The banks are allowed to interpret the rules for ID as they wish, which means each will have different criteria, so it’s best to check their websites for a full list. With the exception of my Council Tax bill, all others are on line, e.g. You quite possibly don't even have to speak Japanese but want to just for something to do. i know you probably trying to be helpful, but it's totally useless...I've been homeless since 6th January 2006 after very nearly getting murdered...lot worse since then, pigyobs won't help and they're the worst perps....but regardless, you can't find employment, get a home, bank account, employ a solicitor without multiple forms of state sanctioned photo ID and utility bills....just not possible, you can't get any of them without the other...and i have been in this situation for over a decade now! AccessNI won't process your application without this proof. You must send the required proof of your identity to AccessNI within 14 days. To obtain the licence you will need to fill in the form and send it off to the DVLA with birth certificate and one other form of identification (payslips, social security bumf etc - anything with your National Insurance Number on it). I have a birth certificate. But the problem is he cant go into a bank to open up account due 2 health issues (adhd, autisim, learning difficulties, doesnt understand things plus he dont like going out in public) so how do i go about opening him up a bank account without him being there? Your application for a basic check is not complete until AccessNI has received the required proof of your identity. Alternatively, you may choose to take the name on your birth certificate. This includes details of organisations with which you have had financial dealings in recent years. However, they should all accept the following, or a mix of the following: A passport costs £72.50, while a driving license costs £43 by post – large amounts for anyone struggling financially. Contact the National Insurance Helpline for advice or you can also ask your local Department of Work & Pensions office or HM Customs & Revenue Office for help. We can’t separate money worries from our mental health, manage and save money on bills through Direct Debits, use it to rent a flat or get a mobile phone contract, get a debit card to withdraw cash or pay for items. Freedom ! The banks are allowed to interpret the rules for ID as they wish, which means each will have different criteria, so it’s best to check their websites for a full list. You can also look up your Apple ID by entering the full name and email address associated with your Apple ID. My brother has been in a Care Home for many years & he has no photo ID. Why is 100% of the population being put through this mill when the problem only occurs in 1%? However as it is not usually possible to change the name on your birth certificate (unless it is to your natural father’s name) if you decide you would like your passport, driving licence etc. Situations such as yours are not uncommon. This is one good reason for having i.d. There are two ways to do this: We may be able to check your identity electronically by using credit reference agencies to search sources of information relating to you (an Identity search); this search will not affect your credit rating. After he gets his birth certificate, he should be able to obtain the rest of the information he needs. Can I fly with a temporary ID? Can you advise what I can do or who I should contact about this? If you lost all your identifying documents, don’t panic! to be in the name you have used all your life then you will need to officially change your name by deed poll. If you choose to take this name you can then update the details on your National Insurance Record. It is quite legal to call yourself by any name you choose in the UK, so you have done nothing wrong by using your mother’s husband’s surname. An easy way to get id if you have nothing is to get your birth certificate and your national insurance card, use both of these to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence -even if you don't plan on driving). I see this is as a gap in the banking market where these potential customers could be with a a bank for life To receive their bursary payments they must have a bank account in their own name. And part of the problem for those without an account is being unable to open one. He doesn't know what to do? MONEY OUT OF MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT!!! We really want you to share your views, but please remember to be nice ☺All fields are required. You should be able to resolve it without too much difficulty although you will have to fill out some paperwork. they won't give me benefits for over a decade now...reason to believe they're being fraudulently claimed in my name....tied taking the to court and got fined 2K for the privelege! But if you’re living with your parents or don’t … Likewise the DVLA can advise on required documentation. he has no passport or drivers license and still living at home, he doesn't pay any bills, but he still gets letters from his bank, he get letters from the Job Centre and DWP and the post office, where he has an account. How close is this to discrimination against epilepsy and how can i complain? Yet 4% of UK households - roughly 1.5 million adults – are what’s called “unbanked”, meaning they don’t have a bank account. The name is my mother's husband's name - … Since birth certificates are public record, he should be able to do this without identification. They may accept an out of date one. Beware Paypal!!! ID is required to prevent fraud. You can use a driving licence or a benefits letter, as long as you didn’t use it prove your ID. He then lost interest. My