Police investigating shooting death young Detroit woman

Police investigating shooting death young Detroit woman

Detroit police detectives continue to investigate the recent shooting death of a young woman who was shot and killed while she was sitting with a friend in a car.

Christina Samuel, 22, died after two men opened fire on the car as she was taking to a male friend in a car parked on Carlisle Street in the area of Gratiot and 8 Mile roads in the city. The fatal shooting took place after midnight on 26th of December.

Officer Adam Madera, a spokesperson for Detroit Police Dept., said one of the two suspects was armed with a long gun, while another had a handgun. The duo fired several shots at the car.

Christopher Moore, Christina's older brother, said it was very difficult for them to tolerate the grief erupted from the death of his sister, who was the youngest girl of the family's nine siblings.

Speaking about the untimely death of his sister, Moore said, "It's been extremely hard. Never had an enemy or never harmed anyone, and imagine the devastation that the family is dealing with and they knowingly had some information that could help lead to an arrest or solve the case, it would be a no-brainer."

No arrest in connection with the case has been made thus far. The family has urged anyone with relevant information about the shooting incident to help police in apprehending the killers.

Meanwhile, police said that an unidentified male and female were shot and killed on the 4100 block of University on Detroit's east side. The 24-year-old woman and the 29-year-old man were killed as they were sitting in a 2015 Chrysler. Witnesses told police that gunfire had been exchanged. No suspect has been arrested thus far.