Lansing receives federal grant to prevent school violence

Lansing receives federal grant to prevent school violence

The Lansing School District has received a $760,000 grant as first annual installment of a five-year federal grant that aims to promote cultural awareness and prevent violence.

Sergio Keck, chief of instructional support programs for the school district, said they would create a new program to ensure unity in diversity.

Speaking on the topic, Keck said, "One of our greatest assets that we have is diversity, and to be good stewards of this diversity, we must help students and staff with the tools necessary to understand, cooperate and succeed together."

The program targets nearly 3,700 students at Everett High School, Pattengill Academy, Gardner Academy, and North elementary school and Attwood elementary school. These educational institutions have been chosen because of their diversity and the necessity for behavior interventions among students.

To achieve the objective of encouraging students to find peaceful solutions to issues, the school district will team up with Lansing area agencies like the Refugee Development Center, Cristo Rey Community Center, and Community Mental Health.

Incidents of violence on school campuses have increased drastically over the past few years. Most recently, on September 9, an Eastern High School student allegedly sexually assaulted another student on school property.