Astronauts attend ‘Apollo at Apollo’ at High School

Astronauts attend ‘Apollo at Apollo’ at High School

Seven astronauts of Apollo mission attended an event at St. Cloud's Apollo High School to share a message of inspiration and help launch a technology that could be useful in space. The event was named 'Apollo at Apollo'. It was the vision of John Pederson, Apollo High School graduate. According to Pederson, he thought about the event when he noticed that no Apollo astronaut had ever visited the school since its opening in 1970.

Pederson is the founder and CEO of LVX System, a company located in Minnesota. Pederson is known for his invention of energy efficient light communication technology. The technology delivers wireless internet capabilities.

According to Pederson, his technology will be installed in a panel inside Apollo High School. He also said the he is going to join hands with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to observe how his technology will be used in space.

He said, "It will change everyone's life just as electricity did and just as radio did. I view it as one of the major steps because you don't get a new communication medium very often".

Apollo astronauts will help Pederson in launching his technology. The astronauts will be moon walker Charlie Duke of Apollo 16, Walt Cunningham of Apollo 7, Ed Gibson of Skylab 4, Space Shuttle Challenger Pilot Jon McBride of STS 41G, Jerry Carr of Skylab 4, Al Worden of Apollo 15 and Jack Lousma of Skylab 3.

According to Duke, 42 years after he's walked on the moon, he still remembers the time when he was on moon. It was like yesterday. Stepping onto the moon was a wonderful experience. It was most incredibly beautiful desert that he has ever seen, said Duke.

At the end of 'Apollo at Apollo' event, the astronauts signed a commemorative plaque.