This means you’ll get visa-free access to 179 countries in the world, including the visa-waiver program to the United States. Latvia is well-connected. Vija Gailite, Latio’s head of sales, said the average Russian buyer was “a middl… Out of the most popular golden visa nations, Latvia, Greece and Thailand set the qualification bar at the lowest. Latvia also offers permanent residence permits for investments in business, bonds/securities and real estate The Golden visa residence. High quality of life. In this article, we will tell you all that there is to know about this program, why you should apply, and guide you through the application process step-by-step. . . What’s more, there are plenty of real estate opportunities that haven’t been capitalized on by anyone else. However, you cannot buy just any real estate in any part of the country. You will get back what you paid in if you choose to withdraw the funds. VFS Global to process Schengen visa to Latvia Applicants in UAE can apply at Abu Dhabi and Dubai offices of the company outsourced by Latvian Embassy Published: February 05, 2018 17:57 Staff Report If you’ve determined that you’re eligible to apply, obtaining residence is then a quick process. So, if you become a naturalized citizen of this European country, you won’t have to give up your first passport – the best of both worlds. #Greece #ResidencyByInvestment. Moldova It used to charge no government fees, but since the popularity of the program absolutely skyrocketed, the government ‘wised up’ and added extra fees. You just have to care enough to take a closer look. No additional investment will need to be made as you go to renew your residence, but your original investment must be kept for the entire period of five years. Citizenship is only optional, usually takes 5 years of uninterrupted living to naturalise for citizenship. The country is also known for its pro-business attitude and relatively low corporate taxation, which is always good to have in a country that you’re investing in. Dominica And for a sum like a quarter of a million euros, you could get a large, top-notch apartment in the heart of the city center of Riga. There is an option to invest in a Latvian business for just €50,000 upfront, but the total outlay turns into €250,000 over five years anyway. This is on par with other Golden Visa programs. While the Portuguese program has recorded a slow-down in demand, given bureaucratic complexities and a challenging road to residency, the Greek residency program appears to be going from strength to strength. Among the most expensive are the Czech Republic and New Zealand, where a golden visa costs NZ$3 million. Well, because Latvia is in the European Union, that’s simply not possible. 2020 Audi A7 Review. If you wish to invest in a company larger than that, you will need to double the investment to €100,000. Let us first explain the fundamentals of what. Also, you must have some knowledge of the Latvian language, know the basic historical facts of the country, and be able to recite the national anthem. Latvia has the cheapest golden visa schemes in Europe with investments starting from 50,000 euros, which is five times cheaper than greece and portugal. May 8, 2020. That’s because Latvia is a long-standing member of the European Union, the Schengen zone, and the Eurozone, so you know its political and economic stability are rock-solid. Don’t forget that an extra government fee of €25,000 applies if you go this route. It remains to be seen how Latvia’s Golden Visa fares in the future, and if it will still be able to interest foreign investors with its real estate and pro-business climate. Income and social taxes are high. No border checks, here you come. (€50,000 initially, plus five years of paying at least €40,000 in tax). This is non-refundable. It launched back in 2010 when it was in a financially dire situation and needed the foreign investment to get back up on its feet. You have to add 30K euro government fee and another 30K lawyer fee. Why Did Greece’s Golden Visa Performance Fall So Far Behind Portugal’s in 2020? However, the launch of the Golden Visa program saw property prices growing rapidly until the increase in the investment threshold. After that the investment limit rises to €500,000.