Brendan Iribe Donates $31 million to University of Maryland

Brendan Iribe Donates $31 million to University of Maryland

Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus VR, a virtual reality company recently acquired by Facebook, started working with a personal computer in 1980s. According to Iribe, working with computers at that time had been the most amazing thing, as nobody had any idea that in some years, a computer would transform the way we conduct business and communicate with each other.

Oculus' first product, virtual reality headset, is in development that would be cost effective for users. Facebook has acquired Oculus VR in 2014, whose developer kit headsets would be available with a price tag of $350. Sony has developed a virtual reality headset with a name Project Morpheus, which the company has planned to sell as an accessory for PlayStation 4.

For the new project, Samsung has joined hand with Oculus, where it will develop a virtual reality headset powered by its Galaxy Note 4.

According to Iribe, virtual reality today is as computing was when personal computers were new in the market. It will provide an immense range of experiences to the people, Iribe added. He further said that virtual reality is bigger than 3-D graphics and could be even bigger than computers.

Iribe has donated about $31 million to the University of Maryland. The money given by him will be used to develop a $140 million computer science center that will bear his name.

Apart from computer science, the center will include artificial intelligence, computer vision, face recognition, augmented reality and robotics, affirmed Iribe.

Iribe said, "Most schools don't fully understand or appreciate the potential of virtual reality and how impactful this will be on so many different areas. They will. And it's exciting that University of Maryland will be at the forefront of this".