Grand Rapids man charged with home invasion in Ottawa County

Grand Rapids man charged with home invasion in Ottawa County

A Grand Rapids man has been arrested and charged with home invasion and malicious destruction of property in an Ottawa County home, police authorities have confirmed.

Ottawa County Sheriff's Capt. Mark Bennett said police responded to call from a female owner of a home in the Tallmadge Township at 4 p. m. on Wednesday, November 12, after she saw an intruder.

The suspect damaged some property in the home and gathered many items to steal. When the homeowner called police, the intruder fled in a gold Buick, but he left behind some items that allowed the police to easily identify him.

Later, officers recovered items in the 46-year-old suspect's possession that belonged to the homeowner. Police said the suspect is a habitual offender. The homeowner told officers that she knew the intruder and there was no argument between them.

The suspect was taken into custody on Thursday, November 13, in Grand Rapids without incident. He was set to be arraigned in Hudsonville District Court on various charges, including home invasion and destruction of more than-$1,000 worth of property.

In a separate case, a 19-year-old man named Jamal Bennett has been charged with homicide that took place nearly a couple of years ago at a birthday party in the 3200 block of Marshall Avenue SE of Grand Rapids. He is already in jail. He was convicted of a perjury charge linked to the probe and was sentenced to 20 years in prison in September this year.