step father is now deceased, but he have left my brother (his birth son) money. What if I don’t have any photo identification? If you face problems, ask them to check their web pages which should detail what is and what isn’t accepted. I have twice in the last month been asked for identity documents and struggled to provide them. I am having trouble with getting my money because nationwide keep telling me i need ID because i was frauded by someone because of this i have not got enough money to live on and they refused me to my own money. Considering that the cheque I hope to send to the bank I'm trying to invest in will be a Nationwide cheque made payable to me, I don't think they (the new bank solely for investment) know what they are doing. This is certainly a problem and you definitely need to get it sorted out as soon as possible. See our list of acceptable ID documents. Help and advice would be appreciated, coming up 12 years for me now.....can anybody help? I have no passport not do I have a driving license the only i do have is from the council and the benefits letters and a old student card. Frankly I think these identity checks are a waste of time and money. Can I still use my old Government Gateway user ID and password? A statutory credit report by post costs £2.00. I tried to open a Halifax Savings Account for him, provided DLA letter which had both our names as I am his appointee - his benefit goes into a separate a/c in my name. You can then produce the deed as a proof of identity. All I am doing is changing banks. The identification you need to order your own birth certificate varies among states. You do not need to show a copy of a social security card to obtain a copy of a birth certificate. They do not purport to constitute legal or professional advice. Identify definition, to recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; verify the identity of: to identify handwriting; to identify the bearer of a check. Log in to HMRC’s replacement system, HMRC Online Services. If your mobile phone number is your Apple ID, you may not be able to look up your Apple ID. How does your household spend compare to the UK average? If you can't find your 'A' model number here, then you may have another variant - try and find it on Apple's own list. i had read they force you to open bank accounts in there....and i've been planning on GETTING INTO ONE just so i can get bank account :-(. If you have ever had a credit card, a loan or a mortgage, one of three main credit reference agencies hold a file on you. OR GET MY!! For those without a passport or driving licence, there are other forms of identification that should be accepted. Why should I spend £92 for a document he will never use as he is too mentally unwell to travel? Big brother or what ?? I have got identification for him. Report any government-issued IDs such as passports, military ID cards or base pass cards via phone to the issuing agency as soon as you realize you've lost the cards. Check out our full commenting guidelines, By clicking on 'Post Comment', you're agreeing to our Commenting Policy, Please help me I really need to open a bank account so that I can save money I don't have a I'd but I do have my I'd copies pls and for my salary to be paid in it, Am desperately need for a bank account I do have a copies of my I'd and proof of address. Since his Mum died last year, losing his job and being in debt, he had to use his Mums inheritance money to pay off his debt and he has had problems trying to open another bank account ever since his debt was paid and his bank account he had in Santander was closed. New customers - in order to confirm your identity, we need to verify your name and address. The name is my mother's husband's name - he is not my father. How Do We Check a Credit Report is not Duplicated. Welcome to a world where you need plastic and paper to tell you who you are. They would not accept a copy of a national entitlement card issued by Edinburgh Council with my picture. I have three accounts with this bank and so do both our kids .. I work full time so do not receive benefits. If you'd like to ask a question one of our experts (workload permitting) or a helpful reader hopefully can help you... We also love comments and interesting stories. Okay, well reading what everyone has said, I'll probably get a passport in January, at least there's more of a chance I'll be using that soon than a provisional at least. Your situation is frustrating but by talking to the official bodies and following their procedures you should be able to apply for a passport and driving licence soon. my brother has been trying to reactivate his old Lloyds bank account, they told him what paperwork was needed to open a new one. happy to publish this email address.... In most states, such as Connecticut, a government-issued picture identification works just fine, such as a passport or a driver's license. i want to add my son on to my bank account he has a paper driving licence not a photo one and his passport has run out,he is not working and is on job seekers my bank Barclays say he has to have photo ID even though he lives with me and has a birth certificate and a letter from the council offices saying he lives at the same address please help getting desperate. Requiring particular forms of identification, every time you get or renew your driver licence, improves the integrity of the licence system and protects law-abiding drivers. A passport or other travel document endorsed to show that the holder can stay in the United Kingdom; and that this endorsement allows the holder to do the type of work the employer is offering if they do not have a work permit. But getting hold of these can be a problem for people who aren’t named on