Verizon Offering $650 Per Line and 2GB Free Data For Life to Switch Carriers

On the eve of Christmas season and with the welcoming of the New Year, Verizon wireless is offering spectacular deals to its customers, which could be the beginning of a new battle between the wireless carriers. Are you planning to switch your service line to Verizon? If yes, then it is right... read more

T-Mobile throttling video content and reducing quality: YouTube

Alphabet’s YouTube has blamed telecom operator T-Mobile for throttling its videos for mobile customers. T-Mobile recently introduced Binge On service for its customers and YouTube has claimed that T-Mobile is deliberately slowing down streaming of video content on its network. T-Mobile responded... read more

T-Mobile offers $200 bill credit to customers switching from Sprint

In a Wednesday announcement, US wireless carrier T-Mobile said that it will be giving an additional bill credit – over and above the early termination fees (ETF) and other payments - to ‘switchers’ from Sprint. The announcement marks the latest holiday-season promotions being offered by T-Mobile... read more

Experian unveils of massive data breach involving 15 million consumers linked to T-Mobile

A data breach has taken place at credit bureau Experian. Owing to the breach, data of around 15 million people who have applied for service with T-Mobile US Inc have been compromised. Connecticut's attorney general has said that investigation will take place into the matter.

Experian... read more

T-Mobile on pace to add more than 2.1 million total subscribers in Q3 2015

At the Goldman Sachs 24th Annual Communacopia conference held in New York on Friday, US wireless carrier T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere revealed that the total number of subscribers which the carrier has added during the 2015 third quarter will exceed 2.1 million.

According to the details... read more

T-Mobile to eliminate subscribers who abuse its unlimited data plan

In a post published on Twitter on Monday, T-Mobile CEO and President John Legere said that the carrier will eliminate subscribers who abuse its unlimited data plans. T-Mobile is one of the few US wireless carriers that continue to offer unlimited data plans to its customers.

According to... read more

Verizon has no plans to match T-Mobile and AT&T ‘data rollover’ moves

According to a new eWEEK report, US wireless carrier Verizon has confirmed that it has no plans to match the 'data rollover' moves recently announced by rivals AT&T and T-Mobile.

In a January 27-dated email statement to eWEEK, Verizon said that it is not interested in offering monthly... read more

Deutsche Telekom CEO: T-Mobile’s ‘un-carrier’ business is unsustainable without a merger

In a recent statement, Timotheus Höttges - the CEO of T-Mobile USA parent firm Deutsche Telekom - has said that the 'un-carrier' business of T-Mobile cannot be sustained without a merger.

Höttges said that though T-Mobile has announced a number of 'un-carrier' promotions of late, in an... read more

In a blog post released on December 30, T-Mobile CEO John Legere talked about tech giant Apple's forthcoming Apple Watch wearable device; and projected that the Watch will probably be one of the company's next 'big' gadgets.

Apple will likely unveil its Apple Watch device sometime in... read more

T-Mobile agrees to $90mn settlement with FTC to resolve ‘cramming’ lawsuit

According to a recent statement released by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the country's fourth biggest wireless carrier T-Mobile has agreed to a $90 million settlement to resolve a 'cramming' related lawsuit.

The lawsuit against T-Mobile was filed by the FTC in July this year.... read more

T-Mobile speeds up its LTE service in NYC with new Wideband LTE

In a noteworthy announcement made on December 15, T-Mobile - the 'uncarrier' US wireless carrier - has revealed that its high-speed LTE service in New York City (NYC) will be given a boost, with the company's new Wideband LTE service.

According to the details shared by T-Mobile, the new... read more

FCC: T-Mobile to give customers more info about their Internet speeds

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said in a Monday announcement that T-Mobile has agreed to real to its customers more details about throttled broadband Internet speeds. The agreement comes in response to an investigation which the FCC launched this summer into the speed-reduction... read more


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