Downtown Grand Rapids being adorned with vintage Christmas decorations

Downtown Grand Rapids being adorned with vintage Christmas decorations

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. has partnered with Fubble Entertainment to adorn some downtown areas with vintage Christmas decorations.

The old Grand Rapids Public Museum on Jefferson Avenue SE and some other sites will be adorned with some original holiday decorations that adorned downtown streets as back as in the 1950s.

One of the vintage decorations is a restored car from the train which ran for many years inside Herpolsheimer's department store that ones occupied the Monroe Center building, which now houses Grand Rapids Police Department.

Vintage decorations and old-fashioned, glass-bulb Christmas lights are also being installed along many of the city's streets. Tinsel-covered icons have already been installed.

Speaking about the vintage decorations, Teresa Thome of Fubble Entertainment said, "There was such a connection that happened in the '50s, '60s and '70s. For people who are having these memories, it is a shared experience."

One of the 'insane' decorations is recreation of a 16-foot candle that once used to stand in the middle of Fulton Street at downtown Sheldon Avenue. Thome said they were excited to install the candle because it was part of the city's legend. The candle will be installed in Veteran's Park on Fulton Street close to Division on Wednesday.

Thome and Ziegler of Fubble are currently working on a film project called "The Santa Hat." Set in the late 1960s, the film includes a fictional department store called "Herpolburg's." Ziegler said part of the impulsion behind the vintage Christmas decorations was to do something for the Grand Rapids community while the film is under development.