tenancy agreements or bills, or don’t have a permanent address. Susie. I don't have enough forms of ID to prove I exist apparently. If you aren't signed in, your Apple ID may be pre-filled on the sign-in screen. My wife and I do not have photo ID and have just moved to a new address Nationwide have refused point blank to accept anything else even though we have banked with Santander for years. For example, if you provide your driving licence as … I am trying to invest some money in another Bank and my problem is finding someone: Councillor, GP, etc to sign the forms as I live in a village. You’ll need to use separate documents to verify your identity and your address. So how do I log in to HMRC now? The easiest option if you don’t have photo ID. The contents of this article are for the purposes of general awareness only. We need to have steps in place to prevent people from getting a driver licence fraudulently. The only think they say they will accept in an introductory letter signed by a Doctor. although it has been more than six years now....dunno if still enforceable or not! What to do when you have no form of ID? Applying for an ID card requires evidence via a marriage or divorce certificate. My main form of ID was my passport but it expired a couple months ago. This means these clients often leave us as they cannot get paid Some of them do not have required ID to open an account. You can find guidance on how this process works on Her Majesty’s Court Service (HMCS) website. I work on a government training scheme. but you're having a laugh aren't you? really am beyond desperate here... bank staff refuse to confirm or even deny if they know who they are and they dnt have a 'choice' as far as the law is's a criminal offence supposedly for me to instigate them into committing a criminal offence! I am struggling to get a job, driving licence or passport as you are required to provide proof of idenity which would be your birth certificate and national insurance card. I am struggling to identify myself to make a withdrawal from an online account with Sainsburys bank. I have a serious dilema. © Copyright 2021 The Money Advice Service 120 Holborn, London EC1N 2TD. I don't have the identification (ID) required, what should I do? See more. Replacement cards are free, with a limit of three per year and 10 overall. What would be the best path to follow in such case, thank you kindly, Sirely yours truly, Stella, im 29 all i have is a birth cert and soon to be claiminin jsa how do i go about settinf up a bank account. This is a very personal issue, and you may want to give it some careful thought. the majority of clients being 16 -19. If you don't have the identification required at this stage of the application you will still be able to continue the application. We tried to open a joint account BUT as I have always paid the utilities and tax's my Wife doesn't have any bills in her name.. If you have any questions or need further information, please call Amanda Eptlett on 01782 525014 or email When you pay online for the check, you'll receive a confirmation email from AccessNI. So could you please give me advise of the best thing to do so I can get my benefit money before Christmas day. What if I forgot my login details? In some cases, it is possible for a certified company to verify your identity using either a passport or driving licence in combination with some other validated evidence (such as … Inform them that you've lost your ID and request a replacement. Please can a person be able to register a bank account by changing the name on the ID card? If you can’t provide at least 2 of these documents, please call us on 0345 7345 345 to discuss the other options available. i want to either open a bank account or cash a check but don't have a state ID. First of all, order a birth certificate replacement, which will allow you to verify your identity to replace all IDs. Can I fly with an expired ID? Unfortunately, FCA evidence seems to suggest some bank staff and customers aren’t aware of these options. They have started to ask for photo ID in addition to address ID, When they ask you to renew your details,(as happens at least every year or so). Anti-fraud and anti-money laundering procedures mean you need to prove your identity when you apply for a bank account – and since some just don’t have the right documents, it’s thought ID issues account for a large number of times people’s applications are rejected. am really confused and cant open my bank account infact am living in uk at asylum seekers status so my passport in the ukborder agency but thy gave me one photo id which called arc card can you pls repy me and guide me how I open my bank acc thx, hi is it possible to open a bank account with an endorsed birth certificate and certificate of live birth accompanied by a witnessed solemn declaration and biological markers like hand prints footprints etc also witnessed and which are owned by someone whop is the only living agent for its security interest by claim and reservation, with no contractual obligations, and who does not wish to use state issued ID. You could be moving to Japan or taking a holiday there. People want to learn Japanese for a lot of reasons. What Can I Do To Prevent Mistaken Identity? And plastic and paper that if others get hold of they can copy and be you. You can see if you're signed in with your Apple ID on or by going to your Apple ID account page. If you did you’ll need something else like a gas or Council Tax bill, or a tenancy agreement from the council or letting agent. Has your name changed? on benifits that's what it is. if state knows where u live not safe to live there anymore....and trying to trade in cash just leads to further violence and end up working for