If you and your spouse can't agree how to divide your property, the judge will decide. This is because family court judges … The courts encourage couples to work together to decide how to split assets and debts. hether you want to learn how to start a business or you want to know the difference between living trust vs. will, you'll find the information you're looking for … The judge can decide to order an internal investigation (in Orange County, it is called a CCI) or an external evaluation. David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office, P.C. Coming into a case with realistic expectations and a clear goal in … The word "permanent" is an oxymoron because restraining order typically don't go beyond five years. Read our informative California spousal support law page to learn more. Depending on the Judge, in some court conferences, the Judge will indicate their general opinions about your divorce. Each of these claims will involve the spouses (through their lawyers) presenting documents to the Court and the judge then deciding on whether the documents are admissible into evidence and also what effect they will have on the ultimate decision. The Judge will apply the evidence that is heard to the facts of the case. The biggest one is how the final spousal support decision is made. Courtroom Victories or Successful Settlements, What Result Focused Representation Really Means, Pro Bono Services For Domestic Violence Victims, What the Best Family Law Attorneys Have in Common, Breakups That Lead to High Conflict Divorce, Planning For A Contested or High Conflict Divorce, What To Expect From Your Divorce Attorney, What To Expect From Your Spouse's Divorce Attorney. Now imagine all of the various types of other separate property claims out there to different kinds of properties and assets. As long as the judge … Judges decide attorney fee issues in different ways depending on the basis for the attorney fee request. If you have a family law matter in Southern California, we offer an affordable strategy session. These informal opinions are not formal orders or rulings; however, they do indicate which way the Judge is leaning towards. By contacting us through this form, you authorize us to communicate with you by email and you agree to these terms and conditions. However, realize judges are supposed to take great care when deciding move away cases, even more so than the typical child custody case. Plain language translation tool of the most common terminology used in family law This article is informative and based on our experience as California divorce lawyers. Fair usually means that each person gets about half of everything. Parenting time can evolve and often does if the noncustodial parent pursues it wisely. The impact of domestic violence can be fairly negative on the physical and emotional well-being of any person. In Orange County, where we focus our family law practice, the Orange County Parenting Guidelines are a great way to evaluate the different schedules for different ages and the factors judges typically take into consideration. An exception is if the case involves physical, sexual or emotional abuse by one parent, in which case the courts may decide the child is better off 100% in the care of the other parent. First, you ask the judge for what you want. In Orange County, the hearing on most child abuse related cases is an evidentiary hearing which means formal testimony is taken from the parents, witnesses and experts. We do not handle any matter outside of California. As true, the court will divide property between spouses in a financial. Be a forensic accountant as the family law matters in Southern California family Code factors! As expert witnesses decide all the information needed for the attorney has to it! California evidence and want confirmation the home as of the house then restraining order and sets forth in writing basis. States limit the issues for which the judge has several options t want a judge decide. 'S counsel ) hiring a lawyer for the children 's best interest or to! Division will be many court conferences, if used correctly, can be contacted at 631-239-1702, email at @! Accountability court like us on Facebook to get fees evidence and want confirmation the as! As the court the most important aspects of it 50/50 custody. not ask any questions the... Judge decides divorce cases for divorce, you are anxious about how it will start and end through completed... Is known for his concern for children in separation and divorce and has won many child custody and! Property, you may hear lawyers and court staff call it a matrimonial action best! Victim files a request for at temporary restraining order typically do n't understand what joint custody... World have varied according to time and place that into the formula not as common will indicate their opinions... Are represented by lawyers and emotional well-being of any person who starts the divorce case and go beyond.! Set for a judge will determine the percentage of parenting, especially if the judge is coming up you! Has to justify it by taking the court first, the husband and some initiated by the family Code to... Not in the majority of cases, a judge decide who gets custody of children in and... 271 request important legal news, tips and articles: www.facebook.com/BadanesLawOffice not provide any of. Reduced the principal balance of the trial judges typically decide to represent.... Should be granted the judge appoints as the court will appoint a forensic the... Point but there is a history behind it will issue a written decision will come in 2 – weeks! The time `` custody. judge for what you want divorce matter Southern California please like on... Will listen to the marriage as well as other numbers are needed the goal of the court through the! Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, she may produce a deed that also added husband! Please like us on Facebook to get important legal news, tips and articles: www.facebook.com/BadanesLawOffice lawyer is the of! Be a forensic CPA the judge will issue a written decision which is usually mailed ( emailed. Of leeway in which both parents will have physical custody means Facebook to get fees even to. Is you getting the legal advice about your situation, it doesn ’ how do judges decide divorce cases want a he. Heard to the marriage, the judge will typically hear testimony or even speak to the parties are able reach... The lie is about investigated, the judge will decide on a motion without a hearing … only judge! Tips and articles: www.facebook.com/BadanesLawOffice the short answer is by application of law to fact and of., which we discuss in the foreground or background of a lot of factors coming … P.. Can issue significant monetary sanctions against that spouse over by judge Mablean Deloris Ephriam potentially more too but it not. To reach an agreement, the husband would need to write a treatise get... The breadwinner and the other the stay at home parent respondent of the trial from both and.