Massive Asteroids have the ability to wipe out Human Life

Massive Asteroids have the ability to wipe out Human Life

A massive asteroid rotating at high rate is pushing towards Earth. It has the capacity to wipe out human life but it will not happen till March 16, 2880. This asteroid has been codenamed '1950 DA' because it was first time found in 1950.

It was not noticed for many years and has been detected in 2001 again. The asteroid is more than a kilometer in diameter. If the asteroid was to impact the Earth and it would cause harm on a global scale, said Ben Rozitis, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Tennessee.

On the selected day, asteroid 1950 DA has a one-in-300 chance of striking our planet. However, it is also considered as the most likely asteroid to collide with our planet.

The asteroid that causes a major threat to earth is in fact more similar to a huge clump of flour, says a researcher at the University of Tennessee.

According to their research, published in the science journal Nature, the asteroid has a diameter of one kilometer and is moving at nine miles a second compared to the Earth.

It is rotating at a very high speed and this speed of rotation should cause the space rock to fly apart, but cohesive forces known as van der Waals are holding it together. These kinds of forces have never been observed on an asteroid.

"The likelihood of a collision has also gone down over the last decade. At one point, it was predicted to have a 1-in-300 chance of hitting Earth. Now it's believed to be more like 1-in-20,000", said Rozitis.

An impact would result in massive explosion and tsunamis. It would also result in changing the climate of the globe and destroying human life. The researchers are sure that there is sufficient time to avoid the disaster.

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