less than 50p an hour and then it gets stolen anyway.....and they claim it's all a you know any proper journalists? Share Your Story, Join the Discussion or Seek Advice.. Why not be the first to leave a comment for discussion, ask for advice or share your story... What Should I Do Without Official Identification? thankyou. When you receive your report, check it thoroughly. Unfortunately, a temporary ID — like a temporary driver’s license — is not considered an acceptable form of ID by TSA. I got out of prison after doing 21 years, to come out with only £47.00.I am a British citizen of the message United Kingdom and I cannot gain an I.D. Can i use my job corp government ID if i bring my social security card and my birth certificate to do either of those actions? Hello the only proof i have of me is my birth certificut and a contract letter sent to my adress but i still cant open a bank account can anyone help me as im in need of a bank account asap. He is unable to open another account in that bank He has tried to open a bank account with another bank with no success as they won't except his proof of address letters as he has no photo id yet. Thanks. I just move from Ireland to UK.i have my Ireland GniB card but they are not accepted what should I do. Can I open a bank account with the id I do have, I have no ID/photo ID at all, I am joint tenancy with my father and could get verification via letter and I have my national insurance number, but that is all, I was getting my benefits through a simple payment card but I got a letter recently saying I need to make a bank because they aren't paying people through simple payment in future, and it is close to Christmas and I promised I would buy the food, but my money is due Friday the 22nd and I know it won't be in the simple payment card. Identification definition: The identification of something is the recognition that it exists , is important , or is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Social Networking: How Can I Protect Myself? They refused an account even with just a savings book and told me to get him a passport. But those who don’t have these can sometimes be put off from applying, or even turned away. Strike two. even though havin the same address for 30 years and banked with the same bank for nearly 50 years! You can use this photo id to apply for anything. Age verification is the primary reason behind the need to verify an online betting account. I wanted to open a Santander savings account and I had all the documents and they would not let me and the same with Lloyd's I have never had any debt problems ever I have carers allowance and am being treated arfull because I am Driving lcience is the most common acepted ID in the UK and its worth paying the £50 if you have any plans to drive in the future been 2 days so far and i still cant get at MY money!! While it may be a hassle and some work, you can replace IDs. This email includes an attachment telling you how to send AccessNI proof of your identity. Mine have two different names. Replace Lost Marriage Certificate or Divorce Certificate. Trained advisers can take you through exactly which documents you need to show them. cards,shame the government scrapped them,people all over Europe have them with no problems why not here.? The law may have changed since this article was published. The good news is that you should be able to do so by going through the official channels. But passport ect is not enough ? I am epileptic so do not hold a valid driving licence, it is risk to travel out of the country when epileptic so do not hold a valid passport. I dnt have an ID but I have a utility bill and the two passport, Elissa...that does surprise me! Utility bills, bank statements and government correspondence are all sent electronically in the 21st century and therefore are (paradoxically) unacceptable to the banks. Why Do I Need To provide ID and verify my betting account? For those without a passport or driving licence, there are other forms of identification that should be accepted. But why is this? But he honestly cant go into a bank so how can he open up a bank account? Further to this, I came out of a d-catagory prison which is there to help prisoners resettle back into the community, is it not surprising why so many prisoners Reiff end, as their better off in prison. How much could you gain by switching bank? Of course, not all of those people want an account, but today’s “Access to Financial Services in the UK” report by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) shows three-quarters of a million people do want one, but can’t get one. I wanted to open a Santander savings account and had all the documents and they wouldn't let me and the same with Lloyd's and I have never had debt problems ever I have carers allowance and am being treated arfull because I am on benifits all I wanted was to save some money for a emergency even Halifax a couple of years ago would not do it either and I had all the documents there as well all I keep getting from the staff in the banks or phone is a list of excuses every time and I have never had a bad credit ratings it's ridiculous this country has gone terrible since the conservatives have got and this prime minister is worse than Cameron. Being able to converse in another language is something worth doing and … Photographic proof of identity will normally be required in every case e.g. Legal name changes do not count towards limits. As hes given me his identification and permission can i do it for him without him being there in person. I would say Biometrics could save the day, but then I have seen too many Sci-Fi moves. However, if you call our helpline on 0800 138 7777 we will be able to give you the advice you need. But