Healthy Life Style can reduce Risk of Heart Attack by 80% among Men

Healthy Life Style can reduce Risk of Heart Attack by 80% among Men

According to a new study carried out by medical experts at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, men can reduce their risk of heart attack by 80% by adopting a healthy life style. There are five easy steps that men can take to reduce the risk of heart attack: quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, regular exercise, eat healthy foods and have a frequent belly check. But only 1% men are aware of the fact that the risk of heart attack can actually be reduced.

For the study, researchers studied 20,000 men from Sweden, aged between 45 and 79 for 11 years. The participants were studied on their diet, alcohol consumption, smoking status, level of physical activity and abdominal adiposity (belly fat). It was found that participants who took healthy diet and had average alcohol consumption were the ones with 35% lower risk of heart attack than those with unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Also, it was found that participants, who had a healthy diet, consumed moderate levels of alcohol and quit smoking, were physically active and, had 86 % lower risks of heart attack. They also had lesser amount of abdominal fat.

Agneta Akesson, Associate Professor at the Institute of Environmental Medicine and lead author of the study, said in a press release that it is not shocking that the healthy lifestyle options will lead to decrease heart attacks.

According to researchers, less than 2% of the American population has perfect cardiovascular health. However, by promoting the advantages of healthy lifestyle options, risk of cardiovascular disease can be lowered.

Heart patients, who have been taking medication, can reduce their risk of heart attack by following healthy life style.

"It is important to note that these lifestyle behaviors are modifiable, and changing from high-risk to low-risk behaviors can have great impact on cardiovascular health", said Akesson. Adding to it, Akesson said the best thing one can do is consider healthy lifestyle options early in life.

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