Challenge your brain and body with this workout video starring tennis superstar, Madison Keys! Practica cómo usar la coma un poco más con este ejercicio. Which bone is the longest? Throw a touchdown dance party! Use a simple recipe, or create your own invention, whether savory or sweet! Pushing one button is easy, but can your friends do six moves at once in Hello Joe? Warm up those hamstrings by doing a high-knee challenge with NFL player Whitney Mercilus and Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Jenny and Elena. At-Home Activity Experiment! Featured Printable Does it smell different? Try these activities: Need a quick cardio workout? GoNoodle is free for teachers, parents, and kids! Compare the bones in your body. It will definitely get everyone pumped up! Download the design and use as a guide to stencil (or use an iron-on transfer) and add a special fruit to your reusable grocery bag. Bedtime rituals can be daunting. Get kids moving as they learn about different body parts! Kids can help set the table nicely and make decorative menus for dinner. Can you change the sound with your hands? Turn high, stressful energy off so you can be your best self with this mindfulness exercise. • Play the classic balloon game, trying to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible! Recoge objetos para crear patrones con cosas de la naturaleza como hojas, palos y piedras. Play this bonding game as a family when you need a break to laugh and move together! Parents can create a horizontal slit in the tennis ball for a mouth. This website stores cookies on your computer. ¡Aprende más sobre los planetas y dibújalos! Review commas some more with this worksheet. • Mix up the shoes, so kids can match up pairs as fast as they can! Kick off the summer with an outdoor family movie night! Feeling DIY and ambitious? Write a list of acts of kindness your family can do over the summer. Print, color, and cut apart these Spelling Bee Matching Cards to create a sight word memory game. Visit our Privacy Policy to learn about our commitment to your privacy and our personal information handling practices. Make chocolate chip cookies with this recipe. Let loose, get a fun workout, and break up the day with some wacky moves as you roll meatballs, smush bugs, and chop gigantic pickles! Have a family dance off just like in the video. Printable Activity: Lunch Time: Fill Your Plate! Make patterns with objects you have at home like blocks, toy cars, or stickers! How many nights did you get at least 9 hours of sleep? If it lands correctly, the tennis ball will bounce quite high. Inventa tu propia frase divertida para recordar el orden de los planetas. Share it with someone at home or via a video chat. Use the backward outfits in this video to inspire some backward family fun and switch things up for a day – have breakfast for dinner, wear your clothes backward, or switch some usual family jobs or roles. Different family members can take turns leading each day and choose the exercise, the number of times each exercise is done and, of course, the playlist. Try spelling out your name, and names of best friends or pets, using American Sign Language. Write it down, and have your child draw pictures to go with it! Kid friendly dance alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, and other fun ways to move. Before you hibernate, you’ll need a snack! ¡Vamos! by NTV: Noodle Television. Comma Scavenger Hunts! Whether it’s getting ready for the big game or just watching a movie, get the wiggles out before and after to encourage getting physically active for at least 60 minutes everyday. Please contact me about GoNoodle. Play this Indoor Recess video filled with sports, meatballs, and fun! At-Home Activity Moose Fabio has some a-moose-ing tips about handwashing and keeping clean in this healthy tips video! In addition to energizing content, GoNoodle has 300+ dance videos, mindfulness activities, and more engaging videos for kids! Hang up a white sheet, set up a projector, and don’t forget some summery snacks and treats. At-Home Activity With just a handful of buttons, string, and a few other craft supplies, your kiddo can make these animal button necklaces for their friends! A game of “The Floor is Lava” is a great way to burn off some energy!