when he got it together, they told him to get something else. Hi For UK residents, evidence of identity will normally be one of the following original documents - copies are not normally acceptable: 1. current signed passport 2. current UK or EEA photo-card driving licence 3. current (full or provisional) UK photo driving licence – old style non-photo provisional licences are not acceptable 4. benefit book or original notification letter from the Benefits Agency confirming the right to benefits 5. an entry in a local or national telephone directory confirming your name and address 6. buildi… The PASS photo IDs cost around £15, but the FCA found not all banks accept them. Looks like I'm not going to have ID … The rest of this article focuses on what to do when you don’t have ID for domestic flights within the US. I can get school transcripts with my birthday on it (hopefully) but that will cost me money..(that I don't have to begin with..). Most people will be able to apply using their passport, bills or credit checks acting as ID. even the same account number!, and also being using ebay since it started in the U.K.! If you don’t remember your login, here is how you can find your Government Gateway user ID. Restore all your certified vital records and documents to replace IDs, protect yourself in case of a problem, and get back to your normal life. Around 10% have never had any. Passports and driving licences cannot be sent by post safely and require certification, which in my case requires a 20 mile round trip every time. I dont have any id only picture bus pass and letters about pension credit. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can I open a bank account with a state prison id ? To complete the application we will need to see certain identification documents to confirm your identity. Only you can decide which name you would prefer to use. Proof of identity checklist for individuals You cannot use one form of identification for both name and address. Contact your employer, school and/or any organizations with whom you have identification on file. Hi I am trying to request a pension company that pay me once a month now pay me at a different bank in the same name been opened years, They are demanding I provide 6 month statements or ask the bank to certify a statement for me why? Should We Report Our Stolen Birth Certificates? It is also worth contacting each of the individual agencies to discuss your situation. admin: I am afraid we cannot give out advice here. It's just a shame I have to spend so much money on ID, esp when I don't even drink much. Tryed every bank possible no I'd need help someppl arnt helpful and I'm starting to get really depressing over this matter, need to make a banks account but anit got no id with pic need help with it. I currently have no form of identification. If you don’t have any of the official documents, banks should accept alternatives such as a benefits letter; immigration status document; or a letter from a prison governor, care-home manager, homeless shelter or place of study. I have a friend coming in from out of state and he's going to be staying with me for the next couple of weeks, and he's going to want to go out- so I can't just be a hermit till my ID arrives. I do not know how this happened but under my birth certificate I have my mother's maiden name, but my national insurance card is under the name I have been going by since I was a baby. When you walk into a betting shop or a casino the cashier will visually check your appearance and will make a … NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS, BUT SUDDENLY FOUND I COULD NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING! Nor can I open a bank account. GUIDE: Choosing a bank account for your Universal Credit payment, How haggling can help you pay less for a second-hand car. Yes – but only for HMRC Online Services. Secondary identification documents, such as a Social Security card, generally have the person’s full name but not his date of birth. This is because about 20% of the population has no photo ID at any moment. Plus, it relies on the carriers judgement as to whether the photo looks like the person in the photo ID and whether they can determine if the document is genuine However, it's EEs choice and it … For many, a bank account is essential. Lot's of old bank account statements BUT they are over 6 months out of date. What the hell do I do? As proof of identity, a person may have to produce, for example, two primary identification documents or one primary and two secondary documents. This kind of check is regularly used if the account has any kind of credit attached, such as an overdraft. A passport or other travel document endorsed to show that the holder can stay indefinitely in the United Kingdom, or has no time limit on their stay. For example you can contact the Passport Office telephone Adviceline, which is open 24 hours a day. You do not need a National Insurance number for a passport, only a birth certificate. For free and impartial money advice go to or call us on 0800 138 7777. You can still apply for a driving licence without a current passport. I've checked and it seems there is no way to get a state photo ID immediately- those have to be mailed also and take weeks. I am typing this on behalf of my boyfriend Paul. I was never adopted by him and I am now having difficulty obtaining photocopied identification. f*** that is beyond disgusting....I'm only surviving on others' charity now but when that happens to me I won't be able to do a single thing....:-(. Age Verification. paypal and ebay to now? If a credit score isn’t good enough, it can mean the application will be rejected – however, basic bank accounts don’t require these checks.