stick with the control design. The electric lifting hoist is designed for lifting and lowering loads in enclosed areas within the machine’s capacity. ¡Do not install a hoist under any circumstance by others than those specified above. So far, our products mainly includes mini electric hoist, electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, manual chain hoist, manual lever hoist, monorail trolley, wire rope pulling hoist, hand winch, mechanical jack, etc. Motor-frame integration has materialized an ultimate light-weight, compact size, while maintaining high functions.