86-year-old Man from Detroit goes missing after winning lottery

86-year-old Man from Detroit goes missing after winning lottery

An 86-year-old man from Detroit has gone missing after he won approximately $20,000 in lottery. According to relatives of Arthur Neal Jr., it's been a week since they saw him. He was last seen at his home on December 20 and his relatives said that this is a strange behavior from Neal as he is not a person who would miss Christmas with his family.

Neal is a black, 5 feet 7 inches, tall man with a full beard and mustache and drives a 1998 Cadillac DeVille with license plate BMZ 7786. Granddaughter of Neal, Lawanda Marshall, said he recently won approximately $20,000 in a lottery game but must not have left town because of this. According to Marshall, Neal was still involved in masonry work in spite of his age.

Marshall fears that his disappearance could be related to news of the lottery win. She told CBS Detroit that he would not leave the place willingly because of the money and is uncertain how many people were aware about the winning.

"It bothers me greatly because I don't think that's the type of information that should have seeped out - if that was the case - especially that neighborhood in which he was staying", Marshall told the station.

Marshall told MLive that he has very good physical and mental health and is not a typical old man at all. As per investigators, there are no indications of forced entry at his house.

According to his relatives, his home appears to have been ransacked by someone since he has gone missing. His puppy also seems to be missing. His loved ones are praying for his safe return.