Los Angeles

Strong and Light-Weight Metal Developed By Researchers

Researchers infused magnesium with ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles, and what came out was a super metal. The new formed metal not only has high strength, but is also extremely light in weight. An innovative way to disperse and stabilize nanoparticles in molten metal enabled the researchers... read more

L.A. student found dead in empty school bus identified

The teenager who was found dead in the back of an empty school bus in a Southern California depot last Friday has been identified by Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as a 19-year-old special needs student named Hun Joon Lee.

Lee attended Whittier-based Sierra Education Center and... read more

Evacuations canceled as Southern California wildfire tamed

A brushfire in Southern California forced dozens of people near the border of Orange and Los Angeles counties to evacuate their homes on Tuesday, but firefighters later managed to tame the blaze.

Residents from nearly 39 homes were forced to evacuate the area. Just four hours later,... read more

Use of ‘shade balls’ to cover water reservoirs could lead to bacterial nightmare: experts warn

Los Angeles officials are trying to better cope with the persistent drought by covering water reservoirs with million “shade balls” designed to prevent evaporation. But experts have warned that the black balls could lead to a disaster.

Mayor Eric Garcetti defended the plan, saying the... read more

30 Previously Unknown Fly Species Identified In Los Angeles

Researchers have recently discovered 30 new species of insects in the city of Los Angeles during a Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (BioSCAN).

The researchers working for the BioSCAN at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) have stated that the 30 new insect species... read more

Toyota’s new 2015 hydrogen fuel cell sedan will be called ‘Mirai’

In a recent announcement via video message on the eve of the Los Angeles auto show, automaker Toyota revealed that it has named its new 2015 hydrogen fuel cell sedan 'Mirai,' which means 'future' in the Japanese language.

Announcing the name of the new fuel-cell powered sedan, Toyota... read more

Tesla unveils four-wheel-drive ‘D’ version of Models S sedan

At an event held at the municipal airport in Hawthorne, near Los Angeles, on Thursday, October 9, electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors unveiled a faster, all-wheel-drive version of its Model S sedan.

The announcement of the new Model S version has put to rest the speculations which has... read more

Poor and Middle-Income People Donate Larger Share of their Income to Charities

A study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy unveiled that in comparison to middle-income and poor people, richer Americans donate less from their income to charities. The former groups, poor and middle-income, give a big amount to charities.

A comparative analysis found that Americans who... read more

Democrat De Leon elected as Senate’s new leader

Democrats-controlled California's Senate on Monday selected Senator Kevin De Leon as its new leader. De Leon, a Democrat representative of part of Los Angeles, will succeed current Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who will step down on October 15 this year.

De Leon, a former... read more

A quick look at California’s wildfires

Wildfire is a common phenomenon, particularly in dry years, in California. Whether a person lives in Alhambra foothills near Los Angeles or Zinfandel wine countryside close to Napa Valley, he/she must be aware of the reality of wildfires in the state.

A wildfire is usually triggered by a... read more

Los Angeles: Man arrested on suspicion of murdering brother

A California man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his own brother during a family birthday celebration held on last Saturday.

Louis Hill, 40, was arrested on Sunday after being questioned by investigators. He allegedly fatally shot his 48-year-old brother Derrick Hill shortly... read more

Court directs health insurer to cover residential anorexia care

An appeals court in Los Angeles, California, recently pronounced a ruling that would make health insurers to pay for more residential mental health care.

A three-judge panel at the L. A. appeals court ruled in favor of Marissa Rea and other people who are suffering from anorexia nervosa,... read more