Fitbit Sales Surge during Christmas

Fitness-tracking device manufacturer Fitbit received overwhelming response from people during the Christmas shopping season. On Christmas day, Fitbit’s application became the most-downloaded application on Apple’s app store. It is indicative of the fact that people soon established their Fitbit... read more

Fitbit adds two new features to Charge HR and Surge fitness trackers

In an announcement made on Monday, Fitbit said that it has enhanced its Charge HR and Surge fitness-tracking devices by adding two new features --- PurePulse heart rate tracking; and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition.

Announcing the addition of the two new features to the Fitbit... read more

Fitbit tries to avoid another recall after rash complaints received

Fitbit could be in for trouble as many users have reported skin irritation problems on social networks. ABC 7 News has noticed more than 200 complaints from users on social media regarding skin irritation caused by fitbit wearable device. Fitbit had to issue a recall last year after numerous... read more

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