Residents put on Alert as Lava Flow from Kilauea Volcano Continues to Advance

Residents Placed on Alert as Lava Flow from Kilauea Volcano Continues to Advance

On Sunday, local authorities announced that the lava flow from an erupting volcano has advanced about 250 yards since Saturday morning. The lava was flowing at the rate of around about 10 to 15 yards an hour.

Due to the lava flow’s advancement, many residents in a rural area of Hawaii were put on an alert. Darryl Oliveira, director of civil defense for Hawaii County, said that the lava passed through a Buddhist cemetery. It covered the grave sites in rural region of Puna.

The nearest home from the flow front is at least 300 yards. Oliveira affirmed that residents living in the nearest home affirmed that they can see the flow from their balcony and are prepared to evacuate. Authorities concerned have asked the residents to complete all the needed preparations by Tuesday, as there can be an evacuation.

The officials also stated that depending on the flow rate, the evacuation plan can be changed. As per Oliveira, there were at least 50 to 60 structures, including homes and businesses that can be impacted.

On Saturday, authorities concerned went door-to-door to inform residents about the need to be ready for evacuation. Majority of people have decided where they could go and very few have affirmed that they may need to go to a shelter.

Since 1983, Kilauea volcano has been erupting and majority of the lava has flowed to south. Over the past two years, the lava has flowed to the northeast. From June, the lava flow has come to a level, where it is threatening Pahoa.

The flow front is 35 feet wide. As mentioned above, if the lava continues to move at the speed of about 10 to 15 yards then it could cover Highway 130 within a week or two. “The viability of the town will remain. A flow field here will just add another aspect to an already unique town”, affirmed officials.

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