Collin MacGregor August 27, 2020. Best FINN LMG Loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone. By Mike Colucci Sep 01, 2020. Best FiNN loadout in Warzone. Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor Barrel: XRK LongShot Adverse Laser: Tac Laser Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip Perk: Sleight of Hand Optic: No changes Stock: No changes Ammunition: No changes Below you can see what the FiNN … If this hits the enemy from the chest up, excluding arms, then the FiNN rivals its peers in damage. COD Warzone FiNN Loadout Guide – Best Attachments for the FiNN LMG. Best FiNN Loadouts in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Speaking of firing, the FiNN LMG is chambered for 5.56mm ammunition. 0. Comment. The FiNN LMG in COD: Warzone is a different beast, with the best loadout simply making it a fun weapon to use. Share Share Tweet Email. Read more to know about the best Finn lmg loadout. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Games of Summer event is in full swing and there’s some new content for players to sink their teeth into. Best FiNN loadout for Modern Warfare Activision / Infinity Ward Just like most LMG’s, the FiNN can be rather cumbersome. This question can be a difficult one as the loadout depends on specific gameplay. Here are … 2-minute read. The Best FiNN Warzone Loadout for Long Range - The Beamer The LMG will undoubtedly be equipped across Verdansk in the coming days, so if you want the competitive edge over long distances, optimising your recoil control and range will help you … With a high rate of fire and little recoil, the FINN LMG has secured its place in the upper tier weapons. How can players best set up this beast? The best FiNN Warzone loadouts We take a look at some of the best setups for Warzone's scary new LMG, the FiNN When the Bruen LMG was finally nerfed into the ground, there may as well have been an international day of celebration with the amount of relief felt by Call of Duty: Warzone players. Damage alone is not the only reason why the FiNN LMG is a competitive mid-range weapon in both Multiplayer and Warzone. The FiNN LMG has a ton of power, range, stability, and even a higher than you might expect fire rate for a LMG. Best Warzone FiNN LMG Loadouts As we noted earlier, the FiNN feels like an assault rifle/LMG hybrid, and with the right attachments, it can fulfill either role impressively. The players thus have been asking about the best Warzone loadout to use. No time-wasting here: let’s jump right in with an explanation of the very best FiNN loadout we’ve found so far in Warzone:. This gun will help you get your hands dirty if you’re the type of player to favor aggressive play. These multiplayer attachments aim to fix that. Call of Duty: Warzone Pro Shows Off FiNN LMG Loadout. The fresh FiNN LMG has the potential to be the new META weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone, and one pro player may have created the perfect loadout. A set of new guns and loadouts have been introduced to COD Warzone. But we have still listed out some of the best guns in Warzone season 6.