Loyola High School students invite Pope Francis to Detroit

Loyola High School students invite Pope Francis to Detroit

Students of Loyola High School have sent an invitation to Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic faith, to stop in Detroit in 2015.

The YouTube video features Loyola High School students, many of whom aren’t Catholic, inviting Pope Francis to the city. The video also features staff members delivering statements like, “we change lives; you can help us change lives as well.”

One of the students said that everybody in the 150-student school went to church every morning, adding that they were looking up to him everyday.

Rev. Mark Luedtke, the president of all-boys Loyola High School, said Pope Francis had an affinity for visiting struggling communities like Detroit.

Speaking about the ongoing campaign, Luedtke said, “Our school works with young men and families who need a little extra help, who might have struggled in their academic work or not been given the opportunity to succeed. We feel particularly suited to receive the pope.”

Loyola High School students’ invitation is just an extension Detroit Cristo Rey High School students’ campaign that they started in August to invite the head of the Catholic Church to the city.

Pope Francis is reportedly considering a trip to the United States in September 2015 for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.