New Horizon Captures Pluto On Video

The New Horizons team working at NASA has launched Pluto’s first official video this week. The New Horizons team utilized the LEISA infrared imaging spectrometer to shoot this video of the planet. Through this new technology, the team managed to provide validation over the existence of water ice... read more

NASA releases first video recording of Pluto

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) recently released the first official video recording of distant dwarf planet Pluto and its largest moon Charon.
The video isn’t exactly HD as it was shot at just under two frames per second with a 256-by-256-pixel camera. NASA... read more

A first in history: Falcon 9 rocket lands back on earth after launching payloads

After several failed attempts, SpaceX on Monday finally managed to successfully launch its Falcon 9 rocket to the edge of space, deploy a second stage containing a payload of commercial satellites and bring the first stage to a perfect landing back at Cape Canaveral. The historical move could... read more

Full Cold Moon on Christmas won’t occur again until 2034

The dazzling moon that brightened the most recent Christmas was the first ‘Full Cold Moon’ on Christmas in nearly four decades.
It was called Full Cold Moon because of its full size and the timing of the beginning of winter season. As per the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (... read more

NASA puts brakes on Insight Space Mission due to instrument glitch

NASA has announced a temporary halt for its Mars mission planned for March as the space agency team has discovered a technical glitch in the Insight spacecraft’s seismometer. The seismometer was developed by French space agency CNES. The leakage in the vacuum seal on the seismometer was... read more

Pluto Showcased in Christmas Spirit with Release of ‘False Color Christmas Portrait’ by NASA

Since the launch of NASA’s New Horizons, extraordinary images of Pluto have been captured by the spacecraft. Since Sunday, New Horizons has imaged the dwarf planet in six different ways and yet a lot surprises are yet to come. Recently, NASA has released stunning images and video showing how the... read more

ORNL Succeeds in Producing 50 Grams of Plutonium-238

Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have done tremendous job by succeeding in producing 50 grams of plutonium-238. With the achievement of this milestone, ORNL has restored a U.S. capability dormant for nearly 30 years and have demonstrated the nation’s... read more

NASA suspends Upcoming Mission to Mars

The American space agency, NASA, recently announced that it has suspended its next mission to the Red Planet. The decision was taken after the agency experts found a leak in instruments that were built in Colorado.

Sources with knowledge about the matter said that the decision to cancel... read more

Giant Asteroid to Zip Past Earth on Christmas, Astronomers say ‘Don’t Worry’

Earthlings will have an opportunity to see two amazing celestial events on this Christmas: a full moon and an asteroid zooming past the home planet. Astronomers said that an asteroid, named Asteroid 2003 SD220, is heading towards earth on Christmas Eve, but will pass at a distance of about 6.8... read more

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Researchers make 50 grams of Plutonium: DOE

For deep-space exploration, Plutonium-238 is the apt fuel choice. However, for about 30 years, its production in the United States was nil. Everything changed on Tuesday. The Department of Energy (DOE) made an announcement that researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn... read more

Scientists Produce Golf Ball-Sized Plutonium-238 to Fuel NASA Mars Rovers

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) on Tuesday announced that it has successfully produced Plutonium-238, the isotope which American space agency NASA was running out to fuel its Mars rovers.

The Department of Energy (DOE) said that it is for the first time that scientists have... read more

NASA calls off planned March 2016 launch of Mars lander

The US space agency NASA has cancelled the planned launch of a Mars lander in March 2016. The agency said one of the key instruments of the spacecraft can’t be fixed in time for liftoff.

The Red Planet and Earth align favorably only once in every 26 months, due to which now, NASA's... read more


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