American Airlines Flight Attendants reject Tentative Contract by 16 Votes

American Airlines Flight Attendants reject Tentative Contract by 16 Votes

A tentative contract agreement has been rejected by American Airlines flight attendants by 16 votes. Counting of votes was done on Sunday, with 8,196 votes against the agreement and 8,180 in favor, according to a hotline e-mail sent by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (AFPA). APFA said 20,986 flight attendants had the right to participate in the voting.

The two sides were in agreement that that arbitration will be used in the wake of failure of arbitration contract, said APFA leaders, led by President Laura Glading.

Rise in pay of the approximately 25,000 American flight attendants was part of the rejected contract. If the contract had been approved, a 23% rise would have been received by top scale US Airways flight attendants by the end of the contract.

"It's sad the work group is so clearly divided on this, but shows exactly how every vote counted. Hopefully a solution will be reached and mediation will occur prior to arbitration", said a Charlotte-based contract flight attendant and contract opponent, who asked not to be named.

Industry-leading pay and benefits were included in the tentative agreement and it was intended to provide considerably more economic value and much better work rules that could be drawn from arbitration.

The carrier said that the next move would be to meet the AFPA to prepare for that arbitration process, which will be kicked off next month.

The biggest consolidator may have been Allegheny Airlines in a consolidation-obsessed business. It merged with Lake Central, Mohawk, Piedmont, PSA, America West and American.

Allegheny is being recognized with an American heritage aircraft as part of American CEO Doug Parker's longtime effort to honor airline lineage. In the American fleet, the Allegheny aircraft joins heritage PSA and America West aircraft.

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