Warren Mott High School student pulled from pool unconscious

Warren Mott High School student pulled from pool unconscious

A Warren Mott High School student was rushed to the nearby St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital on Monday, after he was pulled from the school's swimming pool unconscious.

The 16-year-old student, whose identity has not been revealed by school authorities, lost consciousness during a swimming class and sank to the pool's bottom.

Friends of the student were first to see him sinking. They quickly notified their swimming instructor. The CPR-certified teacher rescued the sophomore from the swimming pool and resuscitated him.

Don Tharrett, chief of Warren Battalion, said, "The swim instructor dove in, got him out of the water, performed mouth-to-mouth on him."

The incident occurred just after 11 a. m. during the swim class.

Crews from the Warren Fire Department's Station Six, which is located right across the street, reached the scene to lend a helping hand in less than couple of minutes.

Warren Fire Commissioner Wilburt McAdams later said the victim's vitals were stable, he was breathing spontaneously and had a pulse, but he was unconscious.

The school district will soon launch an internal investigation to pin point the cause of the student's drowning in the pool, as well as to take a closer look at how everyone reacted.